The Best Doll of 2020- Celebrating Diversity

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#FailFix Dolls

Do you have a daughter who loves styling hair, makeup, and fashion? Talie loves all of these things, so I am always on the lookout for dolls that are age-appropriate and more of a representation of who we are.  When I discovered #FailFix Dolls I was instantly intrigued and hooked. 

What are #FailFix Dolls?

#FailFix Total Makeover Dolls are 8.5-inch fashion dolls that have just tried out the latest online beauty tutorials… Unfortunately, they didn’t quite go as planned (we can all relate, right?!), and they need your daughter’s help to fix their hair, makeup, outfit, and accessories! Your daughter will love to give her #FailFix doll a real-life transformation. 

How to Transform a #FailFix Doll?

As you can see in the package, the #FailFix Dolls are sort of having a rough day in the beauty department. While trying the newest makeup tutorial, they somehow managed to get even their shoes and glasses stuck in their hair! The face mask can be applied over and over again giving these dolls an endless transformation from fail to fix. These dolls need your daughter to turn their major fail into a major fix! 

How to Fix your Doll

To begin the transformation your daughter will first apply the magic spa mask. Once the doll is  relaxed, she will get a great new look she will absolutely love. Who knows — the doll might even reveal a rare or ultra-rare makeup look when the magic mask is removed. 

Once her makeup is fixed, your daughter will then want to pull her accessories out of her hair and brush it so that it’s silky smooth. Then, give your #FailFix doll the look she was trying to achieve with the included hair tools. Top it off with shoes and jewelry to create the all-around perfect look. 

Talie and I love playing with these dolls together. We laugh and play and talk about how silly it is with a shoe in her hair. We talk about how sometimes we do things, and they might not always turn out how we think — so we try again and fix them. 

This leads us to laughing about some of our own beauty mishaps — like when we paint our nails and they don’t quite turn out the way we were thinking. So we fix them. 

Why I love #Failfix Dolls

It is no wonder that #FailFix Dolls was a Toy of the Year Awards finalist in the doll category. #FailFix was also awarded in the National Parent Product Awards.

I love that my daughter can help another girl look her best. These dolls are not about achieving perfection. They help us embrace our small fails, and teach us to work together to fix mistakes. I love that the message instilled is that there is no right way to be. It’s more important to have fun and be true to who you are.

These dolls celebrate diversity on so many different levels. They show different  styles, skin tones, and body types — emphasizing how our unique differences make us special. 

It is all about empowering girls in a fun, light-hearted way. 

With five different dolls available, you can find the one that best suits your daughter’s style. I love that these dolls teach my daughter that there is not just one look, but that we are all beautiful on the inside and outside. 

It is also a top toy on Amazon’s gift guide this year — so be sure to grab your daughter a #FailFix Doll. There is certainly one your child will love. Of course, Talie is asking for more for Christmas! 

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