Free Printable Fall Lunch Box Jokes for Kids

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Fall lunch box jokes for kids are a fun way to let your kids know you love them while they are at school. Grab these free printable lunch jokes and give them a good laugh at school. 

Fall Lunch Box Jokes

The weather is officially getting a little cooler here in Texas (at least in the morning and at night thank goodness) which means fall is on its way! 

Our kids started back to school a couple of weeks ago and it is going well. They are loving our lunch box jokes printable so I decided it was time to create our fall lunch box jokes for kids to keep them laughing as the weather changes. 

Free Printable Fall Lunch Box Jokes

No matter how old your kids are they all love a good laugh. And this fall we are making it even easier to get them to laugh. These fall lunch box jokes are as simple as download, print, cut, and stick in their lunchbox each morning. 

What’s great about these lunch box jokes is that the backside is completely blank so that you can write a small note, give encouragement, or even some words of affirmation for kids if that is what they need! 

Fall Lunch Box Jokes for Kids

  • Q: What did one leaf say to the other?
    • A: I’m falling for you
  • Q: What lives in an apple and loves to read?
    • A: A bookworm
  •  Q: What do you get from a sad pumpkin?
    • A: Squash
  • Q: What has ears but can’t hear?
    • A: A cornfield
  • Q: How do trees get on the internet?
    • A: They log on
  • Q: What’s everyone’s favorite season if money grew on trees?
    • A: Fall
  • Q: What did the tree say to Autumn?
    • A: Leaf me alone
  • Q: What’s a tree’s least favorite month?
    • A: Sep-Timber
  • Q: Why did the scarecrow win a prize?
    • A: He was out-standing in the field
  •  Q: What’s a scarecrow’s favorite fruit?
    • A: Straw-berries
  •  Q: How do leaves travel?
    • A: In an autumn-mobile
  • Q: Why can’t cornfields keep a secret?
    • A: They have ears
  • Q: It doesn’t move but runs around the farm?
    • A: A fence
  • Q: What is a scarecrow’s favorite season?
    • A: Awwwtumn
  • Q: How do you help a sick jack-o-lantern?
    • A:  With a pumpkin patch
  • Q: Why did summer catch autumn?
    • A: It was falling
  • Q: What do trees say when they get their leaves back?
    • A: What a re-leaf 
  • Q: What is a scarecrow’s favorite outfit?
    • A: A Har-vest
  • Q: What did the apple say to the pie?
    • A: You’re the apple of my eye
  • Q: Why does the tree doubt fall is coming?
    • A: It was in dis-be-leaf
  • Q: What do squirrels watch on TV?
    • A: Nut-flix
  • Q: A dude who really likes Autumn is called?
    • A: A fall guy
  •  Q: How does a leaf drive an automobile?
    • A: It’s autumn-matic
  • Q: Why do trees hate tests?
    • A: They get stumped

What fall lunch box jokes would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

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