60+ No Spend Weekend Family Ideas

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Are you looking to save money while spending time with your family? Check out these no spend weekend family ideas that won’t cost a dime!

Family Activity Ideas for a No Spend Weekend

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As a kid, some of the best memories I have spending time with my family are times when we didn’t even go out and spend any money. Sometimes as parents, I think we fall into the trap of thinking that making some elaborate gesture and spending tons of money on an activity is what makes it meaningful. 

Any time I ask my kids about their favorite memories, they talk about simple times I made time to spend quality time with them or teach them something. My daughter likes to recall when we made pizza for dinner as a family and my son’s favorite memory is taking a long walk around the block on Sunday afternoon. It always reminds me that it really doesn’t take much. 

Today I’m sharing more than 60 amazing ideas for family time that won’t cost you anything. The best part? You can print this out and give your kids the list of things to choose from!

Spending quality time as a family is so important and your kids are only little for so long! So grab your free printable today.


Here are some fun ideas for your No Spend Weekend!


Fun Family Activities that Don’t Cost Any Money!


Go to the Library

Going to the library is so fun! Definitely go to your local library’s website and check out all the fun events they have. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the library is a great place for kid-friendly activities.


Listen to a Story Podcast

Did you know that there are so many different podcasts that cater to kids and adults? Want to know our family’s absolute favorite? We love the Six Minutes podcast. My kids beg to listen to this one every time we get in the car to go somewhere. 


Play Board Games

You know that stash of awesome board games that are gathering dust in the game closet? Pull ‘em out! We love being on teams with the younger ones. Everyone has a blast! 


Do Some Baking

Have you tried my copycat swig cookie recipe? Well, this is your perfect chance! They are proven to be delicious and the are great neighbor gifts!


Go on a Neighborhood Walk

We have a tradition of going on a Sunday family walk, so we do this a lot. But sometimes it’s fun to change it up and ride bikes or go rollerblading, or even get the wagon out. We love meeting new neighbors this way too!


Declutter a Room in Your Home

You know that room in your house that has become the dumping ground for all the junk you don’t have time to put away or organize? Grab everyone in the house and tackle it! It’s so rewarding to finish a huge task like that. For help to get it done check out these 4 Declutter Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever


Make a 101 Goals in 1001 Days List

Have you ever heard of making 101 goals in 1001 days? It’s sounds kind of impossible, but it’s actually totally doable and fun! Check out how to do it here


Go Out and Take Some Pictures

Get your phone out and start capturing funny moments around you! My kids always take the most fun pictures. We love to go out and about, take pictures and then come home and look at them as a family on the TV. There’s lots of laughing!

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Go to a Free Museum

Do some research and find out if there are any free museums near where you live. There are so many new things to learn and going to a museum really helps spark interest in kids.


Go to the Park

Everyone loves to get out in the sunshine and run around. Take everyone to the park and play some tag.


Read a Story Together

Find a book that someone can read out loud. My kids love listening to Harry Potter. But it’s doesn’t have to be a novel. Even short picture books are fun for kids to read to one another. 

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Draw with Guided Practice Videos on YouTube

My kids love to draw and color. I’m not the most amazing artist, so we pull the tablet out and do guided video tutorials on YouTube. They are so fun and simple!


Play Baseball as a Family

Grab a few balls and gloves and grab a bat! All ages can play and you might even have some opportunities to teach rules!


Make a Family Time Capsule

This is so much fun! Find a box that can be shut sealed and put some fun momentos in it to be opened in the next 5 or 10 years. Some ideas would be writing a letter to your future self or putting some pictures in.


Call or Visit a Grandparent and Record Their Life Story

Have you ever wondered about your family’s history? Grandparents have such interesting stories from their own experiences. Take some time to call or visit a grandparent and ask them about school and what their hobbies were. Record it for your family history.


Watch a Movie 

There are really endless options when it comes to movies. Choose a fun one on Netflix that you haven’t ever watched or just dig through your DVDs and find a family favorite.


Make Paper Airplanes

Get some paper and start folding! You can make it a competition or a science project. But either way, you can learn how to fold different kinds of paper airplanes and fly them for fun!


Build a Fort

Remember when you used to gather all the blankets and pillows from the house and build a massive fort? Teach your kids your secret tricks and build a big fort that everyone can play in!


Write a Letter to a Friend or Family Member

It’s always fun to get real mail! Grab some paper and pencils and write something fun and encouraging to a friend or family member.


Do a Puzzle

Have you ever tried one of those massive jigsaw puzzles? Doing it with family is super fun and it’s interesting to see how each person works things out differently. If you have younger kids grab the best 2 year old puzzles so they can have some fun while you are working on a harder puzzle. 


Learn Magic Tricks and Perform Them for Each Other

We did this last summer at a family reunion and it was a blast! Look some easy magic tricks online and then set up a table and have everyone perform their tricks!

Go Outside and Blow Bubbles

There are always bubbles in a cupboard somewhere. It’s so fun to watch kids run around to try and catch bubbles. 


Have a Water Gunfight

Collect all the water guns from around the house, fill them up and start shooting at each other. Swimsuits may be required. 


Run Through the Sprinklers

Did you ever ask your parents to turn the sprinklers on so you could run through them? I always loved doing it as a kid. Imagine how memorable it would be for your kids if you joined in on the fun?


Make Your Christmas List

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, it’s always fun to make your Christmas list!


Find Someone to Serve

I love finding opportunities to serve others. My kids really enjoy raking leaves or helping with any kind of yard work our neighbors might have. 


Play a Card Game

Grab a deck of cards and play a card game! Here are some great 2 player card game ideas!


Find a Bunch of Boxes and Build a Cardboard Castle

Make some good use of all those Amazon boxes you have stashed in the garage and build a castle with them! 


Go on a Hike

Go to AllTrails and find a fun hike to take the family on. Don’t forget to pack water and snacks!


Go Stargazing

We love to drive out into the country a little bit and find a nice patch of grass to lay a thick blanket on to stare at the stars. My kids’ favorite thing is to do is get in their warmest pajamas and grab their pillows and blanket to keep warm.


Take a Bike Ride

How long has it been since you rode a bike? I really enjoy getting out and about and riding bikes with my kids. Riding around the neighborhood is fun, but to make it even more fun find a park with some fun trails. 


Paint a Picture

I’m not an amazing artist, but I love to paint a pretty picture (even if it is a muddled sunrise). 


Go Camping in the Backyard

I can tell you that camping is a blast, but the best part about camping in the backyard is that there is a nice bathroom readily available. 


Play Video Games

I know, I know! Moms are always trying to get a hold on that screen time. But playing video games as family is actually a ton of fun! 


Have a Dance Party 

Tell Alexa to play the top hits and everyone will be dancing! 


Go to the Farmers Market

You might be wondering why I would recommend going to the farmers market when you aren’t wanting to spend any money. But don’t go to buy things! Go for the experience! Going to the farmers market is so fun. There are so many different products to see and learn about. 


Go on a Picnic

Pack up some food you have in the fridge and head to a park to have a picnic! Sometimes we just pack lots of different snack foods and it works perfectly. 


Start a Garden

Get outside and dig out a spot to prepare a garden. Find some wood scraps, build a garden box and till the soil. It’s hard work, but very rewarding when you have some homegrown food.


Go Fishing

Find a local pond and go fishing! My kids love to get all geared up and take pictures of their catches!


Find a Place in Your City or Town You Haven’t Ever Been and Explore It

Sometimes we forget there are fun places to see and be when we are doing our day to day routines. Try asking around to see what fun places or things there are to do closeby that you may have never done. 


Have a Home Spa Day

This one isn’t just for girls! Soak your feet in the bathtub, give each other foot massages! Trust me, boys like to be pampered too.


Go to a Free Class at the Home Depot or Lowes or Michaels

The free clinics at these places are so much fun! Be sure to check online to reserve your spot.


Fly a Kite

Drive to a park and find a wide-open space to fly a kit. Stay away from those trees!


Start a Rock Collection

Grab a box or a bag and start picking rocks up! After you gather a bunch of different kinds, get online and research them. 


Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Grab one of our scavenger hunt ideas and have a scavenger hunt, or make one of your own!


Color Some Pictures

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a coloring book on hand. You can go on the internet and find lots of free coloring pages.


Organize Old pictures or Go Through Your Camera Roll

Kids love to look at pictures of themselves growing up (and so do parents!). Don’t pretend you don’t have a bunch of photos of the same exact thing that can be gotten rid of. 


Deep Clean Your Car

Cleaning doesn’t always sound fun, but having kids to dig out of their hidden trash is really rewarding!


Go Window Shopping

Going shopping doesn’t mean spending money. You can always window shop and put a few things on your list to save up for in the future. That never hurt anyone. 🙂


Play Never Have I Ever

Print out these awesome Never Have I Ever game cards and start playing. It’s easy and fun!


Play Truth or Dare

Get these free Truth or Dare cards for free. All you have to do is print them out and start playing! 


Collect Your Gift Cards & Spend Them on Fun Things

Sometimes it’s fun to have to be practical. And finding gift cards is like making free money! Who knows, maybe you can get some free lunch out of it.


Watch the Sunset

It may sound cliche, but it’s actually a blast. Set out some chairs and just relax while you talk.


DIY Project 

Peruse Pinterest and find a simple DIY project you have the materials for already. 


Play I Spy

Every kid loves a good I Spy game! It’s literally endless fun!


Build with Legos

You know all those annoying Legos you constantly step on and tell your kids to put away? Put them to good use! There are lots of fun things to build. Try building a fortress as a family!

Do Some Family History

Starting a Family Search account is totally free! Even starting with just the basics can get you pretty far. Who knows, one of your kids may have a love for family history and make it a hobby!


Play Dress Up and Put On a Show

Get out those old Halloween Costumes and dated clothes and make some funny costumes. Write a play with parts and perform it. You can even record it and watch it together!


Make Playdough

Homemade playdough is super easy to make! This is my favorite playdoh recipes. Try it!


Play Charades

Kids come up with some funny ideas for the game charades. The bonus of this games is seeing who the famous actor will be in your family. 


Go to Costco and Eat Free Samples

Everyone loves a free sample! Even though it can be kind of crowded, it’s totally worth the free food!


Build an Obstacle Course

Grab chairs, pillows, blankets. Find anything that can be made into an obstacle and make it difficult to get around. So much fun!


Play Mad Libs

Did you know there is an app for Mad Libs now? It’s so cool! It lets you plug words in without seeing the actual paragraph or sentence you’re filling in. 


Play Hide and Go Seek

My kids can never get enough of Hide-n-Go-Seek when I join in with them. And you know that I always have the best spot!


Play Pictionary

This game is so easy! Just have someone time and start drawing and guessing.


And there you have it! More than 60 fun no spend weekend family activity ideas that won’t cost you a dime!

Download and Print your No Spend Weekend Right Here!


Are you looking to save money while spending time with your family? Check out these no spend weekend family ideas that won't cost a dime!


Do you have any fun no spend weekend ideas? Tell us in the comments!


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  1. We are currently building a house so money is tight This is quite the comprehensive list! I have done many of them but I have forgotten about many of them over time. This is a great reference!

    • We love no spend weekend family ideas especially this time of year. It really helps us save a bunch of money for Christmas.


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