Oh My Goodness! The Liebster Award!

Last week I was happily surprised when I was nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD by Anna Krawczyk at The Runaway Blog! This award is given by bloggers to other bloggers. Its purpose to recognize new blogs and give them a chance to grow their audience. It also allows us to share some personal information with our readers so they can get to know us a little better!

Here is the list of the official rules for 2017.

I want to thank Anna Krawczyk at The Runaway Blog for choosing me as one of her nominations! I really appreciate her choosing me for this award! Starting a blog a couple months after having baby #5 has been a challenge and at times I have wondered if you wonderful readers like what you are reading and this award is great motivation to keep going and writing for you all! Continue reading “Oh My Goodness! The Liebster Award!”

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#5’s Birth Story Overcoming Trials the First Week of Life Part 2

We were guaranteed a 48-hour stay in the hospital based on being strep B+ and not getting all the antibiotics administered in time, so we got comfortable. The first full day we were there it was glorious; we were visited by family and friends and celebrated our healthy baby boy.IMG_9143


The following day #5 went off to get circumcised and for his pediatrician check. While he was gone I took a shower and got ready for the day. Then it happened…

The nurse rolled #5 back into the room and asked, “has he been jittery at all lately?” Thinking back I didn’t recall that he was any more than any of my other babies… She then dropped the bomb that he had low sugar levels and we were now going to have to test him before every feeding to see where his levels were. We would have to pass three consecutive tests…My heart dropped, how could this have happened?

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Chicken Corn Chowder

We are coming into my favorite season: kid’s football games, cooler weather, cute shirts with cardigans, and warm dishes for dinner, which means it is soup season! Chicken Corn Chowder is one of my families favorite recipes and we are sharing it with all of you today!

Chicken Corn Chowder

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: around 40 minutes

This makes enough soup for my family of 2 adult, and 4 kids with leftovers

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#5 Birth Story… Overcoming Trials in the First Week of Life Part 1

It was an ordinary Wednesday in June I went to the doctor for my 37-week check up. Everything was going good; I was beginning to dilate which is always great news! I went for my final ultrasound to check to make sure all the cysts were gone from our 20-week ultrasound. (For news on this click here). The ultra sound was great! No signs of cysts and he looked quite healthy with chubby cheeks! The best ultrasound tech in the world, Randy, figured at that moment he weighed about 7 pounds 11 ounces.

I went home relieved that our baby boy was healthy. It was a beautiful day outside, which never happens in Texas in the Summer so I decided to take #3 and #4 for a walk. On our walk we passed our neighbor who was headed to the pool. She stopped and told us to meet her there. It sounded like a great idea, so we finished our walk and headed over for a swim.

At first everything was going great. The kids were great, the weather was great, and the company was great. The kids decided they were hungry so we got out for a snack. All of a sudden it happened…excruciating pain that would only go away for a few minutes, was it time? Certainly, it wasn’t it was too early; I was only 37 weeks and 3 days. The pains continued, so I decided to get back in the water…that didn’t help. At that point I knew… It was time, whether I was ready or not.

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Love Map Series Part 2

Today we move on to the next part of love mapping. How did it go last week? If you missed our first post on enhancing our love maps, click here!
Asking open-ended questions is crucial to your marriage and your growing relationship! Not only is it important to ask the questions, but it is more important to remember the answers that your partner gives! I recall a couple years back sitting down with my husband after the kids had gone to bed. I recall him asking me a question; I can’t even remember what it was anymore. I thoughtfully answered the question and after I did I looked over and he was asleep! I was slightly frustrated to say the least; I mean seriously why ask if you aren’t listening? He woke up about the time I finished and responded, “Oh I didn’t hear you. Tell me again.” So I kindly told him again. What do you think happened? Yep! Asleep again! As I finished I was so irritated, just in time for him to wake up! His response is comical now, but at the time it was not! He told me that my voice is so soothing it just puts him to sleep. Are you kidding me?! Of course I thought he just didn’t care then. Since then we have discovered if I want him to pay attention and remember what I say I cannot tell him anything important after 9:30pm.
Asking open-ended questions invites growth in the relationship while you share experiences you have had, emotions you have felt, and opinions with one another. It shows that you are interested in your spouse and interested in growing your relationship with one another. Dr. Gottman gave a great list of questions we can ask in his book, The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work. If you haven’t I highly recommend you pick it and read it! This list is adapted from his book.

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Love Map Series Part 1

I got to be a guest blogger over at The National Healthy Institute at one of their sister sites! I though you might enjoy it here!

In a previous post on Why Date? We mentioned John Gottman’s Love Maps. Dr. Gottman does a fantastic job of helping us realize why it is important to know our spouses.

Jordan was a police officer two hours away from his home. When he left for work on Thursday he would not return until Monday morning. He was well liked on the police force and always did a good job. He had won many Mothers Against Drink Driving Awards and protected the people who he served. He took overtime opportunities when he could to provide more for his family. When he was home he enjoyed playing video games, relaxing, hunting, hanging out with his friends, and playing baseball and softball. There was only one problem with this, he had a wife and 4 kids who loved him that he did not spend much time with. His wife would try desperately to get him to go on dates with her or do tasks with each other so they could spend time with one another, but Jordan always declined because he had other things he wanted to do.
Jordan got to the point where he didn’t know much about the activities the kids did, where they liked to go for fun, who their friends were, or even who their teachers were. Sadly, he knew even less about his wife. He did not know her hopes, her dreams, her dislikes, her fears, or the things that scared her in life. John Gottman, author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work says, “I have found that many married couples fall into a similar habit of inattention to the details of their spouse’s life. One or both partners may have only the sketchiest sense of the other’s joys, likes, dislikes, fears, stresses.”

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11 steps to a getting more done by 8am

I recall the days I used to dread waking up in the morning feeling as though I was behind before I even got started, but then I decided to make my mornings more productive and by doing this all of a sudden my whole day became more productive and I no longer dreaded getting out of bed. Today I am sharing my 11 tips on what you can do before 8am to be well on your way to a more productive day!

This is the order that I do it in because it works for me, but you can do any order that works for you!

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Staying Involved When You’re 1800 Miles Away

Staying Involved When You're 1800 Miles AwayEver since my ex husband and I had gotten divorced we always lived less than a mile apart. It was such a blessing for the kids. After school if they felt like coming over to get help from me with homework they would just ride their bike or walk. If they felt like seeing if their dad was home to play baseball with them they would do the same. It allowed us to be at all their school events, sports, and equally involved in their school life. When a family vacation came up, we would both make arrangements to the schedule so they could always attend and bond with their family. This all changed 2 ½ years ago when my husband got transferred 1800 miles away.
After much discussion we decided that the boys would move with me to Texas and visit their Dad on all their breaks from school. With this being said it was a huge change for the kids, but we have discovered great ways to still be involved in the boy’s lives when they are away from us!

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Why Date?

Why Date?

I recall going on my first date with my husband. I was so nervous and anxious. I remember when he asked me I jumped for joy inside! He said that he wanted to make dinner at his house and told me what time to be there. I was bringing a salad. I remember meticulously cutting each vegetable the same size to make it perfect, what can I say I wanted to make a good impression because he was a catch, he was good looking and he cooked!

Prior to our date, I remember going shopping for the perfect casual outfit and spending a couple hours on the “perfect casual hair style”. I selected a nice pair of shoes and headed for the door. With a lump in my throat, I got in the car and drove the ½ mile to his house. As I walked to the front door I could feel my legs shaking because of nerves and excitement. I knocked, he answered and smiled with his perfect smile and invited me inside.

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Becoming Superwoman

Becoming Superwoman
Mother’s Day weekend I had the opportunity to go to Mother’s Day tea with a group of friends. It started off with us all dressing up to go to tea. One of our friends had a gorgeous hat, but she felt silly wearing it. We all encouraged her to wear it because it looked great and we were going to tea after all! We all sat down and had tea and the most delicious treats Morgan had made. She had invited a guest speaker to speak with us that changed my outlook on how I viewed how I could become superwoman.

Who is Superwoman?

According to Google, superwoman is “a woman with exceptional strength or ability, especially one who successfully manages a home, brings up children, and has a full-time job.” I thought this to be interesting, how do we define superwoman and how do we become her? Am I superwoman? Am I anywhere close to becoming superwoman?
As I think about it I think of all the people that are superwoman. I think of my neighbor who raises four kids, serves everyone who needs help, works at her husband’s office, and still keeps a perfectly clean house, the list as to why she is superwoman can go on and on. I think another mom who wrote this amazing book, has the most beautiful well-mannered kids, has taught them to clean and be respectful, and volunteers at every opportunity she is given. There are so many more people I can think of that I can add to this list of superwomen. I look at them and wish my house could be half that clean, or my kids could be half that well behaved, or I could serve half the people they do, or my makeup could be half as good as the lady I saw at the grocery store. After doing this I quickly realize that I can never be superwoman because I can never measure up to what they do, or can I?

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