Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers

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Having a baby is expensive enough as is! Cut down on costs on baby essentials like car seat canopies, nursing covers, and so much more! Check out this discounted and free baby stuff for expecting mothers!


Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers

Are you ready for the best news of your pregnancy? Drum roll, please! You can get amazing baby products for FREE (or for a steep discount)! Yes, you heard that right. And I know what you are probably thinking…

“Free? That can’t possibly be true! What’s the catch?

Listen up! There is no catch. All you do is pay shipping, and these items will ship straight to your door (for freeeEEEEEEE). Can I get a hallelujah?

Did I just make your day or what? Free baby stuff for expecting mothers, shipped right to your door!


Use our exclusive PROMO CODE 534e33 for any of the products below for a discount!


Carseat Canopy

These are essential! I bought several of these and LOVED them! *gasp* I didn’t know about this whole free baby stuff thing until it was too late. But it isn’t too late for you! These car seat canopies are not only super fashionable, but they are also highly functional and 100% cotton with a minky interior (fabulous!). There is also the option to get the cotton stretch cover that can double as a nursing cover!

During the first few months with a newborn, you have a lot of errands to run. Moms around the world can attest that it is much easier to leave baby in the car seat and tow that around with you. But, what if baby gets cold? Or is exposed to germs and bacteria in the air? With this car seat canopy, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

Your baby will be protected from wind, cold, and bacteria in the air. Plus, it is nice and dark so baby can nap while you shop to your heart’s content!


Go to Canopy Couture and use Code 534e33 for $50.00 off!



Baby Sling

If you ever want to be able to do the dishes, clean, or cook ever again, you are going to want to invest in a quality baby sling. Or get one for FREE!

These baby slings are absolutely to-die-for! The bold patterns and prints make a serious fashion statement, but the real winning attribute for this sling is that it is machine washable. Please, hold the applause!

Baby slings are heavy-duty, they fit a baby or toddler that weighs up to 35 lbs. That is a lot of weight for a baby sling, but these can handle it! They are also super simple to use, throw it over your shoulder and gently put baby in and you are ready to go.


Go to Seven Baby and use Code 534e33 for $40.00 off!



Nursing Pillow

You are going to be nursing so much those first few months, and your arms will be dead. That much I can promise you. Nursing pillows are the perfect way to give your arms a break. Can you believe that they are just giving these away for free? I think I paid $40 for mine? I can’t even handle life right now.

These nursing pillows are made with super comfy fabric and are cozy for baby, but also firm enough to help support baby’s head and body while nursing. A win-win for sure!


Go to Nursing Pillow and use Code 534e33 for $40.00 off!



Nursing Cover

I wish that we lived in a society where breastfeeding openly in public wasn’t so frowned upon. But, that is probably a different story altogether. So let’s just talk about how awesome these nursing covers are! Nursing covers are so convenient for nursing on-the-go. If your baby is fussy in the store, no problem. Just find a place to sit, cover up with one of these adorable nursing covers, and you are good to go!

These nursing covers provide great coverage, but also allow you to peak in on baby to make sure everything is alright. Plus, these are machine washable and take up little to no space in your diaper bag. What are you waiting for?


Go to Udder Covers and use Code 534e33 for $35.00 off!



Milk Bands

Have you ever heard of milk bands before? If you haven’t, ready to have your mind blown! These bracelets let you track your feedings with baby. You don’t have to worry about which side you last fed on, or for how long anymore! I used to write these things down on a paper that I would lose every 5-minutes. Oh, how naive I was!

These milk bands have a left side, and a right side, all you have to do is flip them over to keep track of each! You can know just by feeling the bracelet what side you last used. Amazing!


Go to Milk Bands and use Code 534e33 for $35.00 off!



Maternity Bands

Has anyone else here tried to wear non-pregnancy jeans throughout their entire pregnancy? Even when they didn’t fit, at all? Maternity bands make it possible to wear regular jeans throughout your entire pregnancy, without having a gaping hole exposed under their shirt (not that I ever did that..)

These maternity bands attach to your jeans so you don’t have to fuss around with them all day. They grow with you, and will make any pair of jeans fit during pregnancy. The great thing about these is that you can save money on buying maternity clothes, and after you’ve delivered, you can still wear your regular jeans, too!


Go to The Belly Button and use Code 534e33 for $40.00 off!



Baby Leggings

It’s no secret that babies love to crawl around allll day. Getting into everything. Destroying your cupboards, spreading flour across the floor, etc. But, if they aren’t wearing jeans or pants, their poor little knees take a beating. Not with baby leggings!

These adorable baby leggings are perfect for crawling around and protecting baby’s knees. They are super cute paired with a onesie, and (since they don’t touch baby’s bum) they won’t get poop all over them if baby has a blowout. That sounds like the best thing ever!


Go to Baby Leggings and use Code 534e33 for $50.00 off! That’s 5 pairs of leggings for free!



Breast Pads

Do you really need breast pads? Um…YES! I went through so many breast pads during the first months of nursing because I bought the disposable ones. Let me tell you, that was a big mistake. These breast pads are re-usable and washable! You won’t ever have to buy a breast pad again.

Breast pads help to keep moisture off of your boob, preventing irritation and also preventing leaking through your shirt. Nobody wants wet boobs displayed for the whole world to see, trust me!


Go to Breast Pads and use Code 534e33 for $35.00 off! That means you can get 5 sets of breast pads for FREE (and just pay shipping)!



Ruffle Buns

There is something about a baby wearing a diaper that is SO, unbelievably cute. If I could, I would leave my little one in her diaper all day and let her run around. And here’s the thing, maybe I can now! T

hese ruffle buns cover up baby’s diaper and are absolutely adorable! Your baby can wear her diaper and nothing else, or pair it with a cute onesie. The options are endless. They even have boy ruffle buns, too!


Go to Ruffle Buns and use Code 534e33 for $60.00 off! You can get 3 for free!!!



Babsy Books

Free books? Could anything be better than that? Books are the gateway to learning for babies and toddlers. Babsy Books are all designed with scientific research about baby language development and brain development in mind. In other words, these books are perfect for babies and toddlers, and will stimulate their minds in just the right ways!

The books are colorful and fun, and are perfect for babies or toddlers!


Go to Babsy Books and use Code 534e33 for $40.00 off! You can get 5 books for free!!!



Faux Fur Hats

Babies in hats=cuteness level 100. These faux fur hats will keep your baby or toddler warm during the winter, and are so stylish you are probably going to want one to match them. I need to get one of these for my little girl right now!

I also think these hats would make the perfect stocking stuffer or Christmas gift if you order them ASAP!


Go to Eskimo Kids and use Code 534e33 for $35.00 off!



Pregnancy Pillow

I don’t know if any woman gets any sleep the last few months of pregnancy. The curse of womanhood, I suppose! But, maybe if we had the right tools, we could sleep soundly each night! These pregnancy pillows provide support in all of the right places to help you get a good night’s rest while you still can…before baby comes out screaming and wailing!


You can get a steep discount on this lifesaver! Go to Pregnancy Pillow and get $50.00 off with code 534e33!



Hooded Towels

My heart cannot handle the cuteness of a baby in a hooded towel. I swear, there is nothing cuter! These are seriously creative hooded towels! This website offers a huge selection of styles and designs- pirates, kittens, sharks, alligators, unicorn, dinosaurs, aliens, and more!

They come in a variety of sizes, for little ones to adults. I think this would make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone. Literally, anyone!


Go to Hooded Towels and use Code 534e33 for $35.00 off!



Little Sports Fan Gear

Are you as obsessed with football, basketball, or baseball? This website is perfect for you! They offer the CUTEST fan apparel for your little one. Get a Seahawks pacifier, a Red Sox bib, or a Texas A&M bottle! Ok. I know, some of you might have different preferences than me (don’t kill me…). But, also, don’t worry- they tons of teams to choose from! Your little one will be the cutest fan in the whole arena!


Go to Little Fans and use Code 534e33 for $35.00 off!



Baby Moccasins

If your baby hasn’t worn baby moccasins, now is your chance! My little one lived in baby moccasins for months and months. They are the perfect fashion accessory, and functional as well. Don’t worry- they have them for boys and girls.

Choose from any color of the rainbow and get your baby a pair of moccasins for Christmas this year!


Go to Little Wanderers and use Code 534e33 for $60.00 off! You can get 2 pairs of shoes for FREE!



Personalized Pacifiers

Before I had my baby, my husband was adamant that she would not be given a pacifier. However, when I brought my baby home from the hospital, my husband had a change of heart. Hahaha, pacifiers can be a lifesaver. I think it was the only way we got any rest the first few weeks. Sadly, I didn’t know about these amazing personalized pacifiers!

Design them any way you want, so that your little one will have a pacifier that you absolutely love!


Go to Custom Pacifiers and use Code 534e33 for $30.00 off! That’s 3 pacifiers for free! Woohoo!



Customized Body Suits

Have you ever come up with the best idea for a onesie, but didn’t know how to make your dreams a reality? Well then, stop dreaming and start living your best life! This website lets you customize a onesie any way you like! Have a great idea for a birthday onesie? Or maybe you want a special Christmas onesie? The options are endless!

I can’t even believe this is legit. Go run after all of these deals!!


Go to Custom Snappies and use Code 534e33 for $50.00 off! 5 bodysuits for babies for free! Woohoo!



What free baby stuff for expecting mothers are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments!



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Having a baby is expensive enough as is! Cut down on costs on baby essentials like car seat canopies, nursing covers, and so much more! Check out this free and discounted baby stuff for expecting mothers!




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