Halloween Charades

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Are you looking for a new Halloween game for your family and friends or your next Halloween party? Halloween charades is the perfect game for you! 

Halloween Charades

Charades is a great game to play as a family or even as an activity for your kid’s class during the Halloween party!  We really enjoy playing our family charades as well as our Christmas charades. We are excited to have Halloween Charades to add to our family game night!

What is Charades?

Charades are a combination of acting and guessing games.  That makes it the perfect game for all ages (even adults!)  While one person acts out an assigned word or phrase, the other players try to guess what the word or phrase is.  The actor can’t talk or make any sounds but must use their acting ability to convey to the other players what the word or phrase is.  

 Rules of Charades

You can work together or divide your group into teams.  Choose one person to pick a printed Halloween charade card with a word or phrase on it. Only the actor can look at the card. Use a game timer or set a digital timer for one minute, or however long you decide prior to starting. 

The actor then has one minute to act out the word or phrase while the other players try to guess it. When the correct guess is made, you choose the next person to be the actor and the fun begins again!

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 How Do You Play Charades

Charades can be as competitive and as loud and exciting as you want.  You can use our pre-printed Halloween charade cards and a simple game timer to get you started.  You can work together or divide into teams.  Any way you do it, you are going to have lots of fun! 

If you have a competitive group, divide everyone into teams.  Then have the person who will be acting out the charade from each team come to the front of the room.  Let them pick a card with the topic and set a timer for one minute and let the fun and the noise begin!  Just remember, no talking from the one acting out the charade!  The first team that guesses correctly gets a point.  

If you are not as competitive or playing with younger kids, skip the teams and work together to guess what the topic is.  This works well for families with different age groups or smaller children.  

 100 Halloween Charade Ideas

Are you looking for a new Halloween game for your family? Halloween charades is the perfect game for the whole family or your next Halloween party! 

Print your cards, grab some friends, and have some Halloween fun!!

  1. Black cat
  2. Witch
  3. Ghost
  4. Moon
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Jack-O-lantern
  7. Mask
  8. Stirring a cauldron
  9. Witch riding a broom
  10. Casting a spell
  11. Mummy
  12. Spider
  13. Frankenstein
  14. Werewolf
  15. Zombie
  16. Spider web
  17. Mad scientist
  18. Candy
  19. Vampire
  20. Trick-or-treating
  21. Bobbing for apples
  22. Face painting
  23. Howl
  24. Haunted house
  25. Scared
  26. Ballerina
  27. Football player
  28. Firefighter
  29. Policeman
  30. Carving a pumpkin
  31. Ninja
  32. Princess
  33. Candy corn
  34. Spider ring
  35. Vampire teeth
  36. Fake blood
  37. Dracula
  38. Tombstone
  39. Walking through a graveyard
  40. Dancing to “Thriller”
  41. Skeleton
  42. Walking into a spider web
  43. Squeaky door
  44. Ninja Turtle
  45. Pirate
  46. Scarecrow
  47. One-eyed Monster
  48. Hunchback
  49. Minion
  50. Wonder Woman
  51. Superman
  52. Spiderman
  53. Captain America
  54. Thor
  55. Clown
  56. The color black
  57. The color orange
  58. Batman
  59. Princess Leia
  60. Darth Vader
  61. Chewbacca
  62. Yoda
  63. Han Solo
  64. Groot
  65. Hulk
  66. Wolverine
  67. The Flash
  68. Eating a caramel apple
  69. Jumping into a pile of leaves
  70. Dinosaur
  71. Monkey
  72. Cow
  73. Cowboy
  74. Midnight
  75. Eyeballs
  76. Skull
  77. Wand
  78. Harry Potter
  79. Hermione
  80. Potion
  81. Candles
  82. Pumpkin seeds
  83. Wind
  84. Coffin
  85. Scythe
  86. Cornstalks
  87. Shadow
  88. October
  89. Pitchfork
  90. Scream
  91. Boo
  92. Doorbell
  93. Chocolate
  94. Glow in the dark
  95. Night
  96. Wart
  97. Party
  98. Headless Horseman
  99. Lollipop
  100. Laboratory

Tips and Tricks for Playing Charades

If you are playing with younger players you may want to allow them to use sounds or no time limit. Remember you want it to be fun and not stressful for them. Sometimes games can be overwhelming when they may not understand how or are not getting the right answer. 

A good tip is to print these Halloween Charade cards on cardstock. You may even want to laminate them. This will help your game cards last longer. 

Give away prizes

Halloween Charades is always fun when you win a prize.

When playing Halloween Charades you can have small prizes for those that participate if you are playing at a festival or holiday school party or you can have a huge prize for a team that wins. I suggest buying a pack of these Spooky LED Light Up Rings or bouncy balls. Kids of all ages love holiday rings or brightly colored bouncy balls. Prizes make the game so much more fun for the younger kids and the young at heart! 

Love Charades? Try these other great charade games!

Are you looking for a new Halloween game for your family? Halloween charades is the perfect game for the whole family or your next Halloween party! 
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