Physical Touch Love Language (everything you Need to Know) + 50 Ideas

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If someone in your life gives and receives love through physical touch, you’ll be sure to impress them with these 50 Physical Touch love language ideas for adults and kids alike!

The Physical Touch Love Language

Of all the love languages, the physical touch love language might be the most misunderstood. But if you have someone in your life that expresses love with touch, it’s so important to learn about!

Feature: Physical Touch Love Language

Physical touch is a huge range of expressions from a handshake with a friend to physical intimacy with your spouse.

Touches can be friendly, comforting, nurturing, or even romantic. But not everyone likes expressing love by way of physical touch! 

If your love language is physical touch, you might be surprised or even concerned when your friends and loved ones don’t seem to crave that touch. And if you prefer other ways to express love, it can be difficult when someone you love wants physical touch. 

The key is balance, and understanding the physical touch language and others is the first step!

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Why You Need To Understand Physical Touch

Don’t get me wrong, all the love languages are important and useful to learn about. But since physical touch is perceived so differently for every person and situation, it’s even more important.  

Touches can be small and simple, and they can also be big and tiring or anywhere in between. Finding the right balance will take some practice and depend on the people in the relationship!

Unfortunately, if someone loves through touch and you don’t, they may be feeling like it’s hard to meet their needs in the relationship in an appropriate way.

But whether or not physical touch is at the top of your love language list, there are ways to show your love to someone who prefers touch without going outside of your comfort zone.

Do Relationships Need Physical Touch?

Depending on who you ask, physical touch may or may not be a high priority on their list in relationships. 

But every relationship needs touch!

Of course, in marriage physical intimacy plays a huge role in a healthy relationship. But the same is true of touches with your kids, family, and even friends.

From kisses to handshakes and everything in between, touches help us to come closer together and can even help our bodies release oxytocin (great for mental health)!

Touches are a way we communicate, just like the other love languages, and it’s an important one! 

How I Nurture My Child Who Loves Touch

Let me tell you, my youngest child’s love language is physical touch through and through! He always wants to be right up next to me and can never get enough snuggles. Hugs, and kisses.

Can you relate? I’ll be honest, it can be a little overwhelming! But here’s something to remember about kids, and really about anyone you deal with when it comes to love languages.

He wants hugs, snuggles, and other touches because that’s how he feels loved by his mom. And even if it feels insignificant and perhaps even burdensome to me, it is so important to him. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean I can or should drop everything to snuggle all day! But I’ve learned that if I’m mindful enough that I can add little touches throughout the day so he isn’t feeling desperate for my attention. 

How to Find a Balance With Someone Who Has a Physical Touch Love Language

Finding ways to incorporate those little touches is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship with a person who has a physical touch love language. 

It’s a common misconception that if someone has a physical touch love language you always need to be snuggling up, kissing, etc. But there are so many other ways to help them feel that closeness!

You could give a pat on the back after they complete a task, hold hands on the way into the grocery store, or let them rest their head on your lap as you work on a project.

And don’t worry because I have 25 more physical touch ideas for your partner and 25 ideas for your kids below!


50 Physical Touch Love Language Ideas

These ideas have been a lifesaver for me. You’ll be sure to make someone who’s love language is physical touch feel extra loved with any one of them!

Physical Touch Love Language Ideas for Kids

  1. Tickle them
  2. Have a dance party and do partner dancing
  3. Cuddle up while watching a show
  4. Read stories together
  5. Give high fives
  6. Play with their hair
  7. Let them play with YOUR hair (if you’re brave enough)
  8. Whisper a secret in their ear
  9. Hug them (an extra long one!)
  10. Do back scratches while they sit by you
  11. Hold their hands while you tell them something
  12. Give a piggy-back ride
  13. Tuck them into bed
  14. Hold them while you sing a song
  15. Challenge them to a thumb war
  16. Bake together and guide their hands
  17. Play with a sensory activity together like playdough, sand, etc.
  18. Let them sit on your lap
  19. Wrestle
  20. Do yoga together
  21. Rock them in a glider chair
  22. Give them a pat on the back
  23. Rub lotion on their hands or feet
  24. Baby-wear if they are small enough
  25. Ask them to snuggle in the morning

Physical Touch Love Language Ideas for Your Spouse

  1. Give them a backrub
  2. Hold hands as you walk together
  3. Play footsies
  4. Make time for cuddling before bed
  5. Have a long kiss (not just a quick hello or goodbye kiss)
  6. Send a flirty text to let him know you’re thinking about him
  7. Sleep in together
  8. Rub their feet with lotion
  9. Lay your head on their lap while you watch tv
  10. Hold hands when they’re stressed
  11. Slow dance together
  12. Give him a back scratch
  13. Rub his arm as you walk by
  14. Surprise him with a hug from behind
  15. Put your hand on his leg when you sit together
  16. Do a couples workout
  17. Sit in a booth during dinner instead of across from each other
  18. Get a couples massage
  19. Be there as a shoulder to cry on
  20. Kiss at a red light
  21. Play twister
  22. Tap their bum as you walk by
  23. Sit close while you are relaxing on the couch
  24. Give him a hand rub
  25. Cuddle up for warmth when it’s cold
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