Kids Make Stupid Mistakes

It’s always great when you get calls about things your kids’ drew during science class my son made a really stupid mistake.


It's always great when you get calls about things your kids' drew during science class my son made a really stupid mistake.


Life UnEdited #23 Kids Make Stupid Mistakes


I was sitting at the kitchen table minding my own business as the phone rang. I looked down and noticed that it was the middle school. My heart always sinks when the school calls. My fear always is something is wrong with the kids. I picked up the phone…


“Mrs. Rishel?”

I instantly thought, “Crap, what’s wrong… That isn’t even my last name anymore.”


“I just met with (insert one of my kids’ names here)  in my office. He decided to draw a male p***s in science class.”

“Are you serious?” I began thinking.


Instantly I began thinking about how I am the worst mom in the world. I mean who’s kid draws male body parts on the white mini whiteboards? Oh yeah. Mine does. I thought to myself where did I go wrong as a parent? But then I began to realize something.


I began to realize that we can only do so much for our kids. Since  (insert one of my kids’ names here) was little I have taught him right from wrong. I always encourage him to stand up for what he believes in. To make good choices and following the crowd is not what we are meant to do. But even teaching all this, they still have the power to choose. They have the power to choose to make good choices or bad ones.


And guess what? Kids all make dumb choices. Think back to when we were younger. I know I made some pretty dumb choices. But those dumb choices taught me. They taught me to be smarter as I grew up. And because of this, I no longer make those same dumb choices.


So, I guess I am saying I would much rather have my kids making dumb choices in elementary school and middle school. Hopefully then by the time they hit high school and college and become adults they would have learned from all their ridiculous mistakes.


Today I was humbled as a parent. I know my kids aren’t perfect. We have a lot to work on, me as a parent and them learning to be smarter. But no one ever said that parenting would be easy. Or that it ends at age 10. We are continuing to learn together so that we don’t continually make the same mistakes. So, next time you want to be really upset at your child like I want to be, just remember life is about learning. And sometimes the best lessons learned are from the mistakes we make.


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