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This free animal word scramble is a perfect activity for your kids throughout the whole year! Can they unscramble all 20 words correctly? Print in color or black and white! Answer key included!

Animal Word Scramble

Do your kids love to test their knowledge and skills? Word scrambles are a great way to do it! Put their animal knowledge to the test as they try to unscramble their favorite animals on this animal word scramble! On this word scramble, they will find farm animals, reptiles, pets, and more as they have fun deciphering the list!

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1 black and white, 1 color animal word scramble worksheets with red border

Love Word Scrambles? We Have More!

1 color, 1 black and white animal word scrambles with yellow border

If you are new to word scrambles, they are simple to do and fun for kids! The goal is to unscramble every word on the page! Since this is an animal-themed word scramble then each word will be an animal. The goal is to unscramble the letters because they are all mixed up to create the right word. If you get a little stuck, don’t worry the answers are below! We have also included an answer key to print with your free word scramble download! So don’t worry if you get stumped, there is help for you!

Animal Scramble Words Plus Answer Key

  1. keyyonm
  2. panhtele
  3. anpad
  4. god
  5. ttflyreub
  6. rilaog
  7. rabez
  8. darzil
  9. low
  10. iungpen
  11. regit
  12. ionl
  13. folw
  14. ribd
  15. earb
  16. ishf
  17. helaw
  18. raksh
  19. ales
  20. uckd

Answer Key

  1. monkey
  2. elephant
  3. panda
  4. dog
  5. butterfly
  6. gorilla
  7. zebra
  8. lizard
  9. owl
  10. penguin
  11. tiger
  12. lion
  13. wolf
  14. bird
  15. bear
  16. fish
  17. whale
  18. shark
  19. seal
  20. duck

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