The Best outdoor Fall Activities for Teens

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Fall is here and the weather is turning cooler, which means that in Texas it is finally pleasant weather for the kids to go out and play. But with teenagers, it is sometimes more difficult to find things that they don’t mind going outside and doing. So, we are sharing fall activities for teens that they can do with each other as well as with you!

How to get teens to go outside

Getting teens to go outside is sometimes not the easiest task. They would much rather be inside, watching their favorite show, reading a book, or playing on some form of electronics. If you are struggling to get your teen outside, try these tips to help! 

  • Have them invite a friend
  • Offer choices. Don’t just say we are doing this, give them a few things to choose from.
  • Brainstorm fun things to do or create a teen bucket list full of all kinds of outdoor activities. 
  • Lead by example. If you want your teens to go outside, then you go outside with them. 
  • Find outdoor interests. If your teenagers love to hit golf balls take them to the driving range if they love competition set up a Nerf Battle outside. 

Fun Activities for Teenagers this Fall

Now that our teens are off the couch and outside make it fun for them! Here are some great outdoor activities for teenagers this fall. 

Outdoor Activities for Teens

Make an Obstacle Course

Get creative and make an obstacle course for your teenagers to maneuver through that includes some obstacles to crawl under, jump over, and aim at. Almost 3 feet long and under $40 THE NERF RIVAL SATURN Blaster XX-1000 Targeting Set includes a blaster, 10 rounds, and a reactive moving target that flips when you hit it! This is the perfect Nerf blaster to use for obstacle courses as the target flips to a different position after every strike. Your child can practice their aim and challenge opponents to competitive games of skill and accuracy. Parents, find these exclusively at Walmart online or in-store located on an endcap of an aisle!
My boys love using The Saturn  XX-1000 blaster which measures 32 inches long — it’s the longest Nerf Rival blaster ever!  
I love seeing them get excited about the course ahead when I include the Saturn in any outdoor obstacle course.

 NERF Freeze Tag

You remember playing freeze tag in school right? NERF Freeze Tag is just the same with a little twist to it. In order to freeze people in NERF Freeze Tag you must tag them with your nerf blasters. When the opposing player is hit they must freeze until they are unfrozen by their own team member. 
They can simply be unfrozen by a teammate with a simple high five!
Using the Saturn can really help keep the game of NERF Freeze Tag going as it comes with 10 Official NERF Rival rounds, includes tactical rail and trigger lock, and requires no batteries. Eyewear is recommended when using but not included. 

The object of NERF Freeze Tag is to be the first team with everyone on the opposing team frozen, that is when the game ends. 

Blast Targets

Set up your own targets outside. You can use solo cups, empty bottles, or even cardboard boxes. Watch the fun begin as you let your kid have fun with The Saturn and some DIY targets. 

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is another classic game from school with a twist. Capture the Flag is exactly what you think it is. Each team will have a flag that they will need to defend as they invade the other team’s territory in their attempt to capture the opposing team’s flag. 

Using The Saturn is a great way to put a twist to capture the flag with a breech-load blaster holding up to 10 NERF Rival rounds and launches them at an air-scorching velocity of up to 90 feet per second. Pump the priming handle and pull the trigger to fire 1 round at a time, or unleash all 10 rounds rapidly with slam-fire action you will be sure to defend your flag and alert the oncoming invader causing them to retreat and save your flag from being captured. 
The first team to capture the opposing team’s flag is of course the winner. 

Family NERF Battle

Everyone loves a good family NERF Battle, right?! You know, when mom and dad are involved it really makes it so much more fun for teenagers. Before you start it is best to establish some ground rules to ensure everyone has fun! Using your own yard and items from around your home mark some bases and find some good hiding spots. With everyone having their own NERF product let the battle begin and see who reigns victorious! 

Other outdoor activities for teens

  • Play a sport outside. 
  • Hike trails nearby
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Go to a high school football game
  • Corn maze
  • Decorate for Halloween
  • Take a hayride
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Create an outdoor tailgating party
  • Jump in the pool
  • Go to a cabin for the weekend
  • Bonfire with s’ mores
  • Teenager Scavenger hunt
  • Teach them to drive
  • Learn outdoor photography together
  • Train for a run to feed the hungry
  • Play tennis at the courts
  • Skimboard through the puddles
  • Go fishing
  • Teach your dog new tricks

Indoor Activities for Teens that aren’t screens

Of course, you will have those days that the weather just isn’t that great for going outside so here are some fun indoor activities for teens. 

  • Have a board game marathon
  • Have a read-a-thon
  • Set up a hot chocolate bar for the season
  • Make apple cider
  • Plan a Murder Mystery party with their friends
  • Plan a Halloween get together
  • Make caramel apples or candy apples
  • Host a football party for their friends
  • Donate to a local shelter
  • Charades

These fun fall activities for teens will help them have fun with one another and you as you play together! What other activities would you add to the list? Share in the comments! 

10 thoughts on “The Best outdoor Fall Activities for Teens”

  1. This is a great idea! We have some nerf guns at home that hasn’t been played for quite some time and an obstacle course sounds fun.Thank you for sharing this. Can’t wait to share this plan with my boys.

  2. I think your weather really effects this. I live in the PNW, and I don’t struggle to get my kids outside, but we can be outside all summer. We love to hike, kayak, fish, camp, forage etc. I’m sorry it’s such a struggle where you live.

  3. So many fun ideas! A lot of them work for tweens too 😉 . Mine always love scavenger/treasure hunts and escape rooms too – they are forever designing these for each other and for their friends…

  4. I don’t have teen yet but these ideas will have my sisters enjoy this season with their teens. I need to share this with them, thank you!


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