How to Handle Ex Wife Drama in 7 Simple Steps

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Dealing with some crazy ex wife drama and about ready to lose it? Try these 7 tips to help you on how to handle ex wife drama and move on once and for all.

There is a famous saying that not all things are permanent, and in the same way not every relationship will have a happy ending. Some people have faced divorce and after that, it will take time to overcome the pain. But sometimes after the divorce you might find yourself dealing with some ex wife drama that you were hoping to avoid, even after you have set co-parenting boundaries. So how do you handle ex-wife drama? Is there really a solution to this problem? Read on and find out! 

Is it really hard to handle your dramatic ex-wife?

It is really interesting when it comes to drama between ex spouses. I think most couples that have been divorced will claim that their ex was extremely hard to deal with, especially when you are newly divorced and even more so when you have kids involved. 

Most men feel that their ex-wife is making their life hard and not only for them but also the people around them. While we want to automatically assume that it is our ex-wife’s problem we should really try to evaluate the entire situation at hand first. 

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Understand your ex-wife problems

Before figuring out how to handle your dramatic ex-wife, you need to understand her because sometimes a better understanding will solve difficult problems easily. A breakup or divorce from a relationship is the most difficult thing especially for women (and even if she asked for it).

Here are a few things that will help you to understand your ex wife better.

  • Your ex-wife might be completely lost trying to figure things out. If she has never worked before or she is worried about bills she might be especially stressed towards you. Give her grace when she is a little more dramatic than normal. 
  • If she finds you happier and you are enjoying with new women, then she won’t accept that. Even the divorce is mutual still disturbs you then analyze the cause
  • Does your ex wife hate your new wife or girlfriend or at least appears to? It may be hard to see you so happy. Overtime she will understand that you are both better people when you both can move on from the situation. 
  • Women have a harder time moving on from something they loved, so it will take them time as they go through the grief of losing you. 

7 Best Ways to Handle Ex Wife Drama

If you are finding it harder and harder to handle ex wife drama here are 7 things you can do to try to overcome the drama and move on and help her move on as well. 

Speak the truth

This will be one of the best ways to handle your ex-wife. If your ex-wife doesn’t make you feel the way she did before, then it is time to tell her that you don’t love her. You should have the courage to say “No” to her feelings, and make sure that you are not creating any hope for the relationship or leading her on in any way. 

If you are having pity or compassion towards her she might feel like their is a glimmer of hope in your relationship still. 

Remove Unnecessary Communication

If you don’t know how to handle your ex-wife’s drama then remove all unnecessary communication. This means you don’t need to randomly call her or text her or tell her what you had for lunch. 

Keep all communication to the things that need to be discussed. Focus on the kids and remember that is the reason why communication needs to happen while you overcome these struggles.  

Be Consistent

So often when couples split up there is what we call the gray zone or the middle ground. They don’t know what the other person wants or if they should move on because they are getting mixed signals from their ex. 

During this time be consistent with being straight forward and laying things out in a very black and white way. 

Don’t tell her she looks pretty because this brings it to the gray area where she might start holding out hope again and won’t move on or try to keep you from moving on as well. 

Be the Bigger Person

Usually drama begins when one person says something and then it is followed by the other. So often the nit picking causes undue pain and drama. It is time to move on, take the high road and be the bigger person. 

If she tells you you look fat in those pants just say, “thank you.” At that point she can’t say anymore. If she complains about something, just smile and tell her that you will think about it. As you are the bigger person you don’t fuel the fire and she will eventually move on and stop. 

Start ignoring

This is one of the great methods that will help you to handle your dramatic ex-wife. If you can’t handle her, then ignoring her will be the best move from your side. If you start to ignore her, she will be tired of calling you, trying to meet you, or starting a conversation. 

Overtime she will realize that you don’t want to engage and she will move on. 

Of course if it comes to the kids and is important you will want to respond as soon as you can. 

Be happy

The easiest way to handle ex wife drama is to just focus on you and be happy. When you do this you start to see the world in a whole new light. Yes, her outbursts might seem ridiculous and annoying at times, but as you live your life being happy they will not bother you like they used to. You will be grateful for the life you have now and look forward to better relationships in the future. 

Start a new life

Life after divorce is the most difficult thing, but you should not lose faith in a new relationship or marriage when you are ready for it. Give yourself time to heal before moving on. Of course your new life does not need to involve a relationship. Maybe you want to pick up a new hobby or sport that you have been thinking about. As you do this, it allows both of you to move on. 

Bottom Line when it comes to Ex Wife Drama

Only the people who have gone through the divorce will know how frustrating it is to overcome and how hard it is to overcome. If you find yourself still having ex wife drama after trying these tips it might be a great idea for you and her to seek some outside help to help you solve your problems so that you both can move on in a healthy fashion! 

How do you handle this drama? Share with us in the comments!

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