5 Reasons Why Single Moms Don’t Date

It is the same story when it comes to single moms dating, we just don’t do it! Here are 5 reasons why single moms don’t date… But they should!

5 Reasons Why Single Moms Don't Date

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I remember when I went through my divorce, the one thing I was least looking forward to was ever dating again. I mean the sheer thought of it made me want to crawl in a hole and die! I didn’t want to have to swipe left and swipe left and then meet someone only to realize three months later the person was not like who they proclaimed to be. As a single mom, it was just easier to say no when it came to dating. When my friends would ask, why didn’t you say yes to that cute boy who asked you I would say, “I was going to say yes but…”

Single moms know all of the excuses in the book when it comes to saying no to dating. Here are 5 reasons why single moms don’t date.


Why Single Moms Don’t Date Reason #1

My Child Comes First


It is only natural for single moms to put their kids first, so naturally, single moms don’t date because they are busy taking care of their kids. They feel like all their time and attention needs to go to raising their child. But guess what single moms? It’s okay to take some time for yourself and get out and go on a date. Perhaps, your child goes to a friend’s house for a playdate or you arrange a lunch date while you are at school. Regardless of when you go on a date, you can still put your child first and start dating!


Why Single Moms Don’t Date Reason #2

Men Don’t Go For Single Moms


All single moms have a thing in their head that thinks no man will ever date a single mom. This plays a huge role in why single moms don’t date. But here’s the thing, the good guys don’t care if you have kids! Certainly, there are certain guys to steer clear of like the “party animal” or the “text only” guy. See www.thebump.com for more. But, the right guys will totally be okay with your situation.


Why Single Moms Don’t Date Reason #3

I Can’t Go Through Another Divorce


It’s only natural to think about last time you dated and fell in love and then when you had to click on www.browndahan.com to sort it all out. Just the thought of it makes you shudder. It was hard to go through a divorce. And the last thing you want is to go through a divorce again. It is hard to put yourself out there. To trust again. But if you meet the right person all will be well in the end and it will lead to happiness! 


Why Single Moms Don’t Date Reason #4

There’s No Time


We are all busy! We work, we go to school, we take care of the kids. We think there is no time in our lives to meet someone. But sometimes we just need to slow down and find the time. Our kids want us to be happy. They want to feel part of a family unit within their home. So, it’s time to stop saying that there is no time and making time. Have a friend pick up at soccer practice for you or have the kids over for dinner and make the time to date.


Why Single Moms Don’t Date Reason #5

We are Scared!

In my eyes, the number one reason why single moms don’t date is that they are scared! I remember being scared. And because of this, I used every excuse in the book to not have to go on a date… We are afraid to get hurt. We are afraid to love again. To trust again. To be vulnerable again, But single mama guess what?

Dating again is scary! I know. I did it! I didn’t want to do it! But, people kept encouraging me to do it! And guess what? I put myself out there and I fell in love! We got married and we are 5  1/2 years into our wonderful journey together! And I am so happy. So happy that I put myself out there! That I have someone. My partner in crime, the one who makes me laugh!

So, single mamas I know it’s hard, but it’s time! It’s time to put yourself out there and start finding your soul mate, the one you will love forever!

Now it’s your turn! What are you going to do this week to overcome one of the reasons why single moms don’t date?

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5 Reasons Why Single Moms Don't Date


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