Fun 4th of July 5 Second Game [Free Printable Cards]

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Get ready to think quickly on your toes! This 4th of July 5 second game will quickly become a family favorite. It’s quick, simple, and sure to give you some great laughs! Download your copy below to get started!

feature image: red and blue 4th of July 5 second game cards with white background and red and blue firework in corner.

You and your family are going to love this 4th of July 5 Second game for so many reasons. One of my favorite reasons is that it requires no setup, and everyone enjoys playing it! 

Why I Love this 4th of July 5 Second Game in Our House

In our house, we love playing games, and as a busy mom, the quick-paced games that require no setup are always a go-to for us. 

I love that this game is centered around the 4th of July because it has helped to get my kids excited to celebrate Independence Day. If you have younger kids that want to play, it can easily adapted to include them in the fun. 

What is the 5 Second Game?

This 4th of July 5 Second Game is a fast-paced game that will keep you all on your toes! 

It is a game of quick thinking. Players have 5 seconds to name 3 things from a category that will be on the card drawn from the pile. 

All you need are the printable cards provided below and a 5-second timer! You will love having this game in your back pocket to pull out around the 4th of July or anytime you are feeling patriotic! 

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red and blue 4th of July 5 second game cards with white background

How to Play 4th of July 5 Second Game

Playing this 5 second game is easy. You will first want to divide the group into teams. Once divided into teams the fun can begin. 

Teams will take turns drawing a card from the pile. Once the card is drawn, the timer will start. The reader on the team wil read the topic on the card and then the whole team will then have 5 seconds to name 3 things related to the topic on the card. 

If the topic on your card is “Independence Day”, you might say fireworks, flag, and stars. If the team is able to give 3 answers that make sense for the topic in 5 seconds, they get to hold onto that card. The first team to collect 20 cards wins. You can also play that the team that has the most cards after a certain period of time (30 minutes at our house) wins! Be speedy and have fun!

Why You Will Love This Game

There are so many reasons to love this game for family game night. It is a quick and easy game to set up, play, and put away. 

Everyone stays engaged in the game because it moves so quickly! 

There’s not a lot of downtime, so my little kids don’t have to wait long for their turn. Our older kids are excited for their next turn and hopeful to win. The adults have fun, too! 

It’s absolutely acceptable to take a 5 second turn just to laugh and catch your breath. We have to take a few of those every time we play. No shame!

pin image; 5 pages of 4th of July 5 second game cards with blue border.

What Types of Questions are on the 4th of July 5 Second Game?

All the 5-second categories or topics in this game have to do with the 4th of July or the United States. 

Some things you will find on your 4th of July cards include “things you bring to a barbecue”, “states in the west”, “things that are red”, or “US presidents”. 

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