I Was a Mom All Day Today!


I was a Mom all Day Today! There were ups and downs and all kinds of hard things that happened. But there were so many fun and wonderful things too!

I was a Mom all Day Today! There were ups and downs and all kinds of hard things that happened. But there were so many fun and wonderful things too!

I don’t want to brag, but I was pretty much a mom all day today!

It pretty much started at 6:30 this morning when Chase didn’t want to get out of bed. When he finally got out of bed it was like pulling teeth to get him to wear pants and a sweatshirt in the 32-degree weather.


I fed Talie 3 different things for breakfast because she refused the first two even though she asked for them.


I got honked at twice at the light because I was handing a cranky two-year-old her sippy cup because she wouldn’t stop whining about it.

I sang Old MacDonald Had a Farm like a crazy lady to avoid having to watch the “number movie” again in the car. Talie laughed, so I must have done a good job.

I drove to Walmart to pick up my groceries in my pajamas just so I didn’t have to drive across town later in the day.

I got home and ran in place for exercise for 3 minutes at a time because it was too cold to take the kids outside and that’s as long as Tony would let me set him down.

I had a party with the little kids in the bathroom three times today. While in there I was asked if I was going pee or poo by our 2 year old who refuses to sit on her toilet no matter how we try and bribe her.

I wore my Pajamas until 2pm because I didn’t have time to change before that.

Immediately after getting dressed Tony blew out his diaper… (You can only imagine I’m sure) Forcing me to change my clothes again…

I have been chased around the house by a toddler with an iPad begging me to unlock it so she can play games on it.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.14.50 PM

I played “fetch” with my new dog (Talie) as she licked me 300 times today.

I had to convince a two-year old that she wasn’t sick and she didn’t need medicine… It didn’t work out so well, so we settled for a cookie.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.16.46 PM.png

I picked up 11 socks in the playroom today, but for the life of me, I can’t find #12.

I packed 4 different snacks for our 10-minute drive to the school, but apparently, I forgot what Talie really wanted, an apple.

I listened to the “number movie” in the car for the 400th time this month. Talie sang along. She told me what numbers she saw. I smiled and thought about how smart she is becoming.

I played basketball with the boys after school. I had 15 airballs and I think I fouled them 10 times just so they didn’t score.

I made dinner while eating M&Ms while holding a baby in one hand and stirring with the other.

I changed 26 diapers today. Four of which I wish I could forget about!

I spent time with my 13-year-old son tonight on the way to baseball practice. He told me all about school, his hopes, and his dreams.

I sat at practice and I watched him try his hardest and see the love for the game in his eyes.

I got home late and as soon as the door opened I heard Talie bounding down the stairs yelling “Mom’s home!” with so much excitement in her voice! I quickly got hugs around my legs!

I listened to Chase pray tonight and thank God for me and everyone else in our family and I thought we must be doing something right.

I tucked in a 13-year-old who hugged me and told me he loved me.

I chased away the “monsters” (shadows) in Talie’s room because they were scary.

I sang the bird song followed by hugs, kisses and more kisses with sweet I love yous.

I walked downstairs and I saw Chase anxiously waiting for me to tuck him in.

I let him squeeze me for as long as he wanted because these moments won’t last forever.

I sat on the couch and nursed Tony for the 10th time today, but deep down I wouldn’t change these precious moments for anything.

I laid Tony down to sleep in his crib and thought to myself why is he growing so fast?

Today I was a mom and overall I think it was a pretty great day!


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14 thoughts on “I Was a Mom All Day Today!

  1. What a beautiful post! You really were a Mom all day – and you did an amazing job! Thank you for reminding us of how precious these crazy times with our kids are. My son is now 25 and you really do miss it from time to time! Thank you so much for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party.

  2. Sounds like a great day. I remember when my daughter was little, things were so much easier and harder at the same time. These moments really don’t last, appreciate them all while they are here. Have a great week!

  3. Yes I can totally relate! Some days are better than others but the honest truth is most days aren’t and we just hang in there. When my son gives me a hug and says he loves me me and he is my best friend, it makes up for the whining and crying and pooping and refusing to eat business. Lol 😂 Happy Wednesday!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

  4. Adore this! That is pretty much every weekend for me. And during the week, I am a zombie at my desk at work trying to stop the to-do lists from scrolling through my head. Thank you for sharing this! I needed it to get through Monday number three this week!

  5. this post may have had me tearing up.. just a little! Love posts about enjoying motherhood (even if that’s not exactly what you called it)
    Katelynn, hampersandhiccups.com

  6. I love this, and I hope I remember that line the next time I feel as if I accomplished NOTHING!
    And after 24 years of mothering, I’m afraid to tell you that there will always be an odd number of socks. Always.

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