Awesome Father’s Day Questionnaire Printable

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This fun Father’s Day questionnaire is the perfect gift for the kids to give their dad this Father’s Day. Dads everywhere will be laughing about the answers they might read with these Dad questions. Included below is a grandpa version as well.

Father’s Day

We all remember how nice it was to be celebrated on Mother’s Day right?! We usually get flowers and chocolate and the kids/the love-of-our-life attempted to make us dinner right?! How special is that! Now it’s our turn to pamper the man we love. 

With Father’s Day coming up, dads need to know how important they are to your family. Fathers do so much!! Sometimes those things don’t get recognized. What better way to let the man you love, and the father of your children, know he’s loved than by having the kids make something special.

All About My Dad

This adorable, and might I add FREE, “All About My Dad,” printable is a wonderful gift your kids can give their dad. It gives them an opportunity to be creative and lets dad know they are loved. There are 12 questions to answer, and a space at the top for your kids to draw a picture of their dad. Then at the bottom they sign their name. We love that you can print this again and again each year and watch their pictures and their signature change year after year. 

Why Give this Questionnaire to Dads?

When your kids take the time to fill out this questionnaire it does a couple of things. One, it shows their dad that they know him. With questions like “My dad’s job is___” and “My dad loves to ____” kids get to know their dad. Second, other questions really let dad know how special he is to each of his kids. Some of these questions include “My dad is really good at ____” and “I like it when Dad ____.” Of course, you might get some pretty fun answers as well! 

Download your Free Dad Questionnaire here! 


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Step 1: 

Click the link above and download the printable!!

Step 2: 

Print. We have two options for you. You can either print in color, or we’ve made a black and white version as well.

Step 3: 

It’s activity time!! Have the kids color and decorate their pictures all about their dad. 

Step 4: 

Give these masterpieces to dad for Father’s Day!

Here are some fun ideas you and the kids could do when you give dad his gift!

Special “I love you” to Grandpa

Grandpas need to feel important as too right?! After your kids finish up writing about their dad, have them fill out a questionnaire about their grandpas too!! You can sit down with them and talk about fun memories they’ve had together. After your kids are all done creating their special gift you can then deliver them in person if they live close, or send them away in the mail. Either way Father’s Day will be that much more special when grandpa sees what his grandkids have made for him. 

Follow the directions above to download and enjoy! Happy Father’s Day!!! 

Comment below if you did this activity with your kids!! How did dad respond? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with the final product!

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