Stop Mom Funk in its Tracks with these Easy Tricks!

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Do you find yourself just going through the motions of motherhood and losing the joy of life? Maybe you are suffering from mom funk! Try these tips to help get out of it!

Stop Mom Funk in its Tracks with these Easy Tricks!


There are so many times in my life where I have fallen victim to mom funk… You know the time where you literally are just going through the motions of life and motherhood is the ultimate chore?

We get up every day, we clean the house, we take care of the kids, we clean the house again, we break up sibling rivalries amongst each other and just go through the motions of life. 

We then have to figure out what’s for dinner, followed by cleaning.  Finally, when we are most exhausted we shoo the kids off to bed so that we can collapse in bed and do it all over again.

During the day did we do anything for ourselves? Did we have fun? Did we have the thought of I wouldn’t change this for anything?

If you answered no to these questions you might just be suffering from mom funk.

So how do you overcome mom funk? We have 23 easy ways to stop mom fun in its tracks now!

How to stop mom funk

When it comes to stopping mom funk it comes to making the choice to get past the funk. Kick mom funk in the BUM and say go away! If you take actionable steps you will overcome mom funk in no time. 

So if you are ready for mom funk to stop taking over your life here is a huge list of ideas to overcome it in no time! 

Easy ways to overcome the funk

Identify the funk

The first thing you want to do is identify that you are in the mom funk. It is easily done, you know it is when you are going through the motions, not really passionate or loving everything going on around you, and life feels like a chore. 


After you identify the funk, you need to decide to overcome mom funk. This is a mental choice that you make.


Now it is time to commit! Commit to change. Commit to be better and to enjoy your life, your family, your kids, and your husband again! 

Ideas to beating mom funk

Once that commitment is made here are some great ways to overcome mom funk almost instantly! 

Take care of yourself

As busy moms a lot of the time we are putting everyone else before us. We find ourselves running around getting everyone else ready and to where they need to go leaving nothing for ourselves. This is draining! 

Part of overcoming mom funk is practicing self care for moms. This includes taking a shower, getting a good night’s rest, exercising, and maybe even picking up a good book and reading it now and again. 

Get outside

Wintertime I tend to be in the funk a little bit more than regular. This is because it is cold and rainy outside and we spend most days indoors, but fresh air is so good for our souls so make it a point to go outside every single day. Enjoy your morning breakfast outside, go for a walk, or walk to get the mail. The fresh air does miracles for your soul. 

Find a new hobby

Sometimes as moms we start to lose our identity. When we do this we forget who we are and what we even like to do. There are so many great hobbies for stay at home moms out there, so try to find a new hobby to start. This will give you the much needed “me” time you are looking for.

Lower your screentime

It is easy to turn to our screens when we become victim to mom funk. We use that as our escape to zone out and try to escape real life. Instead of turning to your screen turn away from your phone and focus on other things that bring you joy.

Change your mindset

Sometimes the best thing for us to do is to change our mindset about life and about ourselves.

I suffer from self-doubt and being self-conscious of many things about life.  Using positive affirmations for women has really helped me change my mindset and re-focus on what is important and feel better about myself. 

Listen to Music and Dance

There is something about music and dancing that breaks anyone out of any rut in life. Take advantage of the power of music and dancing to reconnect with your soul again. 

Keep a gratitude journal

A Daily Gratitude Journal is a great way to look for the positive things instead of dwelling on the negative. We begin to have a better outlook on life.

I know I have talked about it before, but I have struggled with Colby playing sports on Sunday because I struggle with him going to church where he should be and him being there for the team that he signed up for.

For the 3 tournaments that we have played this Fall, each one of these tournaments has allowed him to still go to church. They have either had a late Sunday start time or have unfortunately lost the early game and we were done just in time to get to church.

I certainly could have overlooked this and grumbled more about the tournament being on Sunday or I can look for some bit of positivity and joy in an unfortunate situation.   

As we become more grateful our attitude changes and we become happier.

I know what each one of you is thinking. I don’t have time… My day is already too busy… But I promise you take 5 minutes each day bullet point a few things you are grateful for and – BAM – you are done.  And, I would bet you are a little less stressed and a little happier just from taking a little snippet of your time to do that.

Say goodbye to guilt

Mom guilt is an evil thing. I mean I screw up as a mom all the time. I seriously could be eaten alive by all the mistakes I have made in my life. We have to remember life is not about dweling on past mistakes, it is about learning from them and moving forward. 

Dress the part

When you are dealing mom funk are you more likely to wear sweats or get dressed up like you are going to see people you know in public?

I have a feeling you will say sweats because that is how you will find me too! 

One of the best ways I have a positive outlook on life is just getting dressed. This helps me feel 100 times better about myself and the day. 

Create a morning routine

Creating a morning routine for moms helps you prioritize and start the day off right. It give you a purpose to get out of bed without wearing you out before the kids are even up. It is the perfect way to start your day. 

Ask for help

How many times do we ask for help when we really need it? Not very often, huh? 

Now is the time to start asking for help and accepting help. Friends and family want to help you when you need it. So take them up on their offers. 

Teach Kids to be more independent

Teaching your kids to be more independent helps relieve so many burdens from you. If you have the kids help with kid-appropriate chores this creates less work for you in the long run. 

Kids can easily learn to get their own drinks or snacks from the kitchen with the right set up. 

You can also encourage them to play independently as well. 

Stop comparing yourself to others

I have written about it before, that comparison is an evil thing. So, if you find yourself scrolling through Instagram saying man “I wish this” and “I wish that” stop. and go read about why comparison is an evil thing!

Say yes more to the kids

I find I just get so bogged down with saying no to the kids all the time, but what if we started saying yes more and actually enjoying those moments with the kids? I bet this would help us overcome mom fun really fast. 

Say no more

It’s okay to say no. In fact, I really think we should say it more often! We are torn every direction all the time giving 110% of ourselves to everyone else. From making dinners for people to volunteering with PTA, to helping friends, and everything else we are burnt out and exhausted! 

Prioritize what you will say yes to and start saying no to the rest we are not meant to say yes to everything. 

Have fun

Go have fun! This might mean going on family vacations or going out with your girlfriends or maybe it is even on remembering to date your spouse again! Whatever it is that makes you happy, bring some of that happiness back. 

Lower your expectations

I remember when I used to have the highest expectations for my husband and my kids. 

They would do something, it wouldn’t be how I wanted or to my expectations and they ended up frustrated and I ended up more frustrated. 

When I lowered my expectations I actually ended up enjoying life even more! 

Rekindle your marriage

Sometimes the reason we are suffering from mom funk is because we have lost the spark in our marriage. Now is the time to get it back! Start making date night a priority with kids and work on spicing up the bedroom with your spouse. 

These simple things will create a whole new outlook on life in general and make you happy once again and be excited to wake up every day. 

Find Joy in the Journey

Several years ago I heard the saying, “Find Joy in the Journey” and fell in love with it! So often we just go through the motions of life.

We forget to look for the tender mercies that have been extended to us and start really focusing on what is not happening in our lives. As we do this we become to lose the joy we once had. 

I promise we have all been there where you are late everywhere, dinner tasted like poo, the kids screamed all day, you got a ticket for talking on your phone in the school zone and you cannot think of one good thing about the day but, I promise you it’s in there.

It might take a few minutes to think about, but it’s there.

Think of a bad dinner as fewer calories you consumed so you are one step closer to your weight loss goal, or the fact that the kids stopped screaming to laugh at you while you were getting the ticket, perhaps you running late allowed you to help someone in need along the way. There is always joy in the journey, every single day we just have to look for it.

There you have it! Actionable steps you can do today to overcome mom funk!

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Do you find yourself just going through the motions of motherhood and losing the joy of life? Maybe you are suffering from mom funk! Try these tips to help get out of it!

20 thoughts on “Stop Mom Funk in its Tracks with these Easy Tricks!”

  1. Going through a tough time lately, it is hard to see the little bits of happy in each day. I try to write down 3 things I’m grateful for each day. Sometimes it’s little things like it stopped raining when I had to pick up my girls. Or a sweet message from my teen when she is sleeping at a friend to wish me good night. And what about being healthy, so important. Thanks Michele for this great reminder to look at the day differently in just those 5 minutes 🙂

  2. Mom funk is a great term for exactly how I feel when I’m just dazing off into nothing, going through the phases of motherhood. I love this idea. Having daily gratitude is such a great way to clear the clouds of funk and gain perspective for GOOD.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! No matter what the daily routine is (at home or in the workplace), any routine will become monotonous and boring and challenging to the point where you are questioning the entire purpose of it. It’s the only time, I allow myself to compare myself with others, in the sense that someone always has it worse than me. I try to put things in buckets: petty vs serious problems; it helps put things in perspective.

  4. Mom funk is the real deal. I think a gratitude journal is one of the best ways to adjust perspective–which is key to getting out of mom funk. 🙂

  5. This is so true – we all need to try to find the positive in every day, even if (as I sometimes conclude) the fact that each day eventually ends and the next one is a chance to start fresh! I’ve spent periods of my life so focused on the end goal that I forget to enjoy the journey, ups and downs and all, and so this is another great reminder!


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