50 Exciting Winter Charades Ideas

Last Updated on January 17, 2022 by Michele Tripple

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Winter Charades is the perfect inside game to play on those cold wintery days! With 50 unique cards to play with you’ll have a great time!

Winter Charades

Charades is such a fun way to get together with family and friends and just let loose whether you are playing Thanksgiving Charades, Christmas Charades, or winter charades we are always guaranteed a great time. If you’ve ever played charades you know that you can’t stay serious for long! With everyone acting out their cards, you can’t stay in your comfort zone forever and that’s when the real party begins! 

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I’m sure you’ve had those cold winter days where you don’t want to go outside, but you don’t know what to do inside either. We’ve all been there! Winter Charades is the perfect way to spend your time when it’s too cold outside, or when you just want a nice inside activity! Just round up your kids and some friends and set yourself up for an afternoon of fun! 

I love using winter charades as a family bonding activity. My kids and I make ourselves a delicious cup of peppermint hot chocolate and some chocolate toffee popcorn and then spend the night laughing and bonding over the funny things we all do. I have so many family memories associated with family game night. A large part of those memories came from charades. There’s something about laughing together that really strengthens a family! 

Why I Love Winter Charades

There are so many fun holidays to celebrate during the winter months. There’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all with their parties and festivities. Whether your kids are throwing a party, you’re having family over for the holidays, or it’s just you and your kids, Winter Charades will be a great addition to your winter activities! 

Something I love about this game is that everyone from your little toddler, to your teen, to your kids’ grandparents can play this game and have a lot of fun! 

How Do You Play Winter Charades? 

Charades is definitely one of the easiest games to learn! Whether you’ve played this game your whole life, or you’ve never played once here’s a little refresher! 

First, split up into two teams. I like to count off so that it’s random and no one gets upset if they aren’t chosen for a team. If you don’t want to play for points you can play as one big group. I like doing that if I’m playing with a lot of little kiddos, or we’re playing with a small group of people. 

After you’ve split into groups, choose who is going to be your actor first. I like doing something fun like the person with the craziest socks, or nose-goes, or something like that. 

Your actor will pick a charade card from the freshly shuffled pile (you could also pull out of a hat). They’ll read the card to themselves and act out whatever the card says. The big rule of the game here is that the actor can’t use any words to describe what they’re acting out. Not even mouthing. 

The actor’s team then tries to guess what is being acted out. The actors team will get a point for each card they guess right in the allotted amount of time. Once the time has run out it’s the other team’s turn. You’ll take turns until all the cards are gone or a certain amount of points has been reached.  

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Good things to have on hand

  • A timer or hourglass. I like setting it for 60 seconds per round, but you can decide what works best for your group. 
  • A treat at the end. The winners get first pick! I personally love eggnog cookies! Winter is the perfect time to have them!

Tips and Tricks for Playing

  • The actor can indicate the number of words on their card by holding up that number of fingers at the beginning of the round. This will really help your team!
  • If you don’t have any idea how to act out the card just skip it! 
  • Just have fun! Don’t worry about looking silly. The more you can let loose the more fun you and everyone else will have! 
pin image: winter charades on a blue and pink background

Winter Charades ideas

  • Break the ice
  • Frozen (movie)
  • Ice Ice Baby
  • Frostbite
  • Come in from the cold
  • Ice fishing
  • walking on thin ice
  • skiing
  • penguin
  • igloo
  • shoveling snow
  • ice skating
  • snowman
  • chopping wood
  • heater
  • dog sled
  • ice hockey
  • blizzard
  • catch snowflake
  • downhill sledding
  • fireplace
  • moose
  • knitted scarf
  • melting snowman
  • plaid
  • marshmallow
  • jack frost
  • sleigh ride
  • cinnamon stick
  • snowy forest
  • cold nose
  • ski lift
  • wind chill
  • let it snow
  • hibernating bear
  • icicles
  • snow angel
  • ice on windshield
  • snowball fight
  • hot cocoa
  • snow globe
  • snowflake
  • moose
  • ice hockey
  • write letter to Santa
  • gingerbread man
  • elf
  • decorate tree
  • snowboard
  • wrap presents

what are some other fun winter charade words that you would add? Share in the comments! And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram if you play with your friends and family!

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