Learning to Enjoy My Distractions

I was desperate to get something done. I soon realized that there were distractions all around me and they weren’t helping me get anything done! 


Life UnEdited #11


The other day I sat down on the floor like every other day to use my computer as my table as the kids played around me. I was working on an AWESOME blog post for all of you! It was going to be about parenting styles and how they differ. Nothing was coming to me because I kept hearing “Hannah the Horse”. She was singing her annoying song. Talie rode her and as TJ chased her laughing hysterically.  

I stopped and watched them and listened and my heart was full, full of joy that they were happily playing.

Later that same day I finally got BOTH KIDS to nap at the same time, so it was the PERFECT TIME for me to write that AWESOME BLOG POST, but then I heard cries from the nursery… TJ was up.

I went and picked him up as he was still rubbing his eyes.  He was still tired. As I sat on the couch and nursed him back to sleep.

Soon I had a BIG 9-MONTH-OLD sleeping on me. I was distracted as I thought about how fast time has gone. This brought me back 14 years ago. I recalled my first born in my arms and became distracted thinking of all the memories that have happened in those 14 years. I was distracted thinking about how my life has been nothing that I expected it to be, but yet so thankful for all the things that have happened in it.

Two hours pass by and Talie is bouncing down the stairs from her nap. TJ is just waking up in my arms… And I still have NO AWESOME blog post, but that’s ok! There will be other days for blog posts!


Slowly Learning to Enjoy Distractions 

am slowly learning to embrace my distractions. Slowly learning that I can always write tomorrow. Learning slowly that the laundry can wait. I’ve also been understanding more that it’s ok to get pizza for dinner because you lost track of time playing with the kids at the park.

There will be a time where I will no longer nurse babies, and there will be a time when there will no longer be 5 million toys scattered throughout the house. There will be a time when my teen will no longer want mom to play baseball outside and a time when my tween no longer wants to get slushies with mom after school, so for now at this point in my life I will enjoy the distractions because soon all my distractions will be gone.



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  • Mary Taylor

    I wish I would’ve learned that lesson sooner

    May 3, 2018 at 7:21 pm Reply
  • personalgrowthsuccessblog

    They are so precious !!!!!!!!! 🙂 Hang in there mom! You’re doing a great job!

    May 3, 2018 at 3:27 pm Reply
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