100 Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

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There’s nothing better than playing games together after a big Thanksgiving feast. These Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions are the perfect after-dinner tradition to start this year!

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions For the Whole Family

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I couldn’t be more excited. Could there possibly be a better holiday than one full of parades, huge portions of food, counting our blessings, and family time? 

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is sitting down with my family after dinner and playing games together. We can’t get enough of Thanksgiving Bingo and my kids get so excited about our Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt. Since our family is huge fans of Would You Rather, we thought it would be fun to create a fun Thanksgiving Edition!

Now I’ve found the perfect game to add to our list. Thanksgiving Would You Rather!

How to Play Thanksgiving Would You Rather

Games don’t have to have big game boards and complicated instructions to be fun. Would You Rather is so simple and always leaves us laughing!

All you need to do is scroll down to see the questions and read them off or download our Would You Rather Thanksgiving Edition! You can either take turns answering the questions or choose to have everyone answer all at once.

We love using some whiteboards and revealing our answers after 1..2..3! It makes it extra fun to be surprised all at once. 

There’s no real winner or loser to would you rather, which is a huge bonus with competitive kids. Everyone can enjoy playing without any stress!

100 Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

Ready for the fun? Scroll down to see the questions!

Would you rather Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Eat an entire turkey by yourself or eat all the Thanksgiving stuffing by yourself?
  2. Have to catch a live turkey using only your hands or empty the insides of a 50 lb pumpkin?
  3. Have two days of Thanksgiving or two days of Christmas?
  4. Eat an entire pumpkin pie or drink a gallon of cranberry sauce?
  5. Have a Thanksgiving meal without your favorite dish, or have a meal made up of only your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
  6. Swim in a pool of cranberry juice or a pool of jello?
  7. Cook the Thanksgiving meal or clean up the dishes?
  8. Go to school dressed as a turkey or dressed as mashed potatoes?
  9. Eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant or at home?
  10. Go for a week with only gobbling like a turkey or only talking with your mouth full?
  11. Take a nap after the meal or watch a football game?
  12. Have nice hair that gets into your mouth every time you eat or be totally bald?
  13. Always smell like turkey or always smell like gravy?
  14. Go school wearing a pumpkin stem on your head or turkey feathers?
  15. Be in the Thanksgiving Day parade, or be one of the hosts commenting on the parade?
  16. Spend your Thanksgiving weekend without football or without shopping?
  17. Wear a pilgrim hat to school and work for all of November, or eat Thanksgiving food for every day of November?
  18. Eat only turkey or only mashed potatoes and gravy for an entire November?
  19. Wash your hair with mashed potatoes or with stuffing?
  20. Be covered in gravy or cranberry sauce?
  21. Go Black Friday shopping or watch Thanksgiving football?
  22. Have been a Native American or a Pilgrim on the first Thanksgiving?
  23. Eat an entire pumpkin pie or drink the whole gravy boat?
  24. Be Charlie Brown or Snoopy?
  25. Say thirty things you’re thankful for or listen to someone else say thirty things they’re thankful for?
  26. Sing the National Anthem for one of this weekend’s football games or operate the scoreboard?
  27. Be in charge of the Snoopy balloon or the Ronald McDonald balloon in the Thanksgiving Day Parade?
  28. Be able to say “Happy Thanksgiving” in every language in the world or know the answer to 500 Trivial Pursuit questions?
  29. Eat a Thanksgiving meal with just your hands, or have to open your Christmas presents using a fork?
  30. Wear your most dressed-up holiday clothes every day for a month or a suit of turkey feathers for one day?
  31. Keep a turkey as a pet for a year, or have to kill the turkey you will eat for Thanksgiving?
  32. Peel 100 potatoes or bake 100 pumpkin pies?
  33. Be a turkey in a Thanksgiving school play or a corn on the cob?
  34. Eat as much as you want but not be able to taste your food or only be able to eat a little bit but have it taste perfectly delicious?
  35. Run a Turkey Trot and come in first, or not have to run it at all?
  36. Eat cold turkey or hot ice cream?
  37. Wear pants two sizes too small to Thanksgiving dinner, or listen to a family member tell a gross story while you’re trying to eat Thanksgiving dinner?
  38. Eat your whole dinner with no utensils or have to eat dinner served inside a carved-out pumpkin?
  39. Eat burnt Thanksgiving dinner or an undercooked Thanksgiving dinner?
  40. Take a bath in cranberry sauce or go swimming in a pool of apple cider?
  41. Not be allowed to speak on Thanksgiving or not be allowed to have Thanksgiving dessert?
  42. Get $100 dollars for every slice of pie you ate, or get $1,000 for eating no Thanksgiving food at all?
  43. Be stuck in a home that has no power on Thanksgiving or in a house that has no turkey on Thanksgiving?
  44. Rather take an expensive Thanksgiving vacation or eat an expensive Thanksgiving dinner?
  45. Be able to control the remote or the Thanksgiving menu?
  46. Eat Thanksgiving dinner with the UK’s royal family or with your own family?
  47. Have bright orange hair or brown teeth?
  48. Play in an NFL football game (with the football skills you have now) or sing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade (with the singing abilities you have now)?
  49. Have the Charlie Brown theme song always stuck in your head or dream the very same dream about the Thanksgiving parade every night?
  50. Always feel too full or always feel a little hungry?
  51. Be invited to the White House for Thanksgiving dinner or have a celebrity chef come to your house to make your Thanksgiving family dinner?
  52. Give a turkey a bath or mash a bathtub full of potatoes?
  53. Wear a shirt that lists everything you are grateful for or lists everything you ate today?
  54. Eat an entire onion or uncooked corn on the cob?
  55. Go swimming in a cranberry bog or go hang-gliding over a turkey farm?
  56. Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal using only a grill or only a microwave?
  57. Spend Thanksgiving in a home with a power outage or in a home without running water?
  58. Have to work on Black Friday or have to work on Thanksgiving?
  59. Get the largest piece of the wishbone or eat the largest piece of pie?
  60. Turn into a turkey on Thanksgiving or turn into an elf on Christmas?
  61. Have George Washington join you for Thanksgiving dinner or little Prince George?
  62. Spend Thanksgiving in New York City or on a farm?
  63. Have a constant itch or have constant hiccups during Thanksgiving dinner?
  64. Eat at the kids’ table or the grown-ups table?
  65. Only be able to whisper or only be able to shout everything you say during Thanksgiving dinner?
  66. Go to school/work this morning or have to do all of the dishes after dinner?
  67. Burn your turkey, but have an otherwise perfect meal, or burn everything except the turkey, which is perfect?
  68. Teach a turkey to race around a high school track or you roll a 35lb pumpkin around a high school track?
  69. Say what you’re thankful for before you eat or after?
  70. Say everything you have in mind or never be able to speak at all during Thanksgiving dinner?
  71. Drink hot cocoa or cold apple cider with your Thanksgiving meal?
  72. Wear earplugs or wear nose plugs during Thanksgiving dinner?
  73. Eat a bowl of raw pumpkin or eat raw cranberries?
  74. Go without TV on all weekends of November or eat only leftovers?
  75. Be able to run a Turkey Trot without feeling tired or be able to cook perfectly without using a recipe?
  76. Read your diary at the Thanksgiving table or make a movie of your most embarrassing moment and show it to everyone after dinner?
  77. Invite a famous person to join your family’s dinner, or be the one person invited to join a famous family’s dinner?
  78. Count how many spoonfuls of food are left on the table or count the grains of salt in the salt shaker?
  79. Travel to a relative’s house for Thanksgiving dinner or eat Thanksgiving at your own house?
  80. Call your boss after dinner to say “Happy Thanksgiving” or trip and fall in front of the whole family on your way to the couch?
  81. Wear a silly hat to Thanksgiving dinner or wear funny mittens on Christmas morning?
  82. Run the Turkey Trot an hour after Thanksgiving dinner or clean up the whole kitchen?
  83. Do a potluck Thanksgiving dinner and end up with everyone bringing stuffing, or end up with everyone bringing mashed potatoes?
  84. Be gossiped about by your family after you leave the room on Thanksgiving or never talked about at all?
  85. Dress your pet as a turkey for Thanksgiving or dress your pet as a pilgrim?
  86. Eat turkey for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week after Thanksgiving or go to work in a turkey costume for a week?
  87. Burp loudly at Thanksgiving dinner or spill your drink?
  88. Wait 30 minutes after everyone else has eaten to enjoy your own Thanksgiving dinner or help clean up for 30 minutes after dinner?
  89. Cook and clean up Thanksgiving dinner or shop for everyone in your family on Black Friday?
  90. Live in a world with no Thanksgiving or a world with no Christmas?
  91. Sing the National Anthem for an NFL game or coach an NFL football team?
  92. Give up Thanksgiving forever, or Christmas forever?
  93. Dress in feathers like a turkey, or dress in orange like a pumpkin for the Thanksgiving meal?
  94. Eat only cheese or only meat for the rest of your life?
  95. Not get passed food during Thanksgiving dinner or constantly be passing food for other people during the meal?
  96. Live in a world without mashed potato or a world without turkey?
  97. Eat your Thanksgiving meal for dinner or lunch?
  98. Give up pie forever or mashed potato forever?
  99. Eat Thanksgiving leftovers for an entire year or never eat Thanksgiving food again?
  100. Have Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch every day for the rest of your life, or have kale salad for lunch every day for the rest of your life?

There you have it! 100 Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions to have fun with friends and family. What would you rather questions would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

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