How to Choose the Best Water Table for Kids!

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If you are in the market for the best water table for kids we have rounded up the perfect water table for toddlers, babies, and kids which includes some great wooden water table options. Check out why we love these water tables as well as the perfect water table accessories!

Water Play Table

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water table with toddler boy

Are you looking for the best water table for kids? Well, we break down the best water play table for babies, toddlers, and kids. We even share the secret on how to clean your water play table. 

One of my kids’ favorite outdoor activities is to go outside and play with the water play table when it is sunny outside! 

Because of the various activities on outdoor water tables, my toddlers could and do spend hours outside playing in the water. With so many children’s water table options, it is hard to know the best water table for kids, so here we break down the best water table.

Best Water Table for Kids

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

If I was going to buy a new water table for kids today it would be the Rain Showers Water Table. Seriously this is like having a mini water park for your kids to play with. 

This toddler water table promotes STEM play with all the different accessories and activities that are part of this water table. 

With an overall Amazon rating of 4.5 stars, you can’t go wrong with this… Your kids are going to love it! 

Dual-Level Water Table

This Dual Level Water Table by Step2 is such a great water table. With the two tiers, it gives lots of room for your toddlers to play with a variety of different activities. It comes with an umbrella which is a great option so your kids can stay cooler all summer long as they play with this water table. 

This Step2 Dual Level Water Table does not come with a drain plug, which has its pros and cons. The pro is that it will not leak, but the con is it is a bit bulky to have to empty the water to clean and refill this water table for kids. 

Best Toddler Water Table

water table with toddler boy

Dinosaur Water Table

This cute Dinosaur Water Table is one of the best toddler water tables on the market currently. It is made to be both a sand and a water table, which is a huge bonus to kids. 

This water table for kids is designed for kids to use their imaginations in Dinosaur land as it comes with a variety of dinosaur accessories and a volcano that can erupt.

This toddler water table is big enough for a few kids to play at all at once which makes it a favorite for a play date or if you have multiple kids.  

This water activity table for toddlers does have a drain plug which makes it super convenient for cleaning and changing out the water. 

Pirate Ship Water Table

This Pirate Ship Water Table is another fun toddler water table. My kids love to pretend to be pirates so they would go crazy with this one!

One of my favorite things about this toddler water table is everything you can do with it. There are so many various activities that are part of this water table your toddlers will never get bored playing with it. 

This water table for kids does have a drain plug which allows you to change our the water without too much of a fuss. 

Water Park Spiralin’ Seas Water Table

When we bought our most recent water table I actually bought the Water Park Water Table because of the price of it. It is a super affordable water table that holds up really nice and has a few different activity options. 

water table with toddler boy

If you are unsure if you are going to like having a water table for your kids this is a great one to test out. It is super supportive and is very durable. 

It has a convenient drain plug and is easy to assemble. 

Best Baby Water Table

If you are looking for a water table suitable for babies there are some great options out there! Here we give you some of the best baby water table options!

Water Table Wall

This Water Table Wall is a great choice for younger kids. I love it because there is minimal standing water which I feel like it makes it a safer option for little ones. 

With this water table wall, the pieces are movable making hours of endless entertainment. 

Lagoon Water Table

This Lagoon Water Table is great for babies. It is very basic which is the perfect option for littles. I love that it can be a sandbox on one side which has a lid! It is also sturdy. 

This is a very versatile table with lots of options as your child grows. 

Finding Dory Swim and Swirl Water Table

This Finding Dory Swim and Swirl Water Table is so much fun if you have a Find Nemo fan in your home or if your child just like fish!

This baby water table has a spinner in the middle a water slide and a flipper to flip the fish back into the water. 

It is made by Step2 which is known for quality products that last and that are durable. Definitely a great option when it comes to water tables for kids. 

Folding Water Table

This Folding Water Table did get decent reviews on Wayfair so I wanted to include it because it really is a great baby water table. 

It sits on the ground which is perfect for little ones who get tired standing and playing. But not only that I loved that you don’t have to have it up all the time. 

When you are done playing with it, you simply fold it and put it away. It washes easily. I am thinking this is a great water table for kids if you have limited yard space and don’t always want an outdoor water table set up. 

Quad Water Table

This Quad Water Table is great for little ones. It is the perfect indoor water table because of the unique bins that it has. 

I love that this baby water table can be both a sand and water table at the same time as well as be multi-functional and transition into a sensory type table. 

My concern with this baby water table is that it only had 1 review and it wasn’t a good one, stating that the bins were cheap and there were no directions, but I really think with the right purpose this is a great indoor option for water tables. 

Crab Water Table

This Crab Water Table is perfect for little ones just learning to play. It doesn’t have fancy slides or built-in toys it is a simple water table that can also be used as a sand table. 

It is durable and comes with a lid which I love to help keep bugs and other creatures out.  

Best Wooden Water Table

Wooden water tables are becoming the new thing. So we are giving you the best wooden water table options we could find!

Picnic Water Table

This Picnic Water Table is so fun! I love that it is a versatile wooden water table. First of all, it is a picnic table for your kids to enjoy, but then when they want a water table or a sand table you simply remove a couple of the slats from the table and viola its a wooden water table for kids! 

Water Table with Lid

This wooden Water Table with Lid is great for indoors. You can choose to use this basic water table for either water or sand and it does have a lid. Since the wood is not treated for outdoor use I don’t recommend you storing it outside long term as it might start to mold with lots of weather beating down on it. 

But I do love how basic it is if you want kids to play in the water basin and really use their imaginations! 

See-Through Water Table

Another great indoor water table option is the See-Through Water Table. It gets great reviews. It looks like it is pretty study, has a drain plug and a lid. I feel like this might be the best wooden water table option. 

Mobile Mini Water Table

This Mobile Mini Water Table is mobile as it has wheels and is rust-resistant. I love the mobility factor of it. Another good choice for indoor wooden water tables for different types of water activities. 

Wooden Water Table with Benches

How cute is this Wooden Water Table with Benches that is perfect for outside? I love the umbrella and the built-in seating. I also love that the water and sand are separated from each other, even though we all know that the kids are going to mix them in about 2.2 seconds!

This water table has a lid for both the water side as well as the sand which makes it great if the kids only want to play with one or the other. 

Such a fun wooden water table option. 

Must-Have Water Table Accessories

You can’t have a water table for kids without water table accessories! These are some of our favorite water table accessories that your kids will love as they play with their outdoor water table. 

Fishing Toys

How can you go wrong with Fishing Toys when it comes to water table accessories? There are so many great fishing activities in this kit and it has been upgraded for 2020! Your kids will love playing with these!

Stack and Pour Buckets

I am absolutely in love with these Skip Hop Stack and Pour Buckets. Kids love pouring water and these buckets are so cute how can you not pick them up as a great water table accessory! Seriously these are in my Amazon cart right now to add to our Water table!

Boats and Sea Turtles

These Boats and Sea Turtles are great to play with your outdoor water table. With this water table accessory kit you are sure your kids will not get bored for hours as they play with them. 

Squirt Toys

If your kids love to get a little wet these Squirt Toys are perfect for a little soak. My kids love playing with these and attempting to squirt them at each other and back into the water table. 

Wind Up Swimming Toys

If you have little ones these Wind Up Swimming Toys are the perfect Water table accessory. After you wind up the toy you can release it into the water and your little one can cheer and clap with excitement as they see it swim around. 

These wind up swim toys are sure to offer hours of entertainment as they watch them swim!

How do you clean your water play table?

Over time your water table for kids will start to be dirty and probably not look the best, no matter how many times you change out the water. 

I try to clean our water play table at least once a week. To clean your water table for kids you will want to clean it with a bleach-water solution. You will want to use 2 teaspoons of bleach for every gallon of water. Once you pour this into your water play table, let it sit for 3-5 minutes. 

Once it has sat, I love to take a cheap scrub brush that I dedicate to cleaning the water play table and give it a good scrub to get all the built-up junk off of it, then I let it drain. You will want to rinse it again with a hose, while it is draining to make sure you get all the bleach solution off of it. Let it air dry prior to filling it back up. 

water table with toddler boy

There you have it the best water tables for kids! Do you have a favorite water table? Share it in the comments!

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water table with toddler boy 


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