50 Fall Writing Prompts to Inspire Kids to Write

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Fall writing prompts are a great way to encourage kids to start writing. With so much change in the temperatures and all around them, there is so much to write about. Why not encourage your kids to write with these fall journal prompts that are perfect for kids of all ages. 

3 sheets of fall writing prompt cards with an orange border

Fall Writing Prompts that Inspire

We have all been there where we ask kids to write something, and all we hear are groans. Naturally, it is so hard to just come up with something on a whim to write. That is why these fall writing prompts are so handy! 

Journal prompts not only motivate kids but also inspire them. 

Add a couple Fall Writing Prompts to a couple of other fall activities and you have a fun fall themed party! Check out our Fall Scavenger Hunt, Fall Bingo or Fall Charades for other fall themed ideas.

Sample of a sheet of fall writing prompt cards with a watermark

How to get your kids writing

Writing is difficult for kids, especially for kids that feel like there is a right and a wrong answer when it comes to things. Encourage the kids to write about anything that comes to mind, whether it be humorous or silly, or sad.

Writing prompts help kids express emotion. So let them know there is no wrong answer in their writing. 

3 sheets of fall writing prompt cards on a yellow background
Sample of a sheet of fall writing prompts with a watermark

How to use these fall writing prompts

Using these fall writing prompts are great for encouraging writing. To use them, simply print them out and use them for daily writing. 

You can download our fall journal prompt cards. ( I love to laminate mine) and then give each child a different prompt each day. Collect the cards after each journaling session and then pass them out randomly pass them out the next day. By the end of fall, all the kids will have a chance to write about many of the prompts. 

Fall journal prompts testimonials with and orange border

For more fun writing prompts, be sure to check out our August writing prompts and our September writing prompts. Remember, our monthly writing prompts will be posted at the beginning of each month to help you and your kids find a love for writing, so keep checking back in! 

sample of a sheet of fall writing prompt cards with a watermark
Sample of a sheet of fall writing prompt cards with a watermark

50 Fall Journal Prompts

  1. What do you love about Fall?
  2. Do you prefer Spring or Fall? Why or why not?
  3. Describe a favorite Fall memory.
  4. What is your favorite food to eat during the Fall?
  5. What is your favorite drink during the Fall?
  6.  What do you notice that lets you know it’s Fall?
  7.  Do you enjoy the changing of seasons? Why or why not?
  8.  What activities do you look forward to during the Fall season?
  9.  Describe 7 things that remind you of the Fall season?
  10.  Do you look forward to eating a pie during the Fall? Why or why not?
  11.  What smell do you enjoy during the Fall season?
  12.  What is your favorite Fall color?
  13.  Do you enjoy the leaves falling and the colors changing during the Fall? Why or why not?
  14.  Do you like eating apple pie? Why or why not?
  15.  What is your favorite pie?
  16.  What does Fall mean to you?
  17.  5 things you are thankful for during the Fall season?
  18.  Describe 3 Fall traditions you enjoy?
  19.  Describe how your scarecrow would look if you could build one.
  20.  Describe your dream Fall party.
  21.  Do you enjoy bonfires during the Fall? Why or why not?
  22.  Describe what you would bring to a bonfire.
  23.  Describe 3 things you like to use a pumpkin for?
  24.  Describe 5 people you are grateful for?
  25.  How do you show others you are grateful for them?
  26.  This Fall I will…
  27.  During the Fall season I…
  28.  My favorite Fall activity is…
  29.  My favorite sport to play or watch in the fall is…
  30.  If a pumpkin could talk, It would…
  31.  The biggest pumpkin I ever saw was…
  32.  Do you enjoy pumpkin patches? Why or why not?
  33.  Do you enjoy eating candy corn during the Fall season? Why or why not?
  34.  What is your favorite Fall candy?
  35.  Write a poem using: Fall, pumpkin, spices, changes, and leaves.
  36.  When the leaves fall down, it reminds me of…
  37.  The smell of Fall reminds me of…
  38.  The color orange reminds me of…
  39.  The fall weather makes me feel…
  40.  During the Fall I like to wear…
  41.  Turkey is best eaten with…
  42.  A favorite Fall must-have is…
  43.  If I were a leaf during the Fall, I would want to be the color…because…
  44.  My favorite Fall activity is…
  45.  Do you like making s’mores? Why or why not?
  46.  Do you enjoy the nice chill air during the Fall time? Why or why not?
  47.  If a bear could talk, what would you say to it?
  48.  What would you do if you saw pumpkins growing on trees?
  49.  If trees could walk, what would you do?
  50.  Fall is when…

What fall writing prompts would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

5 sheets of fall writing prompt cards with a black and white background
Sample of a sheet of fall writing prompt cards with a watermark
Fall writing prompts: perfect for journal ideas for kids
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