Best Christmas Wish List For Kids [Free Download]

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Christmas time can be stressful, especially for moms! Save yourself so much time by downloading our Christmas wish list for kids free printable so that you have everything your kids want all in one place!

2 Christmas Wish List for Kids printable with white backgound

My Christmas Wish List Printable

As a kid, I used to love Christmas! I would love walking through the stores looking at everything dreaming of what Santa would soon bring me! I remember one Christmas in particular when my mom made me close my eyes as she snuck me into her closet to try something on to make sure it fit before Christmas.

I remember standing there giddy as ever. I put it on. It felt itchy, and I sort of cringed inside. But I tried so hard to hold it together, knowing my mom was so excited about what she had found for me. Well, being the child that I was, I snuck back into her closet the following day while she was at the store. There was that horrible-looking jacket with rainbows and colorful buttons on it. There I was, now trying to figure out how on Earth I could possibly be excited on Christmas morning getting that. At that moment, I vowed to never give my kids anything that horrible ever!

Example of the printable All I want for Christmas sheet on a red background.

Christmas Wish List for Kids

Fast forward 25 years, and here I am, a mom to 5 kids! Three of them are in their teenage years and are picky!!! I now realize just how hard it is to shop for your kids when you don’t have any idea what they would like! This is why I make all of them give me a My Christmas Wish List.

It allows me to really know what they want for Christmas. In fact, with the older kids, I even encourage them to send links to the exact item they want! It is a huge lifesaver for everyone!

By making the kids fill out a Christmas Wish List, it pretty much guarantees me that I will get them exactly what they want for Christmas. Which means happy kids on Christmas morning, and that means a happy mom too!

Example of the printable Christmas wish list for kids on a girl background.

Gear up for the Holidays with this Mega Christmas Game Collection!

What is On My Christmas Wish Printable

On your Christmas Wish List Printable, you will find it broken down into sections.

  • Things you want
  • Things to Wear
  • Books and games
  • Needs (yes, they always need socks and underwear)

And then I have them always put their favorite things. This includes:

  • Color
  • Favorite thing to do
  • Favorite Candy
  • Favorite place to eat
  • Favorite Sport

That way if someone wants to give my kids a gift card or we need a small gift or stocking stuffer, I know exactly what to get or what to tell them. Stocking stuffers are always the hardest for us. That is why I always grab a coupon book or two for their stockings.

Christmas Wish List for Kids Printable with green and red writing.

Santa Wish List Ideas for Christmas

My kids are notorious for not knowing what they want for Christmas until the last minute. I always try to help them a bit by giving them some Santa Wish list ideas for them to start getting their brain thinking of things that they want.

Something I Want

Here are some fun things your kids might want this year to add to their Santa Wish list!

Find other great ideas on our Teen girl gift ideas as well as our teen boy gift ideas and if you have a boy who is 9, our best gifts for 9 year old boys!

Something I Need

When you think of something you need I think we all think socks and underwear, but there are so many things that your kids may need that are worn and need to be replaced or maybe something that they don’t have but need! These are so great needs for your kid’s lists!

Christmas Wish List for Kids printable on white background

Something To Read

When picking out books for your kids you want to think of their reading level as well as the types the books they like. We have some great suggestions on this list.

Something to Play

We love to play games in our house, so we are always getting new games for Christmas. Check out these game ideas.

Something to Wear

When it comes to something kids are all different maybe there is a sweatshirt they want or a new pair of shoes. Snow clothes are a really great option, and you can’t go wrong with slippers!

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Christmas Wish List Template

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