The Best Father’s Day Candy Poster Ideas

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Make your dad smile with a fun and unique Father’s Day Candy Poster. Candy Posters are a simple way to let someone know that you love them or are thinking of them, and it is sure to be a hit for the men in your life this Father’s Day.

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Whether you want a more sentimental gift, or one that will have everyone laughing, your Father’s Day Candy Poster can be whatever you want it to be! Simply pick the Father’s Day phrases and sayings that describe exactly how you are feeling. 

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What is a Father’s Day Candy Poster?

A Father’s Day Candy Poster is a fun way to wish all the men in your life “Happy Father’s Day!” Candy Posters are so fun because they are totally customizable. Because you pick the sayings and candy, you can pick just your dad’s favorite candy, and then make the sayings to match. They are so simple, and the dads in your life are going to love getting one this Father’s Day. 

How Do You Make a Father’s Day Candy Poster?

The best part about Father’s Day Candy Posters is that they are so simple. All you need is a posterboard, a marker and some glue, and your dad’s favorite candies.

Pick the sayings to go with your candy (see below for some ideas for sayings!), and start writing at the top of your posterboard.

Glue your candies where they go in the saying, and then keep going until your posterboard is full! 

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How Do You Stick Candy to the Posterboard?

There are a ton of different options when it comes to sticking the candy to the poster board. If you are using Fun Size candies, or you want them to be really temporary, then glue dots work just great! 

If you want to hang the poster on the wall, or you’re using full size candy bars, you’re going to want something more sticky. A thick, tacky glue like Alene’s works well, or you can use hot glue if you are careful not to melt the candy. 

If you love making candy posters, then be sure to make our graduation candy poster and teacher candy poster as well!

Father’s Day Candy Poster Sayings

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Father’s Day Candy Posters are so fun to put together, and you can get all your kids involved in making a sweet gift for their dad. Here are some fun candy poster sayings to get you inspired! 

Father’s Day Candy Poster Sayings

“Dad, we wish we could give you a (HUNDRED GRAND) for Father’s Day this year. Maybe even a shopping (SPREE) in New (YORK PEPPERMINT PATTIES), or a trip to (ORBIT GUM)  the (MILKY WAY). But it’s not (PAYDAY) yet, so we hope this poster makes you (SNICKER). You are one a(M&Ms)azing dad, and we love you to (REECE’S PIECES).”

“We hope this poster makes you (SNICKER). We wanted you to know we (SKOR)ed in the dad department. You’re the best dad in the (MILKY WAY)! Out of all the (SWEDISH FISH) in the sea, we’re glad we got you as our dad. Life with you is (MOUNDS) of fun, and we’re so glad we got a (WHOPPER) of a dad! 

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“Happy Father’s Day to an a(M&Ms)azing dad! There are (GOOD AND PLENTY) of reasons to love you, but here are a few. You’re always (MOUNDS) of fun to be around. You always make us (LAFFY TAFFY). Whenever I’m in a (CRUCH), I know I can always count on you. You are (EXTRA GUM) special and we love you to (REECE’S PIECES).” 

“Happy Father’s Day to my favorite (BIG HUNK) and the father of my kids. I am so glad us (AIRHEADS) have you to keep us running smoothly. You always (POP) in at the right moment, even though I know we make you (SNICKER). You’re (MOUNDS) of fun and always there in a (CRUNCH). I definitely (SKOR)ed in the husband department!” 

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Father’s Day Candy Bar Ideas

Don’t have a poster board or running short on time? It might be really fun to give your dad a few full-sized candy bars with labels instead of a whole poster. Here are some fun phrases based on your favorite candies. 

Milky Way – Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the MILKY WAY.
Snickers – Don’t SNICKER at our Father’s Day Gift. We love you!
Extra gum – Hope you have an EXTRA special Father’s Day.
Good and Plenty – There are GOOD AND PLENTY of reasons we love you!
Pop Rocks – Just wanted to POP by and say Happy Father’s Day!
Mounds – Life with you is MOUNDS of fun, dad!
Take 5 – Just wanted to TAKE 5 and tell you we love you!
Hundred Grand – Dad, we wouldn’t trade you for a HUNDRED GRAND.
Laffy Taffy – We love how you always make us LAFFY, dad.
Milky Way – We love you to the MILKY WAY and back!
Nerds – We love you! Love, your NERDS
Reece’s Pieces – Happy Father’s Day! We love you to PIECES.
Snickers – You always know how to make us SNICKER, dad.
KitKat – Dad, you’re one cool KAT. 
Extra gum – A Father’s Day Wish for an EXTRA special dad!
Mounds – Hope your Father’s Day is MOUNDS of fun!
Swedish Fish – Out of all the FISH in the sea, I am glad you’re my dad.
Airheads – We love you! Love, your AIRHEADS
Whoppers – You’re a WHOPPER of a dad!
Lifesavers – We can’t imagine LIFE without you!
Snickers – Hope this gift makes you SNICKER.
Big Hunk – Happy Father’s Day to my favorite BIG HUNK.
Skor – I sure did SKOR in the dad department!
Mr. Goodbar – Happy Father’s Day to a really GOOD guy.
Pop Rocks – POP, you ROCK! 

Do you have some other Father’s Day Candy Poster ideas? Leave them in the comments! We’d love to know what you are doing for your Father’s Day Candy Poster this year. 

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