What are Words of Affirmation Love Language? + Examples

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The words of affirmation love language are a big part of many relationships! But what is it really? I’ll break it down for you and give you some great ideas for adding these into your relationships. 

Words of Affirmation Love Language

Whether or not you have a words of affirmation love language, telling your friends and family how you feel about them is so important!

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I mean, I love hugs from my toddler, playing a game with my teens, getting a gift from a friend, or having my husband do something kind for me. But sometimes just hearing the words “I am happy that you are in my life” is all I need!

Words of affirmation are ways that we put into words just how important the people in your life are!

What are Words of Affirmation?

Words of affirmation are written or spoken words that explain your positive feelings towards another person. They are a confirmation of your love and can have a powerful impact on your loved ones. 

It’s not necessarily just “I love you,” though they can be things like “playing this game with you is so fun” “you make me feel safe” or “you’re my best friend!”

Of the 5 love languages, this love language tends to get a bad rap. There’s a common misconception that if your love language is words of affirmation that you are just insecure and need constant reassurance. 

This is so wrong! We all need words of affirmation. And you aren’t alone if you feel love best when you hear it in words. 

Do I need to Use Words of Affirmation?

So do you really need words of affirmation in your relationships? Absolutely! 

How much you need them will depend on your love language and the love language of the person you are dealing with, but each relationship needs some affirmation!

Love languages aren’t mutually exclusive. Each of them is important and a necessity for making a relationship work. Having a love language just means that you gravitate more towards one form of love giving and receiving! 

How to Use Words of Affirmation When You Have A Different Love Language

I’ll be honest. It can be hard for me to use words of affirmation. The thing about words of affirmation is that they are really great to hear but can be hard to say. If you don’t naturally relate to the words of affirmation love language, it might be difficult to voice or write your feelings.

But if you have someone in your life that does feel love in this way, it’s so important to make an effort for them! 

Here are some helpful tips that I’ve found have helped me use words of affirmation more naturally:

  • Write it down. It’s a lot easier to write your feelings than to speak them. Try writing them out on paper or electronically to share with someone you love.
  • Start simple. Don’t try to express every emotion all at once! Find simple ways to tell someone that you care throughout the day instead of focusing on the “I love you”s right away.
  • Don’t worry about perfection. Just because someone likes words of affirmation doesn’t mean they need Shakespeare! Even if it doesn’t come out perfectly, the feeling behind your words is what will express love.

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Words of Affirmation Ideas

To make your life a little easier, here’s a few ideas of how you can add words of affirmation into your relationships with your friends and family!

  1. Leave a sticky note on their mirror
  2. Make a family mailbox and leave letters for everyone 
  3. Draw a picture that expresses love for your toddler
  4. Use a loving nickname
  5. Express gratitude when they do something for you
  6. Surprise your kids with some lunch box jokes & a note
  7. Compliment their outfit
  8. Make sure that they know when their efforts were helpful
  9. Offer to listen and talk about a stressful situation
  10. Share when you are proud of something that they do
  11. Write them a poem or story
  12. Apologize first after an argument
  13. Slip a note into their work bag
  14. Tell them your favorite part of the day you spent together
  15. Ask what they like to hear most

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