100 Spooky Boo-Tastic Ghost Jokes

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Halloween is just around the corner and there is always so much to do to get ready. One of our favorite things about this time of year are the fun Halloween jokes for kids to really get them in the mood of the season, especially these epic ghost jokes to really set the mood! If you are looking for even more Halloween-themed jokes we have you covered with these Halloween Lunch Box jokes, skeleton jokes, and even some awesome pumpkin jokes to help the laughs keep coming!

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The Best Ghost Jokes

Q: What do ghosts turn on in summer?
 A: The scare-conditioner!
Q: Where do ghosts go on holidays?
Q: What do witches put in their hair?
Q: Why do ghosts like to hang out at bars?
A: Because all of the Boos.
Q: What’s a ghost’s favorite tree?
Q: Why do ghosts ride elevators?
 A: It raises their spirits.
Q: Why did the ghost go to the doctor?
A: He needed a boo-ster shot.
Q: Where do baby ghosts spend the day when their parents are at work?
Q:  What’s a pirate ghost’s favorite kind of tea?
Q: What old-fashioned advice do ghosts give their kids?
A: Only spook when spoken to.
Q: What did the ghost do at the red light?
A: He came to a dead stop.
Q: How did the ghost get from New York to London?
A: British Scare-ways.
Q: What do ghosts wear when their eyesight gets blurred?
Q: What do you call a ghost of a man with a broken leg?
 A: A hobblin’ goblin.
Q: What’s a ghost’s favorite dessert?
Q: What’s a ghost’s favorite dessert?
Q: Why was the baby ghost crying?
A: He wanted his Mummy!
Q: What’s the teen ghost’s favorite kind of makeup?
Q: What do baby ghosts wear on Halloween?
Q: What did one ghost ask the other?
A: Do you believe in humans?
Q: What game do ghosts play?
Q: Why was the ghost mad at her spouse?
A: He was dead wrong.
Q: Why don’t mummies take vacations?
A: They’re afraid they’ll relax and unwind.
Q: What’s a little ghost’s favorite dessert?
Q: What day do ghosts do their howling?
Q: What do you call a ghost in the fireplace?
Q: What places are on the ghost family’s beach-vacation shortlist?
A: Boo-dapest, The Boo-hamas, and Mali-boo.
Q: Who did Frankenstein take to the date?
A: His ghoul friend.
Q: Who do vampires buy their cookies from?
A: The Ghoul Scouts.
Q: Why did the police officer arrest the ghost?
A: Because he didn’t have a haunting license.
Q: What happens when a ghost gets lost in the fog?
Q: How do ghosts prefer their eggs?
Q: What does a ghost panda eat?
Q: Why did the ghost get arrested?
Q: What kind of cars do ghosts drive?
Q:  Why do ghosts hate when it rains on Halloween?
A: It dampens their spirits.
Q: Do you want to hear a joke about ghosts?
A: That’s the spirit.
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Q: How does a ghost unlock a door?
A: Using a spoo-key.
Q: Did you hear about the monster who ate his own house?
Q: What do fat ghosts need to do to lose weight?
A: Need a Lot of Exorcise
Q: What does an Australian ghost eat for dessert?
Q: What is the proper name for the ghost of a buffalo?
Q: When does a ghost eat dinner?
 A: In the moaning.
Q: Why did the judge deny the ghost bail?
 A: Too much of a fright risk
Q: Who did the ghost go to the dance with?
A:  His ghoul-friend.
Q: Why didn’t the ghost eat the local delicacy?
A: He didn’t have the stomach for it.
Q: Why do ghosts get along so well with demons?
A: Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.
Q: Where do ghosts buy their foods?
A: At the ghost-ery store
Q: What is a popular search engine for ghosts?
Q: Why can’t ghosts have babies?
A: Because they have hollow weenies.
Q: What do you call a hairy monster in a river?
Q: What do ghosts eat with meatballs?
Q: What are ghosts’ favorite thing to read?
Q: What did the mother ghost say to the baby ghost as they drove down the street?
A: Buckle your sheet belt!
Q: What position does a ghost play on the soccer field?
Q: What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?
Q: Why are ghosts so bad at telling lies?
A: Because you can see right through them.
Q: Why was the ghost feel embarrassed?
A: He had a boo-ger.
Q: How do ghosts cry when they’re sad?
Q: Who did the scary ghost invite to his party?
A: Any old friend he could dig up!
Q: What do you call a dancing ghost?
Q: Where do ghosts mail letters?
A: The ghost office.
Q: What day do ghosts love to do their scaring?
Q: What did one ghost say to the other?
Q: What is a skeleton’s favorite instrument?
Q: What kind of street does a ghost live on?
Q: What medicine do ghosts take for colds?
Q: How do ghosts wash their hair?
Q: Are you a ghost?
A: Because you’re looking like my boo.
Q: What do witches race on?
Q: Why do ghosts diet?
A: So they can maintain their ghoulish figures.
Q: What if a bank gets robbed by ghosts?
A: Then it’s a Polterheist.
 Q: What color sheet did the ghost wear on the 4th of July?
A: Red, white, and boo.
Q: Where do ghosts go trick or treating?
Q: On which day are ghosts most scary?
Q: Where do mommy ghost leave their babies during working hours?
A: At Dayscare centers!
Q: Why do mummies have so much trouble keeping friends?
A: They’re too wrapped up in themselves.
Q: What room does a ghost not need?
Q: What is a ghost’s nose full of?
Q: What do skeletons say before they begin dining?

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