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Welcome to Life UnEdited. This is where I show you real life honesty about motherhood and life unfiltered. I share everything, not just the good!

Welcome to Life UnEdited. This is where I show you real life honesty about motherhood and life unfiltered. I share everything, not just the good!

If you have been following my blog for awhile you will know that I try to be brutally honest about my life with you. I try to really show you who I am as a mom, as a wife, as a daughter, and as a friend.

As a blogger it is easy for us to display a “Pinterest Perfect” life with stock pictures that we can find on the internet of perfectly clean houses, beautiful food, and perfectly put together children and we have the ability to give you the impression that we have it all together, even though our houses are not always clean, we have toys everywhere, we eat fast food about 3 times a week in between running the kids around, and our kids have messy faces from the last meal they ate.

Great picture! But whose kids wouldn’t be jumping in the water by now?

If you think about it, we all do this!

You get a text that someone is on their way to drop something off and you madly start cleaning everything in sight that they will see when the rest of the house looks like a bomb went off in it. Or you blame the dishes in the sink on it being “your child’s job” even though they have never once cleaned the dishes.

The best one is when someone asks you if you are okay, and you say, “I’m Fine.” even when you really aren’t fine and on the verge of tears. (I’m Guilty of this big time)!

Why do we do this? I will tell you why! Because we feel like we are not good enough. We feel self-conscious because we feel like everyone else has it together while we are barely holding it together. 

At times we even feel alone! We come up with this facade of the “perfect life” because we worry if someone saw us for who we really are they would think to themselves, “Oh my gosh… Can you believe… (fill in the blank).”

I promise you that you are not alone in your struggles! There are so many people out there that are struggling with similar things that you struggle with!

But why don’t we share these things?

Because we are scared. Because we always put our best foot forward for the world to see! On Instagram, we see all the happy moments from everyone’s photos. On Snapchat you pick a really good filter to cover up your newly acquired zit, and oh Pinterest, thank you so much for making us all feel like our child’s first birthday needs to be on the same caliber as planning a wedding! Whatever happened to a simple cake, a few presents, and some balloons? (Oh I guarantee they still exist we are just afraid to show those pictures in fear we might be judged for not throwing the perfect party!)

After writing “How Do You Get It All Done” and “10 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Husband” (and some other posts here and here) it felt so good to share some hard things I have really struggled with. It felt even better to KNOW that they HELPED PEOPLE because they were struggling just like I was!

I started this blog to help people, so I decided that every Thursday I am going to change it up a bit and show you real life! I will show you the good and the bad. The happy and the sad. The celebration and the tears and of course it will all be unedited, unfiltered, just life…

unfiltered, unedited, just me in real life!

Welcome to Life Unedited!

We will see how this goes, I mean let’s be honest… My life is not that glamorous! I don’t wear makeup 80% of the week and I hardly ever do my hair! In pajamas is how you will find me on most days (even leaving the house if I know I am not getting out of the car) and I try to get stuff done, but usually, something always comes up! I am a stay at home mom who stays home a lot!

But guess what is so awesome about this?

I am probably like a lot of you!

Yes, I am bored out of my mind on some days and wish I was shopping at the mall or climbing the corporate ladder, but then there are days that I get things done and I feel so accomplished! I bet even if you aren’t a stay at home mom we have things in common, like eating out, shopping at Target, kids who love video games a little too much,  or running around the bedroom right before bed to get our 10,000 steps in.

Yep! It’s noon and I still have my pajamas on and yesterdays makeup… In fact, I haven’t even brushed my hair yet! Now That’s honesty for you!

Join Our Journey

I invite you to join this journey with me of #LifeUnedited where we share real life with one another! We share the good and the bad. The happy and the sad. The celebration and the tears, so that everyone out there knows that they are not alone! That there are people just like them!  What do you say will you join us?

Welcome to Life UnEdited. This is where I show you real life honesty about motherhood and life unfiltered. I share everything, not just the good!


20 thoughts on “Life UnEdited

  1. Love this. I do see some Instagram accounts and wonder how their kids (and mums) look so perfect all the time. The most I get time to do is lip gloss for my dry lips not for vanity reasons hahah #WanderingWednesday

  2. We went to a homeschool co-op group this week and I realized I missed doing Miranda’s hair and she had “bed-head”. I was embarrassed at first until I looked around and realized many of the kids in her group had the same thing! Maybe instead of worrying, we just need to realize we are human and not Super-Woman!

  3. Yeah!! I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who wears her jammies all day, forgets to brush her hair and can’t remember if she showered yesterday or the day before. The life of a blogger/mom doesn’t lend to all social media makes it out to be.

    Knowing we are not alone makes the hard days a little easier and good ones fun because we are all celebrating together!! Wonderful idea!

  4. I LOVE this! Such a great reminder that we are all in the same boat and Pinterest perfection is not reality! This was very encouraging to me today 🙂 #WanderingWednesday

  5. I love this!! So often we only share the pretty sunshiny pictures of ourself with the world but that’s not reality. There has to be a balance between always being doom and gloom and being real. Life is hard sometimes and that’s okay- sharing lessens the burden a little for all of us!!

    My real is that sometimes I don’t like my kids (gasp I know) I mean I always love them. And if someone else said something in the midst of a tiff I would switch gears to mama bear mode immediately. But, sometimes when they talk back or throw the 20th tantrum or refuse to do the necessary things (like go to the bathroom- sigh) I just want to drive them over to the fire station …instead I take them to grandmas haha. No really, we redirect or hug it out and find by the end of the day we not only love each other but like each other again (unless I took the iPad away;).

  6. I think this is so important! I love how real you are. I read somewhere that depressive feelings increase substantially after people spend time on social media, and it’s for that very reason–people post great, wonderful, pretty things. People don’t usually share messiness, tantrums, frustrations, failures, bad pictures, etc. I love that you’re doing this. 🙂

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