The Ultimate Buying Guide for Baby

Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by Michele Tripple

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a baby in your life? Look no further! We have the perfect buying guide for baby!

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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Baby

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Baby’s Favorite Books

“Welcome Little One” Board Book– It is important to begin to read to your baby from a young age. Getting into the habit when they are young will make it easier to do as they get older. Plus, as babies hear your voice, it helps with language development. This book is all about welcoming a new baby into the family, and the love that parents have for their child!


Crinkle Peekaboo Cloth Book– This soft book is definitely baby-friendly. It has everything a book could want, and more! Crinkly pages, peekaboo flaps, and lots of fun textures and colors. Don’t even worry about your baby destroying it, as it was built for rough-and-tough play!


On the Night You Were Born” Board Book– This is the sweetest book. It is all about welcoming a new child into the world and celebrating the uniqueness of each little one. It is a celebration of life and love! Buy the board book version so that your baby can look through all the pages without tearing it!


“If Animals Kissed Good Night” Board Book– Another adorable book to read with your baby! Teach your baby about the different animals and how they interact with their babies. Fun illustrations will keep your baby engaged the whole book through! It’s the perfect bedtime story.


Cali’s Books – Singing Board Books (Holiday Editions)– These books are perfect for learning fine motor movements and truly have the BEST sound! These books are my younger kids’ favorites!





Baby Einstein Octoplush Plush Toy– Introduce your baby to classical music and multiple languages with this cuddly octopus! Each leg has vibrant colors, and when baby gives it a squeeze, it teaches them colors in English, French, and Spanish! Now, that sounds like the perfect gift for a baby who loves cuddling anything in sight.


Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy– If your baby loves putting everything into their tiny, little mouth, then this gift is perfect for you! This gift has won awards (who even knew that was a thing for toys!) and was designed for your baby to be able to safely chew on any part of it! There is even a rattle in the center for babies to begin to learn sound cause and effect.


GUND Baby Winky Lamb Stuffed Animal Plush Rattle– My little one absolutely LOVED this little lamb! It is perfect for babies because it is soft and safe. When babies get excited and start shaking, the rattle tucked safely inside the lamb starts rattling and delights baby for hours!


VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker– This toy is an absolute must! Not only does it help babies who are curious about walking, it also has a plethora of toys, lights, sounds, and music to keep a baby occupied for hours. I dare say this was my little one’s favorite toy. If there are toddler’s in your house- watch out! They are sure to swoop in and steal this toy from baby! Also- check out the cutest girl version of this here.


Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball– Disclaimer- your baby will not become sassy as a result of this toy! However, they will be able to improve vision due to the contrasting colors and patterns on the ball. The soft and chunky bumps are perfect to teach babies hand-eye coordination as they begin learning how to move things from one hand to the other. Of course, this toy rattles to make it all the more fun!


Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym– Looking for a perfect mat to set your baby down on while you finish that load of dishes? Look no further! This mat is highly rated and guaranteed to keep your baby happy, while developing their gross motor skills. It has a self-discovery mirror, rattles, crinkling toys, and a piano with large keys that they can kick to play music. Bonus- the piano can be removed to use on its own.


Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas– These maracas will give your baby a gross motor skill workout! The maracas are the perfect size for babies to grip on to them, and the soft balls on top are perfectly safe for baby’s mouth. These maracas also help with sensory development with the bright colors, fun shapes, and rattling noises!


Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy– This bright and happy animal teething toy checks all the boxes! It can hook onto baby’s carseat for difficult car rides, it has various textures, crinkles, and colors, and it is perfect for teething babies. That is a win-win-win! Also- the teething bandana can be removed from the elephant for easier access for baby. Choose from a variety of designs- unicorn, elephant, fox, kitty, lion, monkey, or raccoon. Can you say cute?!


Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Lil SnoopyThis little puppy is the perfect gift for the dog-loving baby in your life! As it is pulled, the puppy wags its tail and barks. Babies will learn cause and effect, as well as be able to participate in role play and use their imagination while playing with their little puppy. If your baby is learning to take steps, they can walk the dog around!


Melissa & Doug Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Chunky Puzzle – Puzzles are an excellent way to help older babies learn how to problem-solve, how to make matches, and how to fine-tune their motor skills. This puzzle has chunky pieces that are easier to keep track of, and perfect for baby’s chubby fingers! Want to teach your baby about barn animals? Try this barnyard chunky puzzle instead!


Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone– I have fond memories of this toy, I loved playing with it as a child! Your baby will love it, too! With eyes that blink and fun ringing noises, your baby will love chatting away on the phone. Help encourage early role-play and work on gross motor skills.  


Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone– Get your baby to love music with their very own xylophone! The mallet is attached so it never gets lost, and babies will love spending time learning how to create music! It fosters hand-eye-coordination and a love of music. Baby can wheel this toy all over the house for endless fun!


Fruit Basket Set– My baby girl got this fruit basket for her birthday, and she absolutely loved it! It comes with a variety of fruit: bananas, watermelon, apples, oranges, kiwi, and grapes. Plus, the banana allows the child to actually peel it! This is such a fun gift to help your baby learn to love fruit from a very young age.


Cuddle & Kind Hand-Knit Dolls– If you haven’t heard of this company, you are seriously missing out! For each doll purchased, they donate 10 meals to people in need. Be charitable, and also give your baby a doll they will love forever! Each doll is handmade with high-quality material. Choose from adorable designs- a unicorn, dog, mermaid, lamb, reindeer, polar bear, and so many more! Comes in two sizes, either size is perfect for baby!


Teething Toy-this teething toy is my son’s absolute favorite! It even has a clip on it so you can clip it to their onesie, blanket, etc. And it’s really cute!



Baby Banana Brush (New Unicorn and Dragon Teethers)– The banana teether is a classic we always have on hand at our house! It’s the perfect size and super easy for babies to hold.
People Toy Co. Working Cars– These little cars are so cute and are designed specifically for encouraging development for babies growing minds. And they are made with safe materials. So perfect!
Shore Buddies Stuffed Animal & Storybook Set– This set is so perfect for teaching our kids how to be eco-friendly. It’s so cute and the stuffed animals are adorable!



Bath Time Fun


Skip Hop Moby Bath Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser Bath Cup– This shampoo rinser will help mom and dad immensely when trying to bath baby! It was designed with babies in mind- it is made from a soft material, and has a rubber lip that when pressed against baby’s head won’t hurt! This rinser will help prevent water and shampoo from getting into baby’s eyes. Mom’s will love that this rinser is mold-resistant and dishwasher safe!


Angelcare Baby Bath Support– If for some reason you don’t already have this baby bath, now is the time to get it! Or, if you or your baby struggle with bathtime, try this baby bath. The baby bath has soft, mesh material with lots of holes to let the soapy water wash off of baby. When you are done, there is a hook on the bath so that it can be up and out of your way. Bonus- it fits inside of bathtubs and even some large single-basin sinks! My little one was devastated when she outgrew this!


Award-Winning ScrubBEE Silicone Hand & Body Scrubber for Babies– This scrubby has rave reviews! It has a chubby handle that baby can latch onto, and it has soft scrubbing bristles to ensure that you are getting baby clean from head-to-toe! It is dishwasher safe, which is perfect for a busy mom. This scrubber is also great for toddlers and preschoolers, so it will last for years!



Helpful Gifts That Mom Will Love


Green Sprouts Easy-wear Long Sleeve Bib– When baby transitions to eating real food, things can get really messy, really fast. I love long-sleeved bibs because they keep everything clean. These bibs are perfect for any type of messy play, not just eating.


IKEA Toddler/Baby Plates– For some reason, my baby always loved things that weren’t supposed to be toys, more than her toys! These plates are one of those things she loved! They are SO cheap and the perfect way to get your baby into eating solids. It is such a fun color combo that any baby will love! Complete the set with these cups and of course, the matching silverware!


Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer– After I had a baby, my husband and I spent a lot of money on a bouncer. In the end, my daughter liked the inexpensive one that my sister had more than the fancy one we bought. This bouncer is perfect to give mom’s arms a break while baby is happy and content. The bouncer vibrates to soothe the baby, and has interactive toys for baby to play with (or remove the toys). Make sure to buckle baby in for safety, and enjoy the 20-minute break!


BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller– Please do yourself a favor and invest in a quality stroller that you and your baby will love for years to come. I purchased this stroller almost 2 years ago and it still looks brand-new. I use it almost every day. In fact, my baby girl begs to go for walks in the stroller! If you have been on the fence about if the stroller is worth the cost, I am telling you- it is worth every penny!


Solly Baby Wrap– There are a lot of baby wraps out there, and they perform very similar functions. Of all the wraps, Solly Baby is without a doubt my favorite brand! They are so soft and easy-to-use. Plus, they are seriously fashionable. I want one in every single color and pattern. Your baby will love being snuggled close to your heart as you wash the dishes, go for a walk, or do laundry!


Minky Blanket-these are the softest Minky blankets ever! They have multiple patterns to choose from and they are the perfect size for a baby. My son has to sleep with his or he does not sleep!



Transition Sippy Cup-These are my go-to sippy cups when I am first introducing the sippy cup to my baby. It has a weight at the bottom of the straw so they drink at any angle. It also teaches them how to use a straw!



Lullabuddy Portable Music Player– This little portable gadget is so perfect when you’re on the go and need something quick and easy to soothe baby. It’s a little tiny speaker that plays lullabies to calm your baby down. It’s so cool and easy to use!

The Evolved Parent Co. – Baby Bottom Buddy, ChewBox & Super Spoon– If you’re looking for the perfect spoon for baby, this is the one! It’s perfect for helping baby learn how to self-feed. 
Keababies Baby Wrap Carrier– You really can’t go wrong with this baby carrier! It’s sturdy and comes in lots of colors!
ZizzyBee Bags– These bags are so versatile! They can hold and organize pretty much anything to keep your diaper bag clutter-free!

Cutest Clothes


Ruffle Denim Romper (Girl)– Gap is my favorite place to shop for my little one’s clothes. They have the best selection and are constantly having sales. This romper is one of my absolute favorites this season! Any tiny baby girl would look adorable in this, and it is made out of a soft material so it is comfortable for baby!


Sweater One-Piece (Boy)– Please buy this for the baby boy in your life! The cuteness level is past 100. I’m dying! What a cozy gift for a special little boy. They have a plethora of options to choose from if you don’t love this one. But if you don’t love this one, I’m going to kinda question your judgement. Just saying!


Cable-Knit Beanie– Keep your baby cozy and warm all winter long with this adorable hat! It has two pom-poms that look like fuzzy ears. I think this is would be cute on a little boy or girl! But, if you are looking for something a bit more manly, this adorable dinosaur hat is absolutely perfect.


HALO SleepSack, 100% Cotton Wearable BlanketIf you have a baby and you do not have a sleep sack, please run to buy this! This sleepsack was specifically designed for keeping babies warm while eliminating the threat of suffocation. Babies can kick around all they want, but the sleepsack will not fall off. Do yourself a favor and ensure that your baby stays safe and warm all through the night! This comes in a variety of adorable designs.


Footy Pajamas-If you’re like me, you would prefer to just keep your baby in pajamas all day because it is so much easier! These pajamas are so adorable, and of course they are the zip up ones..I don’t believe in buying the button-ups! 



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