Top 8 Potty Training Games

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Potty training toddlers is challenging and usually frustrating but with these potty training games, potty training can be fun for you and your toddler!

Potty training requires a lot of time and effort! Just because potty training is hard doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Potty training games make the whole experience more fun for you and your toddler.

If you are looking for ways to make potty training more fun, this list of potty training games is just what you’ve been looking for!

Potty training games will help you and your toddler have more fun as you begin potty training.

Potty Training Games

Potty Time Scavenger Hunt

Potty Time Scavenger Hunt is an easy potty training game because you can use the potty training supplies you already bought! 

To play this game, hide several potty training items around the house. Items would include a potty seat, underwear, toilet paper, soap, potty training stool, and potty training reward chart. When they find an item, you can explain what it is used for. To keep your toddler interested, you can have a prize at the end. Surprise them with their favorite snack!

Having a scavenger hunt is a great way to introduce items and help your toddler become familiar with all the potty training essentials!

Magic Colors

Magic Colors is an easy potty training game that will make your child excited to go potty! All you need is some blue food coloring! 

To play this potty training game, put some blue food coloring in the water of your toilet. When your toddler goes potty they can watch it change from blue to green! Trust me, your toddler will think is magical too.

Ready, Set, Aim!

“Ready, Set, Aim” is the perfect potty training game for boys! Helping your son aim can be a difficult task. Luckily a little encouragement and some cereal can help your son become a pro!

To play “Ready, Set, Aim!”, all you have to do is place a handful of cheerios or fruit loops in the toilet. Tell your son to aim at the ‘targets’ while going potty and keep track of how many he can hit. 

This potty training game is perfect for keeping score and keeping all the mess in the toilet! No more cleaning parts of the toilet that you didn’t even know existed!

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Let’s Potty

If you are looking for the perfect way to start a conversation about potty training with your toddler, then “Let’s Potty” is the perfect potty training game for you! It’s a positive way for you to encourage and help your toddler learn the basics of potty training and hygiene. 

It is meant to be played with an adult or older sibling. Its the perfect chance to bond and learn about potty training!

To Play:

  • Have each person choose a character.
  • Pick a card and read it out loud, then follow the instructions.
  • Follow the toilet paper trail all throughout the house until you reach the potty.
  • Along the way, your toddler will learn language and etiquette about potty training.

Toilet Targets

Toilet Targets is the perfect potty training game for boys! These adorable animal stickers can be placed directly in the toilet. From there, your child can try to hit the animal sticker and watch it dissolve as they go potty. 

Not only does this potty training game help motivate your kids but it also keeps your toilet clean!

Potty Training ADVENTures

Potty Training ADVENTures is a fun and interactive potty training game. Its the perfect combination of a game and a chart to track your child’s progress. It has everything you need to make potty training fun including stickers, a chart, and wooden block animals as rewards!

To Play this Potty Training Game:

Once your toddler uses the potty successfully, place a sticker on the potty punch out card, once that card is complete, open it! 

Now your child can play with that wooden animal and look forward to the next animal! Its one of the greatest potty training games to keep your toddler motivated!

Potty Training Instruction Cards

If you are looking for a fun way to help your toddler know exactly what to do in the bathroom, then Potty Training instruction cards are just what you need! They include pictures and phrases that are easy for your child to follow. 

It’s an easy way to help your child do things like use toilet paper and wash their hands. They help keep your child clean and keep you sane during potty training!

You can hang them on the wall or put them on the counter. I even created a free printable for you! I love to laminate the cards so they can last longer!

The cards include the following instructions: 

  • Find the toilet, pull down pants and underwear, sit on the toilet, use toilet paper, wipe, pull up underwear and pants, use soap, and wash hands.

Potty Train

Choo Choo! Its time for the “Potty Train” to help your toddler stop using diapers. If your child loves trains, this is one of the best potty training games! “Potty Train” is a fun chart that your child can follow to mark their progress during potty training. With train tracks and bright pictures, your child can visualize their progress along the way!

Each time that your toddler uses the potty successfully, place a sticker on the next star until you reach the end of the track. Your child will love seeing their progress as they play this potty training game! 

I always love to give a reward when they reach the end of the train track! It gives them something to look forward to which is especially helpful on the hard days of potty training. Or if your child is having a hard time staying focused, you can give them smaller rewards along the way.

I even made a free printable so you can use this as one of your potty training games with your toddler!

Now that you have the top 8 potty training games, it’s time to have some fun potty training with your toddler! Which potty training games are your favorite? Comment and tell me which ones you love!

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