28 Fun Sea Animals That Start With E [Plus Facts]

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Today, we’re embarking on an exciting expedition to encounter the extraordinary sea animals that start with E. The ocean is like Earth’s final frontier, filled with enchanting creatures that seem to come straight out of a fairy tale. From the shallowest seashores to the deepest, darkest depths, sea animals that start with E are waiting to amaze us with their elegance and mysteries. Let’s dive in and meet these exceptional inhabitants of the blue!

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First up, we have the Electric Eel. While not exactly an ocean dweller, this fascinating creature lives in freshwater and has an electrifying secret—it can generate powerful electric shocks! Used for hunting and self-defense, the electric eel’s abilities light up our imaginations and remind us of the superpowers found in nature.

Next, we meet the enchanting Eel itself. There are many kinds of eels in the sea, from the sleek Moray Eel hiding in coral reefs to the mysterious Garden Eel poking out of the sand. Eels have long, snake-like bodies and can navigate through tight spaces, making them fascinating swimmers of the sea.

Then, there’s the endearing Emperor Penguin. While not a sea animal you might find swimming beneath the waves, these incredible birds are expert divers, plunging deep into icy waters to catch their fishy meals. The Emperor Penguin’s graceful underwater flights show us a different side of sea life, where air meets water.

Embarking on this journey through sea animals that start with E reveals the vast variety and vibrant lives of sea animals. From the shocking Electric Eel to the elusive Eels and even our flippered friend, the Emperor Penguin, each creature offers a unique glimpse into the wonders beneath the waves. So, let’s keep our sense of adventure alive as we continue to explore and learn about the incredible world under the sea!

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Complete List Of Sea Animals That Start With E

Here is a list of sea animals that start with E in alphabetical order. How many do you know from this list? Scroll down to learn more about each sea animal!

  • Eagle Ray
  • Eastern Cleaner-Clingfish
  • Eastern Oyster
  • Eastern Pacific Green Sea Turtle
  • Eel
  • Electric Eel
  • Electric Ray
  • Elegant Tern
  • Elephant Fish
  • Elephant Seal
  • Elkhorn Coral
  • Emerald Crab
  • Emerald Damselfish
  • Emperor Angelfish
  • Emperor Shrimp
  • Emu Sea Star
  • Enormous Squid
  • Enypniastes Sea Cucumber
  • Epaulette Shark
  • Epigonichthys Lanternfish
  • Escargot Sea Snail
  • Escolar Fish
  • Estuarine Crocodile
  • Estuary Stingray
  • European Anchovy
  • European Eel
  • European Hake
  • European Plaice
Complete List Of Sea Animals That Start With E

Fun Facts About Sea Animals That Start With E

Ready to increase your knowledge of sea animals that start with E? Dive in and learn more about all the different sea animals on the list!

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  • Eagle Ray: Eagle Rays are like the birds of the sea, gliding through the water with their big, wing-like fins. They’re graceful and beautiful, soaring under the waves.
  • Eastern Cleaner-Clingfish: This little fish is like the helper of the sea, clinging to rocks and cleaning up algae. It’s like the tidy-up crew, making sure the ocean stays nice and clean.
  • Eastern Oyster: Eastern Oysters are like the ocean’s treasure chests, hiding pearls inside. They sit in the mud, filtering water and making it cleaner for everyone.
  • Eastern Pacific Green Sea Turtle: These turtles are gentle giants that love to munch on sea grass. They’re like the peaceful gardeners of the sea, helping keep the underwater lawns trimmed.
  • Eel: Eels are like the slinky toys of the sea, wiggling and squirming through the water. They can hide in tiny holes and come out to surprise you.
  • Electric Eel: Electric Eels are like the superheroes of the river, with the power to zap anything that bothers them. They’re super cool and a bit shocking!
Sea Animals That Start With E: Elephant seal
  • Electric Ray: Electric Rays are like the batteries of the sea, able to give a little electric shock to protect themselves. They’re flat and can hide in the sand, waiting for a surprise zap.
  • Elegant Tern: Elegant Terns are beautiful birds that swoop over the sea to catch fish. They’re like the acrobats of the air, doing flips and dives to get their dinner.
  • Elephant Fish: Elephant Fish have long noses, kind of like an elephant’s trunk. They’re like the quirky characters of the sea, swimming around with their funny faces.
  • Elephant Seal: Elephant Seals are huge and can make really loud noises. They’re like the big, noisy neighbors of the beach, always ready to chat (or roar).
  • Elkhorn Coral: Elkhorn Coral branches out like the antlers of an elk. It’s like the forest of the sea, creating homes for lots of different sea animals.
  • Emerald Crab: Emerald Crabs are small and green, like little gems crawling on the ocean floor. They’re like the jewelers of the sea, showing off their bright colors.
  • Emerald Damselfish: These fish are bright and beautiful, darting around the coral reefs. They’re like the sparkling decorations of the sea, adding a splash of color everywhere they go.
Sea Animals That Start With E: Emperor shrimp
  • Emperor Angelfish: Emperor Angelfish are big and colorful, with majestic patterns. They’re like the kings and queens of the coral reefs, ruling with beauty and grace.
  • Emperor Shrimp: Emperor Shrimp ride on other sea animals, like sea cucumbers, getting a free ride. They’re like the tiny, adventurous hitchhikers of the sea.
  • Emu Sea Star: Emu Sea Stars have lots of arms, looking a bit like an emu’s feathers. They’re like the cuddly toys of the sea floor, soft and interesting to look at.
  • Enormous Squid: Enormous Squid are like the giants of the deep sea, mysterious and hard to find. They’re the stuff of sea legends, with tales of epic battles with whales.
  • Enypniastes Sea Cucumber: This sea cucumber is so unusual, it looks like it’s from another planet. It’s like the alien visitor of the ocean, weird but fascinating.
  • Epaulette Shark: Epaulette Sharks can “walk” on their fins, moving across the sea floor. They’re like the adventurers of the shallow waters, exploring like they’re on a stroll.
  • Epigonichthys Lanternfish: These little fish can glow in the dark, lighting up the deep sea. They’re like the nightlights of the ocean, twinkling and shining.
Sea Animals That Start With E: Estuary Stingray
  • Escargot Sea Snail: Just like the snails you might find in a garden, but these live in the sea. They’re like the slow-moving, peaceful wanderers of the ocean floor.
  • Escolar Fish: Escolar Fish are deep-sea fish that are really slippery. They’re like the escape artists of the sea, slipping away when danger comes close.
  • Estuarine Crocodile: These crocodiles can live in saltwater and are super strong. They’re like the bosses of the river mouths, ruling their watery homes.
  • Estuary Stingray: Estuary Stingrays like shallow waters where rivers meet the sea. They’re like the peaceful gliders, sliding over the sand with their flat bodies.
Sea Animals That Start With E: European plaice
  • European Anchovy: These small fish travel in big schools, like a moving silver cloud in the water. They’re like the busy commuters of the sea, always on the move.
  • European Eel: European Eels go on an amazing journey from the sea to rivers and back. They’re like the world travelers of the fish world, always on an adventure.
  • European Hake: European Hake are deep-sea fish that are really popular to eat. They’re like the favorite dish of the sea, always invited to dinner.
  • European Plaice: These flatfish blend into the sandy sea floor, hiding from predators. They’re like the magicians of the shallow waters, disappearing right before your eyes.

What sea animal that starts with E are you most excited to see in real life? Share in the comments!

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