How to Connect as a Family and Have Fun Doing It!

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Trying to find ways to have fun and connect with your family? Well, we have 25 super simple ways to connect with your family today!

25 Ways to Have Fun and Connect as a Family

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Trying to find ways to have fun and connect with your family? Well, we have 25 super simple ways to connect with your family today!

Do you ever feel like connecting as a family is one of the hardest things? Everyone is unique and different They have different interests and talents and then throw in different ages and schedules. Can you say hello chaos?

We all know that connecting as a family is important, but how do we do it when we are all so busy and different?

We have come up with 25 ways to have fun and connect with your family!

How to Have Fun with your Family

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Put Down the Phone

Trying to find ways to have fun and connect with your family? Well, we have 25 super simple ways to connect with your family today!

When it is time to have fun with your family that means it is time to put down the phone. That doesn’t mean to just have the kids put their phones and IPads away, but that means us as parents also. Our email can wait. Our kids need to see us engaged in family time.

Family Dinners

Family dinners are a great way to connect as a family! Everyone has to eat so why not eat together?

I know it can be hard with different schedules but aiming to eat dinner together at least once a week will help improve the quality of your relationships! Sitting down to eat gives everyone the chance to talk about their day. It keeps everyone informed in each other’s lives and it’s a great way to find out what’s been going on at work or at school!

If you are always wondering what’s for dinner check out our weekly meal plan for help and ideas!

Family Conversation Cards

Trying to find ways to have fun and connect with your family? Well, we have 25 super simple ways to connect with your family today!

When it comes to family time, it might take a bit of time to get the conversation started. We use these Family Conversation Cards to get the kids talking because usually once they start talking they will keep talking! Some are silly and some are serious, but all the cards will better help you connect as a family as you learn more about each other.

We like to have some of these at the table, in the car, and then we keep the box of cards accessible for any time we want to find out a little more about each other.

Common Interests

Everybody is going to like different things, but there is probably at least one thing that the whole family likes, it might just take a little digging to find it!

Maybe it is swimming together or having Friday Pizza nights or going fishing at the lake. Whatever it is, big or small, use it as an opportunity to connect and spend quality time together as a family!

Taking Turns

Quite often in our home, we can’t decide on what to do because no one wants to do the same thing, so when this happens we take turns deciding. If we are doing dinner and an activity, we let one of them pick dinner and one of them pick the activity.

We make a conscious effort to let everyone have equal turns… Because trust me they will let us know if we don’t!

Blast from the Past

One of the things we have the most fun doing as a family is when we have a blast from the past! A blast from the past is when we go old school and Ty and I organize something we used to do when we were younger. Maybe it is ice blocking or old movies, something that we remember when we were a kid.

This is such a fun way to connect as a family! Everyone can either laugh at how funny it is or smile because they actually enjoy it too!

Either way, it is a great way to laugh and have fun together as a family.

Make Traditions

Trying to find ways to have fun and connect with your family? Well, we have 25 super simple ways to connect with your family today!

I loved having so many traditions growing up. We had a lot of traditions around the holidays but traditions and rituals don’t have to be just for holidays.

Try creating some new family rituals today! It could be that every night before everyone goes to bed you go around and talk about what happened that day. It could be that every Wednesday you have waffles for breakfast. It doesn’t have to be anything big! Traditions are a great way for the family to connect. It gives everyone something to look forward to and it creates lasting memories.

I still remember “banana runt trees” on our way to Disneyland… A story for another day 🙂

Read Together

If your kids are older, have your own book club and have a family member choose which book to read that month! Each person can read the book by themselves (or you can read it together) and then talk about what you read once you finish!

It’s a great way to find out each other’s favorite genres and to hear everyone’s different takes on the book, the lessons it teaches, and on everyone’s beliefs on life in general. You can really get to see how someone thinks and perceives the world when you get to talk about a book.

If you have younger kids then read to them! Sit down as a family and read picture books together. Make it a ritual that every night before you put them to bed you read to them for 15 minutes. Maybe one weekend everyone can go to the library together and help them pick out books. Getting younger kids interested in books is a great way to set them up with a love for learning AND it’s a great way for you to connect as a family.


Do a puzzle together! Yes, your kids may complain at first, but once you get started working on a puzzle they will be all hands-on.

If you have older kids grab 1000 piece puzzle for a challenge and work on it together every night after dinner before bed. Not only will you be working together, but it is a great time to communicate every day on a personal level.

Play Together

Bust out the old board games and have a game night! You could have one day a week or one day a month that is designated just for game night and let everyone have a chance to play their favorite games Split up into teams or play separately, it doesn’t matter just play together! If you are looking for great family games we have a great list!

Maybe you are feeling like a little Truth or Dare for kids, or Never Have I Ever or maybe even Who’s Most Likely to for some added laughter!

Maybe your family just doesn’t like board games. That’s okay! There are other ways to play as a family. Try building a fort out of couch pillows and blankets. Try making a house completely out of cardboard. See who can jump the highest. It really doesn’t matter WHAT you guys do as long as you are doing it TOGETHER!

Slumber Party

Try having a slumber party in the living room! The kids will love that they get to have their parents sleep in the same room as them and that they get to sleep anywhere else besides their bed! Whether you set up your tent or just sleep in sleeping bags and blankets on the floor make it a party that everyone can enjoy!

Order pizza (the favorite party food), get the ice cream and have it be a good ol sleepover.

Dance Party

Crank up the tunes and have a dance party (thank you Alexa and Amazon Music Unlimited for endless music! Get a free trial here)

Have everyone dance at once or make it a competition to see who has the better dance moves. It could be serious dancing like doing the Waltz or something silly like the Sprinkler. Whatever it is just get up and dance!

Family Project

Teach your kids the meaning of hard work while connecting as a family! A family project is a GREAT way to work together as a team to accomplish something amazing. It could be building a new fence for your backyard or repainting the rooms in the house.

Whatever it is, make sure everyone is involved. Even the little ones can get involved in some of the family projects.

Go Exploring

Trying to find ways to have fun and connect with your family? Well, we have 25 super simple ways to connect with your family today!

The world is a big and beautiful place! Go out to the beach, woods, or your local park and see what you can find. Check out a book from the library on different plants or insects native to your area and see who can identify the most!

Travel Together

Traveling is one of the best ways to connect as a family and it is so fun! Getting away from life and reconnecting is a must when it comes to family bonding. Whether you choose a cruise, a road trip somewhere or a trip to the nearest big city the most important thing is that you are spending time together.


Camping is also a great way to connect as a family. While camping you can hike, fish, hunt, eat smores, relax, swim, etc. The sky’s the limit depending on where you decide to go camping.

Nature Walk

Trying to find ways to have fun and connect with your family? Well, we have 25 super simple ways to connect with your family today!

The kids love to go on nature walks, because let’s be real we can’t call it hiking in Texas because we have no mountains. It is a great way to get outside and explore and just spend time with one another.

Try playing I Spy or seeing how many different birds you see. Or you could even pull out your handy dandy Family Conversation Cards and ask each other questions while on your walk!


Pack a lunch and head out on a picnic to the nearest park. Don’t forget the frisbees and the bat and ball for some fun while you are there! Play tag while you are at it and see who can go the highest on the swings. Picnics are so fun and a great way to connect as a family!

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Take a Drive

Taking a drive as a family can be fun to just pile in and go explore something new. The best thing about this is there is not really a plan so you can stop if you see something cool or there is an ice cream shop that looks too delicious to drive by.

We have a no-phone policy with our kids in the car so they kind of have to open up while we are driving. So, pile up and hit the road.

Visit a Museum

Go learn something new as a family and visit a museum! There are all sorts of museums-art, history, science, you name it! A lot of museums also have a free or discounted day which is great for families. Try going to your local (or nonlocal!) museums and learn something together. It can be really fun to learn something together that no one else knew before.

Create an Obstacle Course

Kids of all ages love obstacle courses. So set one up in the backyard or recruit the older kids to set one up. Then everyone takes a turn running through it to see who is the fastest. If you want some good family laughs then do this soon!

Try Something New

Trying to find ways to have fun and connect with your family? Well, we have 25 super simple ways to connect with your family today!

Trying something new as a family instantly connects you together. Maybe it is learning a new sport or trying a new restaurant, but doing it together makes such strong bonds.

So make a family bucket list and start checking off new activities together.

Volunteer Together

Volunteering is one of the BEST ways to connect as a family. It’s such a humbling experience to help others who are less fortunate that you are.

Not only are you helping to strengthen your family but you are also helping your local communities. There are lots of ways to volunteer right in your own city. Find the local food bank or homeless shelter and serve food there. Or call a local shelter and ask what supplies they could use most and go shopping together as a family to get those things.

You could create homeless backpacks filled with necessities that you keep in your car for whenever you see someone in need. Or you could go visit a retirement home and visit with people there.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to connect as a family and the possibilities of what you can do is endless!


Who doesn’t love to bake? Decide on a recipe to cook together and then let everyone help make it or at least be around the kitchen while you make it. Being in the kitchen together as a family can be such a fun (and sometimes messy) time together, but it is all worth it to stay connected as a family.


Have a cook-off! Go to the store and get just a few random ingredients and see which team can make the better tasting and better-looking dinner out of those items. Or you could all get different ingredients and each makes something new and different and see which one turns out better. Who knows, maybe someone in your family has a secret culinary talent you never knew about.

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Blindfold Eating

One night host a blindfold dinner. Make all the food without them knowing what it is and then before everyone comes to the table blindfold them so they don’t know what they are eating. Have them pick up their forks and begin eating. Make comments like “I can’t believe you are eating that.” “Or isn’t that so good?”

Your kids will LOVE this and will certainly connect the family as you eat.

how to connect as a family and have fun doing it

There are so many ways to connect as a family that are super simple, but work so well! It doesn’t have to be huge events, just small and simple moments that help you connect as a family.

What do you do to connect as a family that work? Let us know in the comments below!

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Trying to find ways to have fun and connect with your family? Well, we have 25 super simple ways to connect with your family today!

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