Positive Affirmations For Pregnancy

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Positive affirmations for pregnancy can help you through the most difficult days of your pregnancy and bring joy and sunshine to your life. Check out these positive affirmations to help you!

Positive affirmations for pregnancy can help you through the most difficult days of your pregnancy and bring joy and sunshine to your life. Check out these positive affirmations to help you!

Pregnancy is amazing, beautiful and joyous yet terrifying, challenging and nerve-wracking!

There are so many different emotions that come with being pregnant. Sometimes those negative emotions can be so much louder than the positive ones but with these positive affirmations pregnancy motivation ideas, you can train your mind to push out those negative thoughts and focus on the positive through Positive affirmations!


Positive Affirmations For Pregnancy


What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are powerful phrases that you repeat to yourself in order to shift your negative thoughts to positive ones. They are a way for you to have control of your thoughts and to shape them to be whatever you want them to be! Positive affirmations pregnancy helps to change any of the fears or anxieties that you might be having to positive feelings.

Through these positive affirmations for pregnancy, you can train your mind to focus on positive things and not get so worked up about the negative thoughts that might try to fill your head. If you can train your mind to think more positively during pregnancy, you can go into the birthing process with confidence and strength!


Do positive affirmations really work?

If you’ve never given positive affirmations a try, you might be wondering if they’re worth trying and if they’re actually going to help.

There has been quite a bit of research done on positive affirmations and they have found that as we recite positive affirmations on a regular basis, those phrases that we say are going to seep into our subconscious until eventually, our brain will actually believe what we are telling it.

How amazing is that?! We have the power to change the way our brains think!

In order for positive affirmations for pregnancy to work, repetition is super important.

The more we tell our brain something, the more likely it will be to start believing what it’s being told so the more we repeat these positive affirmations, the more they will become part of who we are!


What are words of affirmation?

Words of affirmations are the words that we build our positive affirmations pregnancy will benefit from, around. We should always make sure to choose words that are bold, strong, and powerful.

Another thing to keep in mind when forming your positive affirmations is to always use the present tense. You are telling your brain that you are these things right now!

Try to avoid using phrases like “someday I am going to be” or “I hope I can be”.


Why are positive affirmations for pregnancy so important?

Positive affirmations pregnancy motivation ideas are important for a lot of different reasons.

One reason positive affirmations are so important with pregnancy is there can be a lot of fear, anxiety and even self-doubt.

You are about to become a mother and that is no little task! I’m sure you’ve heard birthing horror stories from your neighbor or even a random stranger who felt the need to share that with you… There are so many things that others can tell you to make you feel anxious and a little bit freaked out which is why these positive affirmations for pregnancy are so important!

Just think about how much happier and calm you will be as you tell yourself positive things every single day!

Those random negative things people tell you won’t matter anymore because this is your pregnancy- not anyone else’s and you have the power to make it a positive experience!

Positivity equals happiness and a happy mamma means a happy and healthy baby so not only do you benefit from using positive affirmations pregnancy motivation ideas but your sweet little babe benefits as well!

How to do Positive Affirmations for pregnancy

There is no right or wrong way to approach positive affirmations for pregnancy. You do whatever is most comfortable to you, just keep in mind that repetition is the most important thing!

We’ve put together a list full of great positive affirmations pregnancy ideas in hopes that you will look through that list and pull out the affirmations that resonate with you and your pregnancy.

When you’ve found a few positive affirmations pregnancy ideas, you can pick a time each day that you will recite them. You can recite them in the morning, right before bed or whatever time of day works for you.

Another idea would be to write the positive affirmations pregnancy ideas on sticky notes and place them in a place that you will see frequently.

You can place them on your bathroom mirror so that you can see them every morning when you wake up, or even inside your kitchen cabinets so that you see them every time you open those doors!

As I said, there is no right or wrong way to do these positive affirmations pregnancy ideas so do what works best for you! We are just so excited for you to transform your mind into a place where your pregnancy can become a positive experience!


Here are the Best positive affirmations for pregnancy ideas:

It’s good to take care of myself

My baby is so loved

My body is so amazing and capable

My heart knows what my baby needs

My baby will be born at the perfect time

Changes in my body are a good thing

My baby is growing strong

I eat healthy for myself and my baby

I trust my body

I love myself

I won’t be pregnant forever

I am enjoying every moment

I am listening to the needs of my body

I am grateful for this pregnancy

I inhale confidence and exhale fear

I have a deep connection to my baby

My partner is in this with me

My baby loves me

I will make the right decisions

My baby feels loved by me

I am worthy of this baby

I will protect my baby

I can do anything

I am so blessed

Each moment is a gift

I am excited about this pregnancy

My baby and I work together

My life will be better

I am in tune with the needs of my body

I welcome challenges

I am proud of myself

I see the beauty of this process

I love my baby unconditionally

I am a good mother

I make time for myself each day

I allow my body to do its job

I am confident

My body knows how to create a healthy baby

I am at peace

My placenta is giving my baby everything it needs

My pregnant belly is beautiful

My body was made for this

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