100+ Fun Things To Do With Teenagers

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Looking to connect with your teenager? Our list of 100+ fun things to do with teenagers will give you activities that your teenager will actually enjoy!

As a mom, I know that spending time with teenagers can be a struggle. They want to be independent and spend time with their friends. This is why I try to sneak in quality family time whenever I can! Whether it’s Never Have I Ever questions or Truth or Dare, I am always looking for easy ways to spend time together.

It’s hard to find activities that teenagers will enjoy so I came up with a comprehensive list of 100 fun things to do with a teenager. So you can have everything you need in one place!

Benefits of Spending Time with Teenagers

Connecting with your teenager lets you be in the front seat of their life rather than sitting on the bleachers in the distance. When it comes to fun things to do with a teenager, quality time means a closer relationship.

Spending time with teenagers also gives you the chance to bond and connect in a new way. Believe it or not, when parents and teens spend time together it positively impacts their well-being. You are less likely to grow apart and it boosts their self-esteem.

Spending time with teenagers also gives you a chance to have a conversation with your teen. While you participate in activities be sure to take the opportunity to ask them about their life. Talk about their hobbies, friends, favorite class, or even sports. Casual conversation goes a long way!

Quality time with your teenagers even teaches them how to be a good friend. Playing games teaches them how to interact with others. So have some fun and enjoy being together!

Be sure to check out our list of 100 fun things to do with a teenager so you can start connecting with your teen!

100+ Fun Things to do with a Teenager

Ready to spend some quality time with your teenager? Scroll down for 100+ fun things to do with a teenager!

Fun Things To Do With Teenagers

  1. Get active. Play basketball or tennis or go skiing.
  2. Make a birdfeeder.
  3. Learn a new recipe each week. 
  4. Movie marathon.
  5. Mow the yard.
  6. Make cookies for a neighbor.
  7. Go to an amusement park.
  8. Organize the game room or basement shelves.
  9. Plan a throwback party.
  10. Community service.
  11. Handwrite a letter to grandparents.
  12. Make an ice cream sandwich.
  13. Take a road trip.
  14. Have a healthy cook-off.
  15. Catch lightning bugs.
  16. Photo hunt. Take your teen on an exciting nature hike or camp and hunt the beautiful creatures and landscape.
  17. Start a business.
  18. Play frisbee golf.
  19. Play board games.
  20. Sit and talk and eat a snack
  21. Plan the next family trip.
  22. 26. Go fishing.
  23. Bowling.
  24. Learn to sew.
  25. Hike a local trail.
  26. Join a book club together
  27. Bake a cake.
  28. Host a garage sale.
  29. Make a bucket list.
  30. Teach your teen how to cook.
  31. Try a TikTok challenge.
  32. Craft friendship bracelets.
  33. Visit a nearby city you haven’t been to.
  34. Learn to code.
  35. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
  36. Compete to get the highest score on a video game.
  37. Enjoy a karaoke night.
  38. Get your community’s events list and try attending one to two events.
  39. Go on a corn maze.
  40. Volunteer together.
  41. Listen to an audiobook or podcast.
  42. Get a new hairstyle.
  43. Sit down and have a nice chat.
  44. Turn up the music and dance.
  45. Walk barefoot on the beach.
  46. Attend a music festival.
  47. Play mini-golf.
  48. Clean and redo the living room.
  49. Plan a weekend trip.
  50. Play games outside after dark.
  51. Make a scrapbook of your family.
  52. Attend a concert.
  53. Make vision boards.
  54. Tour your own city.
  55. Do a monthly challenge
  56. Develop a new healthy habit together.
  57. Teach your teens some important life skills.
  58. Go on a shopping spree.
  59. Work on a monthly menu plan together.
  60. Take inventory of everyone’s closet and shop online for clothes that you all need. 
  61. Go roller skating.
  62. Stargaze
  63. Make a time capsule
  64. Take a walking tour of historic places.
  65. Shop online for gifts for upcoming birthdays or holidays.
  66. Have a DIY craft night.
  67. Get in the car and just drive somewhere together and explore
  68. Take a class together.
  69. Wash the family car.
  70. Tie-dye a shirt.
  71. Attend a community event.
  72. Hold a family book club.
  73. Visit a corn maze
  74. Enjoy an outdoor picnic.
  75. Learn woodworking together.
  76. Do the laundry.
  77. Have an Iron Chef competition
  78. Play truth or dare.
  79. Go on a shopping spree
  80. Take a pottery class.
  81. Learn a language.
  82. Make a Tik Tok Video together
  83. Try a new dish.
  84. Write each other a letter and give it to each other to read.
  85. Go on stargazing in your backyard.
  86. Play truth or dare over text while you are out of town
  87. Write a novel.
  88. Have a fun photoshoot with your teen.
  89. Visit a national park.
  90. Create a YouTube video.
  91. Make a Lego creation.
  92. Go to a yoga class together.
  93. Sleep under the stars.
  94. Attend a poetry event.
  95. Camp in your backyard.
  96. Enjoy a day at the beach or a lake.
  97. Go indoor skydiving.
  98. Learn to play a musical instrument together.
  99. Have a spa day.
  100. Design a scavenger hunt for the family.
  101. Complete a 1000-puzzle piece and frame it.
  102. Bike five miles.
  103. Learn a new skill.
  104. Take your dog for a walk or to a nearby dog park.
  105. Learn origami.
  106. Visit a historical site.
  107. Clean the house.
  108. Make a music video.
  109. Open an Etsy shop.
  110. Make a new playlist of your favorite songs.
  111. Plant vegetable seeds.
  112. Start a checking or savings account.

What other fun things would you do with teenagers? Share in the comments!

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  1. These are great activities to do with our teens and I am going to try doing all of these with my nieces and nephews this weekend. Thank you!

  2. Fantastic list of ideas! My kids are slowly creeping towards being teens (YIKES) and need to stop growing hahaha. We already do some of these but there are some other great ideas here that I will bring up to them.


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