Open Letter to Stepmom

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An Open Letter to Stepmom pinpoints some of the hardest parts of being a stepmother. You aren’t alone! Thanks for always being there and doing your best!

An Open Letter to Stepmom


Dear Bonus Mom,

We know you are out there! We know what you are probably thinking and feeling because we have been there too! We know at times you are depressed, burnt out, feeling like you are walking on eggshells in your own home, and most of all feeling like you don’t belong in a sea of other moms. we promise you, you are not alone!

Thanks to Hollywood when we hear the word stepmom, we cringe. We instantly think of Cinderella and her evil stepmother making her do everything for everyone, treating her horribly, and then locking her up in her room so she could not find happiness.

We know that’s not really how stepmoms are.

We know there are people like you out there that put your stepkids ahead of your own happiness. We know that there are people like you who love their stepkids unconditionally even though you feel like you get no love in return. We know that there are people like you doing everything for your family and getting none of the credit. We know that this is probably the hardest thing you have ever done in your life, but you wouldn’t change it for anything.

In Case Someone Hasn’t Told You Lately, Thank you!

Thank you for loving your bonus kids like your own. Thank you for taking on the hardest thing you have ever done in your life so your bonus kids can know what it is like to be raised in a home with parents that love each other. Thank you for being there for your bonus kids, even when it feels like you are the third wheel. Thank you for always looking for the good in every situation when it’s easier to look for the bad. Thank you for staying involved and trying your hardest to bond with your bonus kids. Thank you for having thick skin and a soft heart when it comes to being a bonus mom.

So next time it gets hard just remember, you are not alone. Next time it gets hard just remember every day is a new day to try again. Next time it gets hard to think about everything you have overcome! Let that give you the strength to keep going. Next time it gets hard know there is probably another bonus mom out there struggling just like you. Next time it gets hard just remember it will all be worth it. Next time it gets hard remember, it’s all going to be okay.


Another Bonus Mom

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open letter to stepmom

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Stepmom”

  1. Beautiful and encouraging words. I love the title “Bonus Mom” – my dear friend passed away and left her four kids without a mom. Her husband remarried a few years later and their step mom has been a blessing to them in so many ways. It is too bad Hollywood has tainted the wonderful effects of a bonus mom on her family.


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