The Advantages Of Invisalign Over Braces

When thinking of ways to straighten your teeth there are many advantages of Invisalign over braces that you will want to consider.

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Many people all over the world suffer from crooked teeth for a multiple of different reasons. Traditionally, the only treatment available was to wear a framework of metal braces surrounding the teeth. This was to push them into shape slowly and straighten the teeth. We all think that this is something that only children and teenagers have to endure, but plenty of adults also have crooked teeth and want to get them straightened.

There is a stigma about wearing braces, and for some people, they are also incredibly uncomfortable. There is a solution though that is not only discreet but also comfortable to wear. And it is becoming an increasingly popular choice over the traditional style of braces.

Braces That Are Almost Invisible

It is increasingly more accessible to be able to find Invisalign Sydney dentists that offer Invisalign braces. This technology is very discreet and also is more comfortable to wear. Instead of using traditional metal aligners, Invisalign uses a clear, almost transparent, material to straighten the teeth.

If you decide to go for this course of treatment, then it will involve visiting the dentist every two weeks. At these appointments, you will have aligners removed and replaced with a new set. On average, a typical course of treatment will range from 18 to 36 sessions. Each time the aligners are replaced, they push the teeth further into place. This eventually leaves you with perfectly straight teeth and a fantastic looking smile.

The Benefits Of Invisalign Treatment

One of the most significant benefits of this type of treatment is the appearance of your teeth. If you are self-conscious and have put off wearing braces because you are shy or you are afraid that people will make fun of you, then this could be the perfect solution for you.

You will also find Invisalign braces are more comfortable to wear than traditional braces. Not only that, but they are, safer, as the metal in braces can sometimes cause bleeding cheeks or gums if they get caught on a sharp piece of metal.

The duration of the treatment is another bonus! Traditional braces could have you wearing them for up to five years. Whereas Invisalign treatment takes one to two years, transforming your smile in the process. The Invisalign treatment uses the latest technology to carefully plan the course of your treatment. Which means there are no hidden surprises.

Overall, there are benefits to using Invisalign over traditional metal braces. The therapy does cost slightly more, but the advantages that you gain are entirely worth it! Especially if you consider how much quicker Invisalign works! You will have a straight fantastic smile much quicker, than before.

So if you have crooked teeth and want to straighten them without using braces, then speak with your dentist and see if they offer Invisalign. If not, there will be a reputable dentist close by! And you can start the treatment of getting your smile straightened once and for all.

If you need assistance finding a local dentist that offers this service, take a look at a local directory on dentists near you.


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