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Welcome! Here is where we take on the critics who think blended families can’t be successful and stay at home moms are a thing of the past. Here is where we talk about hard things like raising crazy kids and strengthening our marriages.  Here is where we stand up join together and figure out how to make our families and marriages more successful while taking care of ourselves and making our lives more simplistic. If you want a strong marriage, if you want to have fun raising kids, and you want to learn how to be a successful blended family and step mom this place is for you!

My name is Michele! I am a mom, a step mom, a wife, an x wife, and a Family Life Educator with my bachelors degree in Marriage and Family Studies trying to keep it all together. Since I was 20 I have had the opportunity to be a step mom. Since then I have gone through a divorce, a remarriage, blending families, and have become a his, mine, and ours family. I have learned the ins and outs of how to successfully step parent as well as how to blend families while strengthening my own marriage. With 5 kids total I have had life experience raising kids and having kids! While I have gone through life I also have researched the most successful ways to make families successful.

When I am not pursuing my passion of helping families, you can find me at my kid’s football games, baseball games, and gymnastics meets cheering them on! I have a passion for the outdoors and going on adventures with my family. I love running and staying in shape. In my limited free time you will find me in the kitchen trying new recipes or curled up with a good book.

So join me on this adventure called life as we enjoy the journey as we share confessions, advice, and ideas on topics that concern our most prized possessions: our marriages and our families!


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Michele Tripple is available for discussions, workshops, media appearances, product reviews, and more. Please reach her at Michele.tripple@gmail.com

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