Potty Training Kit For Successful Potty Training

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Potty training is a lot of work. But with our potty training kit, you can relax and know that you have everything you need to make it easier. Not just for your toddler but also for you.

How to Create a Potty Training Kit

It’s time! It’s potty training time! The day you have been waiting for, and probably have been dreading.

We all can’t wait for the day we get to say goodbye to diapers. No more carrying around diapers and wipes. No more spending money on diapers and wipes. Best of all, no more changing diapers with wipes.

Potty training is hard though. It takes a lot of effort from parents and toddlers. Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it. Unless you are lucky enough to have a toddler that loves potty training. We can dream right?!

As your toddler gets older watch for potty training readiness signs. Then build your potty training kit so it is ready as soon as they are ready to potty train. Because you are going to need it!

What to include in your potty training kit

If you want potty training to be successful you have to have everything you need before you begin. Have this potty training kit ready and in the bathroom before you start to potty train. When your toddler sees it, it will spark their interest.

Potty Seat

The very first thing you need in your kit is a potty seat. You can’t potty train without a potty chair. Give it to them as a special present.

Have it out so your toddler can see it and get used to the idea of a potty seat. The more familiar they become with it the more they will want to use it. Make it special to have their own potty chair.

Step Stool

Another great thing to start with is a potty training step stool. We all know how much toddlers love to be independent. A step stool allows them to be in control.

They can get on and off the potty by themselves. They can also use it to wash their hands after going to the bathroom.


Show your toddler what their diaper gets replaced with. Talk to them about how we want to keep our underwear clean and dry.

Let them pick out new underwear to wear around the house. Keep a big stack of underwear in your kit ready to grab when needed.

Reward Chart

Decide if and how you want to reward your child for using the toilet. Rewards are not a bad thing. We are all motivated by rewards. Pick something your toddler loves.

Once you decide on a reward chart, have it ready to go with stickers so you aren’t scrambling to find things the day of potty training. This will start your potty training experience with no frustration.


Potty training books for toddlers are great to have in your potty training kit. Many books teach about the process of using the potty. It shows that kids have accidents but they learn how to use the potty.

Books also help occupy the time while your toddler sits on their potty seat. They won’t want to get up and run away after a few seconds when nothing happens. They can sit for a few minutes while things get going.

Potty Training Watch

Potty training watches are great at reminding your toddler to use the potty. It will help them feel like a big kid if you also wear a watch.  Toddlers want to be like mommy and daddy.

The lights and songs help make it fun to go. You can set a 30, 60 or 90-minute reminder and they will self reset so you don’t have to remember to reset them. So helpful when the day gets crazy. Especially if you have older kids and they need your help.

Easy to Pull Down Pants

Stock up on easy, down, and up pants. Toddlers don’t want to fuss with buttons and zippers when they are trying to focus on using the potty. Again this will help with independence if they can get their own pants down and up by themselves.

Flush Wipes

Worth every penny! I used them the whole time when I potty trained my kids. I spent so much less time wiping my kids with them. They get in the nooks and crannies where toilet paper just rips.

They got really good at wiping themselves too. I think flush wipes really help since they don’t have to wipe as much. They just get more on the first wipe.

Cleaning Supplies

This one is a preference on what you want to use to clean up any accidents. I had a stack of rags and disinfecting wipes in my potty training kit. I would wipe up any pee and then go over it with a disinfecting wipe to make sure it was clean.

I was able to keep my toddlers on the tile while potty training. Thank goodness my kitchen to the hallway to the bathroom was all tile. I love disinfecting wipes for easy cleanup. I felt safe with my toddlers using the wipes to help clean up their accidents.  

You can use rags or paper towels and any cleaning spray or wipes you like. Make sure to have your toddler help clean up any accidents with you. 

Keep It All Together

When making a potty training kit it may be easy to say, “oh I have all that in my house so I am good to go.” But taking the time to put it all together in a basket or bin will help you out so much. Keep it close by wherever you are potty training.

Instead of running around the house looking for what you need, you can focus on what your toddler needs from you. Help getting their pants down, help getting on the potty, occupy their time while they wait to go and so on. It will be easier to help them and praise them for their efforts. Many accidents will be avoided.

Is there anything you have in your Potty Training Kit that you love? Share in the comments!

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