35+ Sweet Ice Cream Riddles

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Ready for some sweet ice cream riddles that won’t leave you feeling melted? Check out these ice cream riddles that are just as awesome as a big giant sundae. 

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Ice cream is a fun summer treat for everyone. But it’s also a delicious dessert that can be eaten any time of the year. Whether you’re eating it in a cone, bowl, or sundae, there are endless ways to enjoy this sweet treat. And if you’re looking for a new way to enjoy ice cream, why not try some riddles? 

These brain teasers will not only test your logic skills, but they’ll also help you work on your problem-solving techniques. So get ready for some sweet fun with these ice cream riddles!   

 If you love ice cream and riddles, then here are some sweet ice cream riddles that are sure to put a smile on your face! 

Share these riddles with your family,  friends, and your class. The best part is they are all child appropriate and oh so funny! They will hit the spot!

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The Best Ice Cream Riddles

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Why do ice cream cones always carry an umbrella?

A: There’s a chance of sprinkles.

Why does everyone want ice cream to be on their team?

A: Because with them, anything is popsicle.

I’m a food. I love to scream. What am I?

A: Ice cream

Where can you learn how to make ice cream?

A: Sundae School

Cows do this to salt. Humans do it to Ice cream. What is it?

A: Lick
pink ice cream cone with yellow border

How do martians eat their ice creams in space?

A: In floats

What is the best food to eat when you are scared?

A: I scream

Where do reindeer go for ice cream?

A: Deery Queen

What did the ice cream say to the birthday girl?

A: Go ahead, girl. It’s sherbert day!

Why does ice cream always get invited to the party?

A: Because it’s cool
green  ice cream cone with yellow border

I’m a blended cold beverage made up of milk, ice cream and fruit. I bring all the kids to the yard.

A: Milkshake

What did the newspaper say to the ice cream?

A: What’s the scoop?

Why is ice cream so bad at tennis?

A: They have a soft serve.

What flavor of ice cream do deer go for?

A: Chocolate chip cookie doe!

Why did the ice cream truck break down?

A: Because of the Rocky Road.
brown  ice cream cone with yellow border

What’s Dracula’s favorite ice cream flavor?

A: Veinilla

Why was the ice cream so successful?

A: He thought anything was popsicle!

What do you say to an ice cream who just got promoted?

A: Cone-gratulations!

What kind of ice cream do pigs like best?

A: Hoggin Daz!

Why does the ice cream always get out of trouble?

A: He is so sweet!
pink  ice cream cone with yellow border

What’s Mickey Mouse’s favorite treat?

A: Mice cream!

What is ice creams favorite day of the week?

A: Sundae!

Why was the ice cream nauseous?

A: He was churning!

Why did Mr. Ice-Cream scold his students?

A: He couldn’t cone-done their unruly behavior!

What is ice cream’s favorite movie?

A: Frozen!
green  ice cream cone with yellow border

What type of ice cream is the worst?

A: One that falls on the floor!

Which ice cream flavor is always on the move?

A: Man-go!

Why was the ice cream so nosy?

A: She wanted to know the whole scoop!

What did the ice cream say to his partner on valentines day?

A: You make me melt!

What happened to the popsicle when he saw his crush?

A: He melted!
brown  ice cream cone with yellow border

Why did the kid cross the road?

A: There was an ice cream van on the other side!

Why did no one take the pistachio ice cream seriously?

A: He was nutty!

Why do chocolate and mint ice cream go so well?

A: Some flavors are just mint to be together!

What is a second scoop of ice cream called?

A: An ice cream clone.

What does an ice cream lawyer say?

A: You got served.

What’s an ice cream’s favorite TV show?

A: Game of Cones!

Do you have some other favorite ice cream riddles that you love? Share them in the comments so we can add them to the list!

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