Daily Affirmations For Teenagers

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Daily affirmations for teenagers can get your teens day started on the right foot and help them feel better about themselves and the things around them. Check out these positive affirmations for teenagers to help your teen feel positive about life.


Daily Affirmations For Teenagers


What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations for teenagers are powerful phrases that can help your teenager shift their brain to think more positively about themselves! There has been a ton of research done on positive affirmations and what they’ve discovered is that the more we recite these phrases, they will start to seep into our subconscious and then eventually our brain will actually start to believe what we are telling it!

The mind is so powerful and if we can teach our teens how to use their minds in this positive way, just think of how their confidence will grow!


Does positive affirmation really work?

Positive affirmations for teens have the potential to really work and shift your teen’s brain to think more positively about themselves and the world around them. The key thing in order for these positive affirmations for teens to work is repetition!

It won’t be all that effective if these positive affirmations for teenagers are only recited once. As we all know, it takes twenty-one days to form a habit so if your teen can say these positive affirmations for teens for twenty-one days, it will become part of their daily routine and part of who they are and will become. So just remember, if we want these positive affirmations for teenagers to be effective, the key is to practice practice practice!


What are words of affirmation?

Words of affirmation are the strong, bold words that we want our teens to become. We can then take these words of affirmations and turn them into positive affirmation phrases that we can recite with our teens.

Something you could do with your teen to get them more involved would be to sit down together and make a list of all of the things that they want to become and that they value. You can then choose from this list to create positive affirmations for teens tailored to your teen and what they want to become.


Why are positive affirmations for teenagers so important?

Being a teenager is hard! We’ve all been there and it is definitely a challenging time of life! Yes, they don’t have a mortgage or kids to worry about, but we have to remember that it is still a pretty challenging time…It’s a time where they are seeking approval from everyone around them constantly and they are trying to figure out who they are and how they should act.

This is why I just know that doing positive affirmations for teens with your teenager will be so beneficial for them. Positive affirmations for teens can help them find that approval they are searching for from inside themselves instead of trying to get approval from others- which honestly may never even happen! By finding this approval from within, they will be so much more confident in themselves and in their talents and abilities!


How to do Positive Affirmations for teenagers

Something I think is super important is that you, as a parent, express how much you believe that your teen can become these things or already are these things! If they know that you believe in them and think that they are wonderful, they will have a much easier time accepting it themselves!

Positive affirmations for teenagers need to be strong and firm and that talk in the present tense. They should be phrases like “I am” or “I will” instead of phrases like “I hope” or “someday I will”. You can do positive affirmations for teenagers any way that works for you and your teen but an idea that I love is to write on their mirror in expo marker the phrases that they choose. This way, as they are getting ready each morning they will see themselves and the positive affirmations and be able to visualize themselves becoming these things.

Encourage them to say these affirmations out loud- there is something powerful that happens when we can actually hear ourselves saying these phrases out loud… It makes it easier for our brains to actually believe what we are saying.

Another awesome way to get our teens excited about these positive affirmations for teenagers is to make an affirmation board.

Plan a fun activity where you either draw, get a bunch of old magazines or print off pictures from the internet and cut out different things they want to become and achieve and put them on a big poster board to create an awesome visual representing the person they are striving to become. Find a spot to put this poster that they will be able to look at regularly and be reminded of those positive affirmations for teens!


Positive Affirmations For Boys

When we think of self-confidence and all that comes along with fitting in and being a teen, It can be easy to automatically think of girls and forget that boys struggle with those things as well. While girls and boys do have different struggles and girls tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to body image and expectations, positive affirmations for boys are equally as important as positive affirmations for girls!

When you are starting your positive affirmations for boys, it would be a great idea to identify the negative beliefs your son has and think together of something that counteracts that negative belief. This will make your positive affirmations so much more effective. We want our kids to be successful in every way possible and I really believe that affirmations for boys and affirmations for girls are the perfect way to start!


Positive Affirmations For Girls

Like mentioned before, positive affirmations for boys and positive affirmations for girls are equally as important.

At this stage of life, our girls need every bit of confidence they can get. It seems like girls are bombarded from every direction with messages that they weigh too much or they are too skinny, they should have a certain color of hair, they should have a certain skin type, they should act a certain way.

Positive affirmations for girls will help them separate those superficial messages from the things that truly matter.

Just like with the positive affirmations for boys, sit down with your daughter and identify negative beliefs that they might have about themselves. Together, think of a phrase that counteracts the negative belief and use that as your base for your affirmations for girls. Affirmations for girls are so important because they will help our girls start thinking positively about themselves and about their potential.


Here are some examples of daily affirmations for teenagers


I am important

I am enough

I matter

I love myself

I have people that care about me

My opinion matters

My life is valuable

I am dependable

I am blessed

I love my body just the way it is

I can overcome obstacles

There’s always something to be grateful for

I am worthy of love

I am worthy of respect

I believe in myself

I am unique

I choose to be positive

I choose to be happy

I accept myself

I deserve good things

I care about others

I stand up for myself

I am a leader

I can reach my dreams

I can do hard things

I get better every single day


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