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Spread the joy of the season this year to your friends and neighbors with this fun You’ve Been Elfed free download that you can grab to start the elfing tradition and fun for everyone.

You’ve Been Elfed Free Download

Feature: You've Been Elfed Printable for door plus direction printable with green border.

It’s that time of year, you know, the time that we are all running around hustling and bustling to get something done. Well, this year, I made it my motto to slow things down and really enjoy the Christmas Season!

One of the ways we are slowing down is by starting a tradition in our neighborhood, You’ve Been Elfed. It is similar to “You’ve been booed,” but you do it during the Christmas season. While we call it You’ve Been Booed, it is also known as You’ve Been Jingled and You’ve Been Tinsled. Regardless of what you call it, you will have a lot of fun.

Download the Non-watermark version below!

Are you looking for a fun way to spread holiday cheer this year? Well, look no further! Start the "You've been Elfed" Tradition this year for a fun way to spread the joy of the season! 

How do I Elf Someone?

It is simple to start the You’ve Been Elfed Tradition! Basically, anytime after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, you bake (or buy) some tasty treats or make a gift basket and attach the FREE You’ve been Elfed Printables. (You can grab these below!) and secretly drop them off at a neighbor’s home! It’s sort of like doorbell ditching, but you are leaving something fun, making it totally acceptable.

My kids have so much fun doing this as they try not to get caught, which is getting more and more difficult with those camera doorbells now!

It is easy to start this in your neighborhood or apartment. I usually give 2 to 3 different neighbors a gift box of treats, just in case someone chooses not to participate.

Once someone is elfed, then they are supposed to hang up their You’ve been Elfed sign on their door or window so everyone knows they have already been elfed. They then put together their goodie bag and sign and continue on with the elfing!

Pin Image: You've Been Elfed printable cards on green background.

You’ve Been Elfed Gift Ideas

There are so many great You’ve Been Elfed gift ideas that you can use! You can make goodies in the kitchen or stop by the dollar store or Target Dollar Section and get all the little trinkets to fill a goodie bag. You want to make sure that you include the entire You’ve Been Elfed free printable, which has the poem and the directions for the receiver.

Quick List of You’ve Been Elfed Gift Ideas

You’ve Been Elfed Poem

While there are many versions of the You’ve Been Elfed Poem floating around the internet, this has been our favorite.

You’ve Been Elfed!

A little elf has come to town to bring something just for you by Santa’s Elf Crew.

We hope you want to join us in spreading Christmas cheer!

So post this Eelf on your door, bake a treat or two, and help spread the joy of the season until Christmas Day is here!

Love, Santa’s Secret Helpers

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Grab your “You’ve been Elfed” Printables and instructions and start a new tradition in your neighborhood this holiday season!

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