80+ Best Emoji Riddles You’ll Love

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by Michele Tripple

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Everyone loves Emojis and riddles, so we decided to combine the two with these fun emoji riddles! Can you figure these out by solving them with the pictures?

4 different emojis on blue background with white text that says "emoji riddles"

Emoji riddles are some of my favorite riddles. I love them because I can send them to my friend and family through text and see if they can figure it out by looking at the pictures. Some of these emoji puzzles are easy, and then some are harder, which makes them great for kids and adults of all ages.

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What are emoji riddles?

Emoji riddles or emoji puzzles are puzzles that use pictures to try and solve riddles.

What are the benefits of Emoji riddles?

There are so many benefits of Emoji riddles. Kids and adults of all ages will see the benefits as they solve these puzzles.

  • Encourages higher thinking.
  • Helps with focus and attention.
  • Builds memory.
  • Develops language skills.
4 different emojis on purple background with white text that says "emoji riddles"

The Best emoji riddles

Answer: Snakes and ladders
Answer: Ant Man
Answer: Dental crown
Answer: Coffee break
Answer: An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Answer: Ratatouille
Answer: Blood bath
Answer: Sick as a dog
Answer: Sunglasses
Answer: Love letter
Answer: Watchdog
Answer: Sweet talk
Answer: The Cat in the Hat
Answer: Yellow jacket
Answer: Japan
Answer: Silence of the Lambs
Answer: Butterfingers
Answer: Madagascar
Answer: Below zero
Answer: Swan lake
Answer: Camera shy
Answer: Home sweet home
Answer: Crossbow
Answer: Hot tub
Answer: Fountain of youth
Answer: Seesaw
Answer: Lipstick
Answer: Princess and the Frog
Answer: The lion sleeps tonight
Answer: Dancing with the Stars
Answer: Money doesn’t grow on trees
Answer: Sherlock Holmes
Answer: Time to sleep
Answer: World cup
Answer: Tapeworm
Answer: Rulebook
Answer: French toast 
Answer: Eyeball
Answer: Cheer up
Answer: Teatowel
Answer: Rocky road
Answer: A Clockwork Orange
Answer: ET phone home
Answer: Don’t stop the music
Answer: Thumb war
Answer: Catch 22 
Answer: Movie clip 
Answer: Be right back 
Answer: Mad Man
Answer: Starbucks
Answer: Monsters, Inc.
Answer: The Devil Wears Prada
Answer: Treehouse
Answer: Pirates of the Caribbean
Answer: Onion ring
Answer: Cowgirl
Answer: Hole-in-one
Answer: Green Lantern
Answer: Raining cats and dogs
Answer: Early bird catches the worm
Answer: Rock star
Answer: Football game
Answer: Plain Jane
Answer: Bison
Answer: Pen is mightier than the sword
Answer: Gorillaz
Answer: Mountain Dew
Answer: Once in a blue moon
Answer: Fortnite
Answer: Harry Potter
Answer: Tennessee
Answer: Honey Moon
Answer: Funnybone
Answer: Finding Nemo
Answer: Spiderman
Answer: Sleeping Beauty
Answer: Stormzy
Answer: Iced tea
Answer: Butterfly
Answer: Toy Story

Do you have some great emoji riddle ideas? Share them in the comments so we can try and figure them out!

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