Self Care Checklist for Moms

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Self Care Ideas for Moms

As moms, life can get so hectic, running kids from here to there, trying to cook, and clean and do all the other tasks you have set out to do in the day. 



So often as moms we forget the importance of self care for mothers and find ourselves exhausted and stressed by the end of the day. 


What if we took care of us like we take care of everyone else and used some great self care ideas for moms that are quick and easy and will help you feel like a million bucks, or at least a little less stressed in life. 


Importance of Self Care for Mothers

Why is the importance of self care for mothers so important? 



Self care helps regulate so many things and allows you to have a healthy relationship with yourself. Without self care, we give everything to someone else leaving nothing for ourselves. Some say that self care is selfish, especially as a mom. But in all actually self care is selfless as it allows you to regroup, reenergize, and be the very best version of you as a mom, as a wife, and as a person. 


So now that we know the importance of self care for mothers, how do we practice self care, and what are some quick and easy self care ideas for moms?


This Self care checklist is exactly what you need! Also, don’t forget to download your self care checklist! (Download below!)


Self Care Tips for Moms

Self care doesn’t have to be crazy intense, these simple self care ideas for moms fit into any schedule!  


Looking for self care ideas for moms? Then look no further because you won’t want to miss this self care checklist to help you take care of YOU!


Self Care Checklist


Wake up earlier than the kids

One of my self care tips is to wake up earlier than the kids. I know what you are thinking, “I need that sleep!” because I used to think it too, but even if I get up 15 to 20 minutes before the kids I feel like I can take some deep breaths in,  get a shower, and even get my makeup on in a little bit of peace before the morning routine rush. 



Relaxing is key to self care. Motherhood is stressful sometimes. The kids are going crazy, you feel like you are getting nothing done, and every mess you clean up another one is forming right in front of you! 


But relax, take a deep breath. Enjoy those little ones making the mess because way too quickly they grow! Trust me, my oldest is now a Sophomore and I am like wait a minute he was just a little baby. 


Read a book



Take a few minutes every day to read a book. If you feel like there is no time to read, listen to an audiobook on something that interests you. 


Reading is great for your mind as it stimulates different thoughts and feelings and does wonders on your emotional wellbeing. 


Spend time outside


Have you ever noticed that during the winter you feel kind of like you are in a funk? I know by the end of winter I do. 


As soon as Springtime weather hits I find myself outside and so much happier. 


Just being outside breathing the fresh air helps rejuvenate your soul it also relieves a lot of emotional and mental pressure. And as a bonus, the kids can play outside and some energy out! 


Drink water

Don’t forget to add drink water to your self care checklist! 


There are some days to be honest that I forget this vital component of life and then I find myself cranky with a massive headache. 

So mamas, grab yourself a water bottle and put it in a place you see frequently so that you remember to stay hydrated throughout the day. 




Take time to exercise. This does not mean you have to spend hours at the gym or pounding the pavement running. It could be simple free at-home workouts, walking around the neighborhood pushing the kids in the stroller, or yoga by the pool. 


So often we feel like we don’t have time to exercise, but we need to make time because exercise releases hormones that make us happy making this one of the most vital self care tips for moms.  


Get Massages

Massages are seriously awesome!  Every mom should get them!


But who really has time for that? 


Well, good news, I have found an awesome product that you will love that allows you to get a daily massage, it’s the Pranamat ECO massage mat. 



What is the Pranamat ECO?

The Pranamat ECO mat is the world’s #1 acupressure massage set. It is a therapeutic mat that provides a deep, intense massage. It helps elevate aches and pains. 



When I first got my Pranamat ECO mat I was in shock with how sharp those lotuses are, I actually thought it would be soft little lotuses that helped with aches and pains! Like seriously I thought to myself, “How is this Pranamat ECO mat helpful when it is this sharp?”


On the Pranamat ECO mat has 5,525 sharp points on it! So as you can imagine it does take some time to get used to, but once you do get used to it, you feel amazing after your Pranamat ECO session!


How to use the Pranamat ECO

Using the Pranamat ECO is simple. You lay the mat or pillow on a flat surface and then you oh so carefully lower yourself down onto the mat and stay as still as possible. 



The first few times you will definitely feel those spikes! I recommend wearing clothes the first few times you do it and if the spikes are still too intense lay a blanket in between the Pranamat ECO and you until your body builds up a little bit of a tolerance for it. 


For me, my feet were the most sensitive when it came to the Pranamat ECO. 


When starting out with the Pranamat ECO you might only be able to use it for a few seconds to a few minutes. Do what you can and try to work up to 20-20 minutes to see the full Pranamat ECO benefits of using it! 


The Pranamat ECO is great for your shoulders, back, neck, waist, hips, and even your feet and hands. 


Pranamat ECO Benefits

There are so many Pranamat ECO benefits! These Pranamat ECO benefits include:


  • Releases muscle tension
  • Improves skin tone
  • Eases headaches and migraines
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Makes you feel happier
  • Recharges boosts energy levels
  • Creates feelings of joy, happiness, and peace. 


There are so many Pranamat ECO benefits that you can see when you use this acupressure massage set!


Get a pedicure



Self care tips for mom are not complete without doing something for you, preferably away from the home. So, have your husband watch the kids or get a babysitter and go get a pedicure. 


Not only will it be a time where you can relax, but you will feel great because you can look at your cute toes! 


If you can’t escape from the house, then take some time to paint your toes and give yourself some much needed me time!


Meal Plan

When thinking about self care tips for moms, meal planning is a must! I know I struggle with deciding what to make for dinner every night, but meal planning is great because you sit down once, you make a plan and you stick to it for the week. Not only that, but it saves you time and money because you aren’t running to the store every day leaving you time for a little self care for mom! 


Connect with Friends



It’s not selfish to take some time each day to catch up with friends! Do this by calling them, texting them or catching up on social media. 


A little bit of adult interaction is sometimes exactly what moms need! 


There you have it! Self care tips for moms that are simple that will help you refreshed and amazing! 


Download your free Self Care checklist for moms and be on your way to a whole new YOU! Because remember the importance of self care for moms is selfless, not selfish! 


What other self care tips for moms would you add to the list? Share in the comments!


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  1. Thank you for reminding us to care of ourselves. I would really love some “me” time and perhaps a trip to the beach with the book. This checklist is just timely as it inspires us to take a break from the everyday “mom” life.

  2. Great self-care list. I’ve always wanted to get an acupressure mat. I’ve done acupuncture before and it’s a miracle treatment when done by a skilled practitioner but it’s a lengthy one, so having an acupressure mat at home seems like a great idea.


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