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Are you looking for a baby led weaning schedule that is easy to follow as you begin baby led weaning? We share the perfect BLW schedule as well as a baby led weaning planner to help you plan meal times easier.


Baby Led Weaning Schedule

When it comes to baby led weaning, it can be super helpful to have a BLW Schedule to follow. If you’re new to BLW, it can be a little overwhelming to know how to start baby led weaning and when you should be offering your baby BLW foods.

I know I was pretty overwhelmed at first, but a baby led weaning schedule really helped me feel more confident and ready to give it a try! There are a lot of different ways you could set up a baby led weaning schedule, and you should definitely do what feels right for you!

We are going to share with you some of the basics of a baby led weaning schedule, and what you should make sure you incorporate into your own BLW schedule as well as a simple baby led weaning planner to help you track all your baby’s food adventures easily!



One of the most important things to remember when creating a baby led weaning schedule is that your baby should still be getting most of his nutrients from your breastmilk or formula.

Because of this, you should always feed your baby breastmilk/formula before offering them any sort of baby led weaning food so they are getting all the nutrients their little body needs!

Another advantage of baby led weaning is when you give your baby breastmilk or formula first this ensures they won’t be starving when you sit down to give them BLW foods.

We all know what a starving baby means…Lots of tears and a whole lot of frustration, which could make for a miserable BLW experience.

The recommended age for a baby to start solids is 6 months, but of course, always talk with your baby’s pediatrician if you have questions or concerns first.

When your baby is first starting out with BLW, they don’t need a lot of food since most of their nutrients are still coming from breastmilk or formula. In your BLW schedule, focus on giving your baby up to two meals a day to start.


Here’s an idea of what a baby led weaning schedule might look like at 6 months:

Wake up

Breast/Bottle feed

Breakfast: Avocado rolled in almond flour, baked sweet potato strips.

Breast/Bottle feed

Dinner: Steamed Broccoli, Roasted Butternut Squash Strips

As they get older, they will start transitioning away from drinking breastmilk and formula and want to eat more and more solid food. You can start adding dairy to your BLW schedule around 9 months because their bodies are ready for dairy. You can also start giving them foods like toast fingers and BLW meat as they are getting more used to solids.


Here’s an idea of what a baby led weaning schedule might look like at 9 months:

Wake up

Breast/Bottle feed

Breakfast: cottage cheese, toast fingers with nut butter.

Breast/Bottle feed

Snack: Roasted Sweet Potato

Breast/Bottle feed

Dinner: Chicken or Steak cut into strips, steamed cauliflower


12 month baby led weaning schedule

By 12 months, they are becoming baby led weaning pros. Most of their nutrients are probably coming from solids now and they might be transitioning to milk/formula just a couple times a day. At this point, three meals a day are what their little bodies need. A good way to think about your baby when it comes a baby led weaning schedule at this point is whenever you feel like you need something to eat, give something to your baby too!

Wake up

Breast/bottle feed

Breakfast: Oatmeal swirled with nut butter, strawberries

Snack: Toast fingers spread with avocado

Lunch: Whole wheat corkscrew pasta, slices of mangos

Snack: peach slices no skin, greek yogurt

Dinner: Large Meatballs, steamed butternut squash

Breast/bottle feed


Baby Led Weaning Planner

When you are doing baby led weaning it is hard to remember all the time when your baby ate, how many times you have breastfed or bottle feed your baby and what your baby likes and doesn’t like. So we have created a baby led weaning planner that is simple to follow and easy to use!




How to download your BLW Planner

When I was doing baby led weaning, I would write random notes in notebooks and never be able to find them after that! This baby led weaning planner puts all your notes all in one spot! You can download your baby led weaning planner and print it in the comfort of your own home!

Then you can easily compile your baby led weaning planner in a simple folder with a clear cover so you can see exactly what’s inside!

If you would rather your baby led weaning planner be more of a keepsake too, because it has room to journal and jot down your favorite recipes, then you can go get it bound at your local office supply store.


Baby Led Planner Physical Book

Of course, as a new mom I get that might be too much, so we have made it even easier and put this baby led weaning planner on Amazon for you and it has two day shipping with Prime!

Our baby led weaning planner on prime has places to track over 26 weeks of baby led weaning as well as 30 favorite recipes you can record so you always remember them! Don’t forget to check it out!

Now that you have some ideas for creating a BLW schedule and a good way to track everything with your baby led weaning planner, it’s time to make your own baby led weaning schedule and meal plan for baby!

Pay attention to the cues your baby is giving you. If they seem super interested in food, add another snack to your BLW schedule!

Have fun watching your baby explore all sorts of new foods, and of course make sure you always keep an eye on your little one while they are eating to make sure they are staying safe!


We hope that you and your family enjoy these BLW schedule ideas as well as this baby led weaning planner! Share in the comments your baby led weaning schedule you follow!


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